Thanks for stopping by Sara Writes Erotica, my humble little home on the interwebz. I’m a California girl but have seen the world thanks to the military, am an avid adventure motorcyclist (touring and tinkering), hate beer and wine but love the hard stuff, and want nothing more in the world than to travel for a living. I’m the author of the bestselling erotic romance series “Anything He Wants” and hope to expand my catalog soon to include more tales of strong Alpha men and the women they adore. I’ll also be announcing promotions and freebies here so check back, you might find something that will spark your interest. 

Meghan Kilduff

Hello Sara,

I am a literary agent and eBook publisher. Here at Objective Entertainment & Paperless Publishing, we are a big fan of your work. I am reaching out to you to discuss the possibility of representing your next book for publication, or publishing it under the Paperless Publishing name. We would love to speak with you about working together on your future writing, so please do email me back at your convenience.


I have to say I loved, loved, loved your novel. I just completed it and I can’t help but think there must be more to the story or better yet, I hope there will be more to the story. Is there?

deanna buersken

Hey, loved the book Anything he Wants! I hope you write more about Lucy and Jeremiah. Are you planning additional books on their relationship?


I just finished the your book Anything He Wants ( the cover has a Fether on it ) will there be a follow up to this, since the ending was like it was. If so when will it be out. Also our your novals all seguils !!