Journey to the Amazon Top 100

This morning another erotica writer friend Virginia Wade mentioned to me via Twitter that I had crept below a 500 rank overall in the Paid Kindle Store at Amazon.

Cue my stunned look of disbelief.

For those who don’t know, Amazon assigns a rank on all books based on where they are in comparison to other books. Kind of like when you got second place in the spelling bee out of forty other students. What the above means is that, of the millions of ebooks at, I’m in the top 500.

I only have YOU ALL to thank for it!! Talk about making one’s day – no, week, month even!!!

So, here’s what I’m thinking: at the moment I’m steadily creeping up the charts, but I’d like to give an incentive to my readers and prospective readers. What I propose is that, should I break #100 rank, I’ll write any section of the story “Anything He Wants” in my hero’s perspective. As in, I’ll redo the whole elevator scene from Jeremiah’s perspective, OR I’ll do a prequel where he notices the heroine.

Any scene you want. YOU DECIDE THE SECTION. Get your friends to read the first story, and you’ll get a special bonus chapter.

Meanwhile I’m hard at work on the next segment of the story which has a couple areas that would fit quite nicely in this little “contest”.

Does that sound like a deal? 😉


I’d love to read the entire series for Jeremiah’s perspective. To pick out a scene almost seems an atrocity.

Nikki Sanders

Mr. Remi’s POV would be rather interesting. Like I’ve asked before, just please give us a full book.. all these teasing is driving me INSANE o0)…