Busy little bees

“The Avengers” came out over the weekend and the Dude, rabid little fanboy that he is, had to see it as soon as he possibly could. Which, given his sucky work schedule, was Saturday night. As he is of the more stoic persuasion it’s sometimes hard to tell whether he likes something, but judging by the smiles I saw when “Hulk, smash” and “Pucker up, Legolas” I’d say the movie was a hit. 😉 Definitely worth seeing, few people can truly write Tony Stark one-liners like Joss Whedon.

Spent Sunday working on beta edits. The story is better for it, but yikes I’m cutting it close. Note to self: rethink self-imposed deadlines for future installments to account for FUBAR moments and catastrophic life emergencies.

Expect part 3 to be out sometime in 2013, barring the end of the world.

(I keed, I keed)


In other news I discovered a full on solar eclipse will be coming over California in the middle of the month and am stoked I’ll be able to see it. I’ve never been this close to one so any suggestions on how to view it without going blind? :-)