Apologies and announcements

Well. *scratches head in wonder* The last few days have been one heck of a roller coaster. Those on Twitter and, to a much smaller extent, Facebook saw the progression of “Anything He Wants” through the 100s and up into the double digit Amazon ranks. Which is to say, absolutely incredible.

No, I mean it. You guys are incredible. Incredible, awesome and fantabulous.

So the mirror is a go. AHW1 retold through Jeremiah’s stony gaze, to be made available free here on the website and on All Romance Ebooks, and hopefully Amazon (that may take a little while however).


Before I get to the announcements portion of this, I want to apologize for not getting the next part of my series out faster. The last month has been one heck of a rush – never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined my story would get this kind of response. I’m humbled, overjoyed, and for a long while petrified I’d do or say something to destroy it. (yes, silly artistic insecurities rear their ugly heads *rolls eyes*) Writing, therefore, suffered a bit but I’m fortunately back on the wagon and will try to keep up the pace from here on out.


Which leads me to my next Big Thing: “Anything He Wants 3: Love And War” is finally drafted!! AAAAND, I have a release date: Thursday, June 21 – aka, next week. It should give me enough time to do my own edits, send it to my lovely editor Delta, a couple beta readers for proofing, and have it out in time for the weekend. 😀 I’m really excited about this part but am staying mum on why for a few more days until I release the blurb. Yes, I am evil. Bwahahaha!!!!


I am SOOOO looking forward to third installment. If you ever need a beta reader, I would be too happy to oblige. Meanwhile, I ask…no I beg…you, keep the stories coming!


I enjoyed the 1st AHW was disappointed by AHW2 to short it felt like I was teased.. hoping the next will be better


Just finished reading part 3 and it was soooo amazing. I am waiting for part 4 now……..no pressure :-)


OMG! So I downloaded part 3 and read it during my lunch hour. Now I am salivating for more!

I am in love with the character development and like how the plot keeps me on my toes. Attention Hollywood. Here is your next big “thing”.

When will part 4 be available? Don’t keep me in suspense!

And, P.S., I am soooo glad I stumbled upon this -How to generalize it??- series. I am so telling everyone to read it! Thank you for this story. With baited breath, I wait….


Kelly Foster

Sara, pleasssssssse tell me Part 4 comes out soon!!! I can’t take this! I really think you should just turn this into a full length novel. Also, I’d happily help with any editing needs. Speaking of, I noticed a couple typos in #3, not sure if it’s just an Amazon screw up but the Copy Editor in me thought I should mention it. I’m a HUGE fan, please hurry up and give us more! Sniff, sniff.


Just finished AHW3 LOVED IT I’m addicted
I agree with the other posters Please don’t
Make us wait long for 4 if all the books are going to be this short
Please continue to relese them close together it’s a killer to wait


Hi Sara:

I was looking last night for good romance novels to read and stumbled into your AHW series. I purchased and read all three last night. I am loving this story and love the characters. As an avid reader, I wish you would give Lucy more of a spine. I saw hints of this in book 3 and hopefully we’ll see a bit more of a backbone in the following stories. I agree with other posters that this should be turned into one full lenght novel.

On another note, I read in your announcement that AHW from Jeremiah’s POV is a go… Is the story available and if so where do I find it? Already checked amazon and All Reads.

Eagerly anticipating part 4 😉

Sara Fawkes

Yay glad you liked them! Yes, I’m not a huge fan of the spineless heroine either hence the direction 3 (and beyond) are taking. Part four is on its way, just need to do more of that pesky writing thing. 😉


How about the story as per the hero’s POV? Is it in the works or already available? Dying to know.


Like the other posters, I couldn’t put these books down. I downloaded them all at once and read them in one evening. I can’t wait for #4. Please don’t make us wait too long.


Sara, I humbly ask that you work on 4 AND 5 right now then stagger their release. While that’s going on work on 6. I might even relent if you produce & release Remi’s point of view sometime soon. Cuz really, your killing me here!!!


I only discovered parts 1 and 2 on Friday and you can imagine how excited I was to find the was a part 3 released a couple of days before! I am already busting for the next instalment. Each instalment just gets better than the last. Love the characters, love your work!


I’m off for the summer (I teach) and I spend my first week (or two) of summer break doing nothing but indulging in my favorite past time of reading only for pleasure. It’s therapy and my reward for another year working in public education. The rest of the summer, I add all the professional reading I need/should do. Yesterday, I found Anything He Wants on my Kindle. Read all three instead of cooking dinner for the family! Oh, what a tease! I wish you didn’t publish any of it until it was a 900 page (at least) novel!! Well done! PLEASE write faster!


Hey Sara. Love the Series. It is proving a welcome distraction from studying the bar exam. I read in this post it said AHW1 from Jeremiah’s POV was available for downloading, but I can’t seem to find it. I was hoping you could direct me to a link or a website so I can get it. Thanks, can’t wait for no. 4!

D wilson

Great writing but you are over charging for the segments. Everyone should be paid for their work. But segments are too short for the pricing. For the pricing you should at least get a few hours of reading. The Hunger Games sells for $6


Hardly think its Sara who determines the price of each segment but I could be wrong. I know I saw dozens and dozens of short stories of the same sort of length on AR for the same price. I’m happy.


I agree with you. The latest writing craze is the short novellas selling anywhere from .99 to $2.99. If you would compare it to the cost of a novel then the money is in writing short stories, Story segments and novellas. In the end, it’s the readers fault not the writer’s because we agree to pay the price. Supply & demand!


Agree, the stories are over-priced. That being said I am really enjoying the series. I don’t know how many more of these segments I can continue to purchase before I decide its no longer afordable ( after all I do need to stick to a kindle budget). I also understand that the pricing is most likely set by publisher/distributer and not the author. However, I’m sure Sara can give her 2 cents and point out that its not a good marketing ploy… Readers will eventually stop purchasing the shorts no matter how good. I just bought a Nora Roberts book for $7 on my kindle – full length novel.


I read all three in one evening!!! They are amazing!!! I can’t wait for more!!! When do you estimate the fourth one coming out??


I have managed to read book 12&3 today and am so hanging out for number 4. Hope the writing is going well.


Sara I am so going crazy after i read book 3 and it leaves us hanging. What is the release date for book 4 ? Keep them coming i love the books. :)


hey read all 3 boks….loved them and wanted to know when is the 4th one coming out…Anything He Wants 4….want to know what happen in lucy and remi freacking out,…..OMG…….


hey read all 3 boks….loved them and wanted to know when is the 4th one coming out…Anything He Wants 4….want to know what happen in lucy and remi freacking out,…..OMG…….

Ashley Reddick

I read all 3 books let me say I love them so much, I can’t wait for book 4 to come out so I can find out what happens to Lucy. Keep up the wonderful work and I hope book 4 comes out very very soon.


I love the story, but $2.99 or more for one chapter?? way to expensive when you think of purchasing a novel for the price of one chapter….


Omg I found this series last night and read all 4 books. I am a teacher that has found my passion for reading again now that I have a kindle where I can read more and a lot faster. Deadly mixture for a book worm who is a teacher and a student in a masters program lol. Please don’t stop!!!! I know you mentioned book 5 in August and that you hate to disappoint by setting a date and not meeting. But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. I need to know roughly when it comes out. I don’t want to move into a new series while I wait and forget the important info. Please keep up the amazing job and I cant wait for book 5

Kristy Bromberg

Sara- do you mind sharing who your editor is? I am looking for one and I am wondering how your experience has been with an external editor? I would appreciate any information you can give me. I am at that stage that I need one and am not sure where to go from here. Thanks

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