New arrival: “Anything He Wants 3: Love and War”

Woohoo, it’s finally all online! The third story in the Anything He Wants series is now live at Amazon and AllRomance!! The series takes a new turn with the arrival of another Hamilton man and an ending that’ll leave you desperate for more:

The glittering life of the ultra-rich is overwhelming, and more than a little treacherous. Serving as the date/escort to a charity gala in Paris, France, one-time temp Lucy Delacourt must learn to navigate the turbulent waters in which her billionaire boss Jeremiah Hamilton swims. Easier said than done — Jeremiah is keeping secrets, including a deeply possessive streak that comes out when Lucy is introduced to his enigmatic brother, Lucas. Caught in their little family war, it is Lucy’s own personal discovery that she might be forming an attachment to her hard boss that really rocks her world.

But some secrets held by the Hamilton men are more dangerous than others, and Lucy may have stumbled into a trap meant for another with potentially deadly consequences.
Length: approx. 13,100 words.

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I’m really excited about this part because it introduces another character I’ve been dying to write as well as begins the actual PLOT of the story! I’m already working on part 4 of the series and can tell you it’s going to be LOOOONG compared to these first three stories!

Hope you enjoy!! Let me know what you think. πŸ˜€

Isabella Salinas

Sara, love love LOVE all the stories so far, but AHW3 just got even better. The ending left me hanging (in a good way). And now, I am dying to know what happens next. I’m too anxious to read the next installment and see what happens between our dear, Lucy, and Jeremiah. Please please PLEASE hurry and finish the 4 installment (no pressure LOL). The wait is killing me. πŸ˜‰

Lipstick and Chaos

I have to say first, thanks for writing!!! I was browsing around laying in bed, Kindle in hand when I discovered this little “you might like” section – your first publication!!! I decided after the garage scene two things -1. it was too early for EF sans coffee and a bedmate 2. I have kids awake and no time for “ministrations”. I will have to finish it later :)
Congratulations to you!! I’ve been writing since a little girl as well and when I read your bio online, I must say I envy your desires – I would love to do the same – but hey, I’ve adapted the “Dream Big, Live Bigger” attitude … we’ll see how it goes!
May all your wildest dreams come true …


Thank you for AHW3. I bought it and read it as soon as I saw another comment on here saying she had read it. I love the story and i cant wait to see what happens next. I just can’t get enough so please don’t keep me waiting too long.


Loving this series so far but go through them so quickly. Please let me know an expected date for the next release.

Nikki Sanders

Hello Miss Ma’am, I hate to bother you with this teeny,tiny, itsy, bitsy probably insignificant request, but could there POSSIBLY be a complete book coming from you in the near future of THIS ENTIRE series. As you know from your adoring fans/readers we are in complete torture from the snippets you keep giving us. We are in awe of you and your amazing mind that puts these wonderful words to paper. Looking forward to the next installment.

April Crabtree

I love these stories!!! I really need them to be longer!!! I get so wrapped up in the story then it’s over!!! Please hurry with book 4,,


Wow. I can’t wait for the 4th in the series. I didn’t realize that you just recently finished writing the 3rd in series and when I got to the end and saw no 4th to buy…I was aghast. πŸ˜‰ So I bought Back in the Groove to hold me over. Hurry, Sara…hurry!!


Wow……hurry up with book 4…….after the first book, I had to buy the others……hot hot hot.


I adored these books, but flew through hem far too quickly . I hope the release dates are very soon xx they are amazing. So no breaks for you until there complete. Lol xxx


I love this book .. I read it in less than am hour.. I hate e fact I read so fast .. No I have to wait for part 4.. Please take your time but hurry.. Lol .. Good luck


Are you writing more for Back in the Groove? Really liked it and it ended so fast. Holding me over until AHW4 is out. πŸ˜‰

Gloria T

I immediately purchased AHW3 (read AHW 1 & 2 again first) and of course it is GREAT! But even reading the 3 books in a row —- it was over too quickly… It’s like watching this great mini-series on TV that you have to wait SO long for each new episode! Ahhhh! :) I was very happy to read AHW 4 is going to be much longer (YES!) — please don’t make us wait too long for it to come out!


My friend and I have really enjoyed ur series so far. Neither of us could stop reading once we started. Do u have a estimated time of when part 4 is coming out! We r desperate to know what’s going to happen!
We are also glad to hear it is going to be longer! Great series so far!!:) we have recommended it to all our friends and co-workers!

