A rolling stone gathers no moss

Despite the fact that I promised myself I’d keep up with this blog, I’m a wee bit behind on updates. Twitter stays fairly up to date, but for whatever reason writing a blog is tough cookies. *rolls eyes* Does this mean I haven’t been busy, or that there’s nothing going on behind the scenes?

Heck no!

A few highlights of what Casa de Fawkes has been up to these last couple weeks (for those of you who follow me on Twitter, this is a recap of what you may have already seen):

Meet Gypsy, my newest acquisition!! She represents the freedom I hope to soon have, and is much to blame for my lack of productivity over the last two weeks. All I want to do is ride her, or if not then look at her. She’s a sexy beast!


Dude and I went down to Long Beach for a motorcycle swap meet. Didn’t see much in the way of parts like he was hoping but saw some sweet bikes!

Dream bike!

The itty-bitty moped committee!

Biggest rust bucket I’ve ever seen, leaked oil out of every crevice. So cool though!

The dealership must have had a huge sale on tassels! 😉


The unofficial contest is still on to get “Anything He Wants” into the Amazon top 100. Originally the prize was a single scene from AHW retold through Jeremiah’s (the hero) perspective, but a lot of people have asked if I could instead do a retelling of the entire story. I don’t see a problem with that! Once we get to that point however it’ll be up to you all – I’ll even do a poll! Polls are love (unless they’re for politicians).


I’m hard at work on the next book in the Anything He Wants series; after so long feeling as though my Muse had disappeared, over the last few days the thrill is back. Words are flowing from my fingertips, flying across the page (or iPhone, depending on if I’m at my laptop or elsewhere) and I’m hopeful a first draft will FINALLY be done within the next week or so. I also have other news, but will save that for a separate post all its own. 😉

Maryann elder

I am so glad to read your writing again.. You are a gifted writer your writing and stories are so much better than Fifty Shades (which I enjoyed). Sister your bookMas would be flying off the shelfs. Look forward to the next adventure.


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