One of those in-between posts

Wouldn’t it be awesome if I had cool to say or show you? Well, it’s coming, I promise. :)

In the meantime, a list of things I’m currently up to in no particular order:

– getting my hair cut (but not cut off; maybe later [hears Dude in background yelling “NOOOO!!!”])
– riding my motorcycle (because it’s teh awezum!!!)
– totally digging this blog post “I’m not like other girls”
– spent much of today working on various snippets of the AHW series, including the promised Jeremiah-mirror and a bit for Lucas/Loki. Yes folks, I have love for both brothers – I’m not alone in that am I?
– cleaned house. Proof positive I’m procrastinating in writing. *sigh*
– catching up on a webcomic I’d forgotten the name to and only recently re-found. Happy sounds!
– also recommending Girl Genius webcomic because, yeah, it’s the awesomesauce!
– thinking of fun ways to introduce or tell more about AHW side characters; snippets and possibly “interviews” coming soon, any ideas on more?
– so many writing ideas, so little time in the day.

That’s my Monday in a nutshell! Well, aside from the Evil Day Job and lunch with the Dude and the fact that I’m almost 3 hours past my bedtime. And it’s not even Monday over on the east coast or Europe. *blinks* Wow, I’m all rambly, perhaps I should get to bed. Night folks!!