Differing ideas on “relaxing”

I had a good relaxing weekend, although I’m not sure some would call it that. 😉 Deciding to take a couple days off from writing and “business pursuits”, I instead went out and did Stuff. Fun Stuff.

In no particular order of importance or chronology:

– visited a local Renaissance Faire; fortunately the day I went (read: NOT TODAY) was fantastic weather and made for fun times. For once I didn’t dress up, preferring this time to enjoy it as a civilian. Yes folks, I do have several costumes and dress up regularly in full pirate gear. Arrr.
– took a nice long motorcycle ride. Initially it was a toss-up for going to the coast or heading to Yosemite (frankly my favorite journey by far although I don’t do it often), but as I hit the metaphorical snooze button too many times and woke up late I just did a few twisties and mountain roads before coming home.
– saw “Cabin In The Woods”. LOVED “Cabin In The Woods”. Considering it was written/directed by Joss Whedon I already knew going in that I would like it, but my face still lights up thinking about certain scenes. Seriously people, the elevators at the end. The elevators.
– had a KDP Select story go free for two days, and watched it rise to top out at #4 on the Free Erotica list on Amazon. That’s all you guys, and THANK YOU for getting me there. To all newcomers to this humble blog (that, I’m realizing suddenly, DESPERATELY needs a facelift), I really hope you enjoyed the story!
– replayed Portal 2, found it just as fun and funny as the first time; if I could be witty and funny off-the-cuff like GlaDOS I’d be a very lucky girl. (and my enemies would be ripped to weeping tatters when I got done. The thought does make me smile.)

All in all, a fun and relaxing weekend. I’d intended to do some work on the old bike but the weather was WAY too nice here to stay cooped up in a garage, so decided to ride instead. Right now I’m propped up on the couch with my laptop, watching the Dude play “Elder Scrolls: Skyrim” and trying to find the nerve to start writing again. Yup folks, this post is a handy-dandy procrastination tool and I shall wield it proudly within my golden grasp. Fear my procrastinating skills for they are LEGION!!!

Or, something. 😉