Evil Day Jobs doth be evil

I crack myself up sometimes.


In other news, I’m writing like mad except *braces herself for stones* it’s a new Super Sekrit Project. I needed a palate cleanser between parts of AHW and this idea grabbed me and won’t let go. Interestingly enough it was amazingly easy (and fun) to outline, plus it helped me figure out what I needed with AHW3 for it to work. I’ve even got an actual editor lined up to make it work it’s very best (trust me, she’s good). So, work on one or the other…

Now if only my internet would stop being a wonky piece of, er, fluff… :(


At some point in my busy schedule I need to find time to clean house. The Parental Units are arriving on Sunday to do their monthly inspections visit for Mother’s Day and, given the last time they saw my house you could have eaten off the floors, I have some catching up to do. Egads, eek, and omg, etc etc.