Cover reveal and announcements

I totally meant to post this yesterday but, ugh, got sidetracked. My Twitter peeps (Tweeps!) saw this first so if you want to keep most up-to-date, that’s where I hang out most often.

My friend and fellow erotica writer AD Cooper made the cover for “Anything He Wants 3: Love and War”, and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

She kept with the themes of the previous stories but upped the sexy factor. I’m pretty thrilled with the results, what do you all think? πŸ˜‰


To my All Romance peeps, you may (or may not) have noticed AHW2 is alone on the ARe website. AHW1 is currently exclusive through Amazon in order to provide some promo opportunities, but all sequels will still be made available through ARe. As soon as the Amazo-exclusive promo is done I’ll be re-adding AHW1 to the AllRomance website and hopefully we can get it back into the site’s top 10 (it was sitting pretty at #2!).


I’ve received a lot of feedback regarding the drive to get Anything He Wants into the Amazon Top 100. I originally said one scene will be rewritten in Jeremiah’s POV, but a lot of you are asking I do the entire story instead of a scene. Genius people, pure genius. We’re slipping a bit in the ranks however; since individual sales are what drive this, it’s time to do some leg work!! Any thoughts on how to get this story out to the masses?

Betsy Berkery

I love it!!! I just read both books, and I am hooked!!! Can’t wait for the 3rd installment!!! So excited!!!!


I just found your books and they are so addicting.. so glad to see theres a third on the way and cant wait to read it!

Sara Fawkes

Thanks! Yup, third’s well on its way and it has some parts I’ve been dying to write since I came up with the idea! Hope you enjoy it, I’ll be announcing a release date soon!


Wow! I simply adore Anything He Wants and Anything He wants 2!!! Desperately waiting for part 3 and hopefully even more!!!

Sara Fawkes

Yay, you totally made my morning!!! There’s definitely going to be at least a few more parts to the story, part 3 introduces the plot and some more characters so stay tuned, it should be a wild ride!!

C. Grose

Would you happen to have a release date for the next ATHW3?? I devoured your other 2 books– Today… And I’m stoked about your next installment.

Thank you for your clever insight and story.


Gloria Tobin

I just discovered Anything He Wants 1 & 2 yesterday on Amazon. I finished #1 yesterday and #2 this morning. I absolutely love, love, love this story and like your other readers, cannot wait for #3 to come out! I also like the idea of the entire book (ATHW1) rewritten from Jermiah’s POV. Actually, I would love the entire series done that way — first from Lucy’s perspective, then from Jermiah’s.

This is to all your fans: If you haven’t done so already, please make sure you leave a great review of these books on Amazon. When I’m done posting this reply, I will do this too (5 Stars for both books of course). I understand this is very helpful to authors.


I love this series. Just wish each were longer. I discovered on goodreads and purchased via amazon. A full blown novel would be great with this series. I love the cover for book 3 so much I contacted them myself for when I finish revising my own novel.

Sara Fawkes

I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! This cover is definitely my favorite; the first two were sexy and understated, but the man on this one really matches my vision of the hero. πŸ˜‰


I just read all three parts in what seemed like a minute and I am absolutely FASCINATED by these characters and this story. PLEASE tell me when part 4 will be ready. I am SO ready to read it. :)

Jeanne Behrle

I loved all three books can not wait for book 4. I could not believe we have to wait to find out what happens. Please don’t make us wait too long. This is such a good series. Filled with great characters that we as reader can care about.

brie hall

Wow this series just blew past me in 2 days … I need the 4th book to calm me … This kindle thing is addictive! Sara amazing books no doubt

bonnie mark

Just finished. All 3 of anything he wants.I cannot wait for the 4th scene.I really would like this played out and finished in a book


So would I because I am not a patient person and I am dying right now having to wait for part 4. :)

Cristi B.

I loved all 3 books I read them all in a couple days. When is 4 coming? Loved Loki’s point of view too… Keep up the greatness Sara!!!!