Kari Breeden

I absolutely love this series. Thank you so much and I can’t wait for AHW4. I have got some of my friends at work reading these with me and they love them too.


Hi these books are great, I really enjoyed all 3 AHW books. I agree that they are short, its seems you just get involved then the story ends. Such is your writing that it draws the reader in. I look forward to the 4th book in the series, and am glad that you say it will be longer.

Betsy Berkery

OMG….I loved it!!! The suspense, the fact that Jerimah and Lucy are getting closer is wonderful!!! I love that she had her first sips of alcohol with him…even know it was poisoned. It shows that she is trusting him…The twist with Lucas was great….I can’t wait until AHW4 come out!!! Waiting with great patience!!!


I have to say first that I LOVE this story, I REALLY REALLY do. I am 100% hooked and will be a faithful follower of yours for a longgg time! But I kind of feel like its worth mentioning that you are starting to really anger some (well more than some actually) of your fans with the way this “book” is coming out. Especially the pricing on Amazon, we are spending about $7 on a story that is far from over and folks are starting to be really put off by it. I am sure you already have read them, but most of the comments on AHW 3 on Amazon are not so lovely and I would really hate for it to have a negative impact for you down the road. So if you can either a) write the complete novel all at once and release it farther down the road or b) adjust the pricing based on how many installments there are going to be I think you’ll earn back most of those who have written you off – and this is TOOOO good a story with some really great promise to be missed. I feel like such a jerk for bringing this up, I just think you should pay some head to your fans as a new writer. But again, LOVE your story!


Please tell me that we won’t wait for 4 to long?!!! The suspense is killing me!! I loved all 3 books!!!


I’m dying and can’t wait for book 4!!! Do you have any idea as to when it may be released so I can look out for it? Or do you by chance have like an email club that you send out announcements? :)


I keep finding these books I get so into only to find I have to wait for the next one… Ugh hoping anything he wants 4 comes out really soon!! I’m in love with these characters.

Theresa LoCicero

I am new to reading your work. I have to say I love it, you are truly talented. I quickly purchased all three of AHAW1-3 and read them quickly. Now I am waiting with baited breath for the 4th. Please hurry your writing is addictive.

Carmen C.

I’m hooked on AHW — I’ve read 1-3 — couldn’t put them down — but dang that cliffhanger is absolutely killing me … rescue your readers … we need AHW 4 … of course, no pressure :)


Do you know the expected release date of number 4? This one left me hanging in a good way. I love your work.


I’ve just got into your books and I’ve read the 3 in one day! I’m LOVING these books! Please hurry up and publish number 4 – we’ve been left dying to find out what happens to Lucy and also how the romance progresses! So glad to hear that the next installment will be a bit longer – I’m devasted when I reach the end of each chapter! Thanks for a wonderful read – pure escapism!

Pam Holland

Sara, Just wanted say I sooooooooooo enjoyed these books. Ive never really been a big reader until recently when I read Fifty Shades of Grey now I cant stop.
A friend recommended your books and Im so glad she did.
Really cant wait for book 4 the way you have left us all hanging on with the ending is amazing.


I am really looking forward to reading all the AHW books! I don’t want to start until book 4 has been released. How do I get on the list to be notified?


Just read all 3 the other night! I thought the series was done @ 3 or I wouldn’t have started them…YET!!!!!! I am always afraid of the time between books will make me forget about the story… I hope the next one comes along soon! I can’t wait to see what he does to get even!


I read all 4 books in one day , I’m dying to find out what happens next LOVE the books!!!! . Please tell me when book 5 is avaliable

Ashleigh Donnachie

I love your books i have also read the 4th book and i actually can not wait untill book 5 comes out . Can you please let me know when this will be online i have been checking everyday . Thanks very much xxx


When this coming to itune (iBook) I have ready them all and can’t wait to read the next one?

Tonya Neville

I am not a big reader but a few friends have gotten me into these types of books and I’m loving them I have read your first 2 and it sounds like the 3rd book is out and your now writing the 4th. I have been reading the books on my phone and now can’t seem to find the ahw3 to download it and read it. Can you help me find it. I am in suspense wanting to read the rest. Your a very good writer and i cant put my phone down while reading your book. that’s coming from someone that has always hated to read. I will be sad when you finish the entire story and hope to see more books in the future. A huge fan :)