Mother’s Day and breaking barriers

I had a really nice Mother’s Day with the parental units on both sides (mine and the Dude’s). My folks drove down to my grandparents’ house then we had a small family dinner before rushing to another dinner/barbecue over at the Dude’s grandparents’ house. It was good times but I ate too much and am paying for that today.

Mondays are, as usual, tough to stomach but I made it to the Evil Day Job, bleary-eyed and wishing desperately for an extra hour or four of rest. No such luck, but a girl can dream. πŸ˜‰


I had a bit of a (happy) shock over the weekend when I saw “Anything He Wants” cracked the invisible 1,000 rank barrier, now just once but repeatedly. To be clear: that means that at certain points, I was in the top 1,000 books in the entire Kindle Store on Amazon – it even got me into the Top 10 of Erotica Bestsellers.

So what does this mean? Remember I said I was working on a novella? That’s now been moved to the backburner as I hurry to write part 3 of the AHW series. It’s going to be close as I have an editor deadline for the novella, but I don’t want to disappoint fans of the series so part 3 is back atop my Must Write Next list. Considering I’ve had this part in mind since I conceived the series and am really excited about it, the switch doesn’t bother me in the slightest. πŸ˜€

For now though I’m going to endure the day job, tap our a few words on my breaks, and look forward to dinner tonight with my mom and grandma. Fun times!! πŸ˜‰