“God of War: Loki” (1 of 2)

I don’t believe it: “Anything He Wants 3” just hit Amazon’s Top 100 in Kindle Store less than a week after release.

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GOD OF WAR (1 of 2)


Lucas scanned the crowd for familiar faces as the band played behind him, but his contacts were either hiding or hadn’t yet arrived. The venue wasn’t one he’d have normally chosen but at least it was public enough for safety.

He did however notice the moment Jeremiah walked into the room. Lucas forced the sudden bitterness down, taking a sip of wine, but kept an eye on his sibling. Gaspard pulled the larger man quietly aside at the door and, from the minor annoyance that flashed across Jeremiah’s face, Lucas deduced the Frenchman was revealing Lucas’ presence at the gathering. Good to see you too, brother.

“Who is that woman beside him?”

“Why, my dear Anya,” Lucas said, patting the hand looped around his elbow, “jealous now are we?”

The blonde Russian glared at him and muttered something in Russian before lifting her chin. “Not at all,” she answered, the heavy accent giving away her annoyance. “She is a homely little cow, why is he with her?”

Lucas rolled his eyes briefly then turned to study his brother’s escort. The girl was all eyes, staring around the large convention center. Although not the vibrant beauty his brother normally associated with, she had a sweetness and charm he found appealing. He also appreciated the way her curvy figure also filled out the green sleeveless dress. My brother always had good taste, he thought.

A tug on his arm made him look down at Anya in annoyance, but the Russian woman was looking elsewhere. “We have company,” she said, accent melting away.

Lucas followed her gaze to see a familiar stony-faced man, big as a house, making his way through the crowd. “Indeed,” Lucas breathed, then leaned in close to the woman beside him. “My dear,” he murmured to Anya, “I’m going to need a distraction.”

The blonde slanted him a glance. “How distracting?” she asked, following his gaze to the approaching men.

“Use your own discretion,” he murmured, then plastered a smile on his face and threw his arms wide. “Vasili!” he said loudly in welcome as Anya melted away into the crowd. “A pleasure to see you again.”

The stoic Ukrainian was difficult to read at the best of times, his surly expression rarely changing. However when Lucas offered his hand the large man took it, grasping the wrist in a firm grip. “I would not expect you in such a gathering,” he said in a thick accent. The two uniformed men flanking him merely glared; they didn’t offer greetings and Lucas knew better than to ask.

“Yes well, one must learn to blend into even the most foreign conditions.” Lucas didn’t hear anger in the other man’s voice but kept his guard up nevertheless. The smiling mask had long since become second nature, a shield against those searching for weakness, and it served him well here. “A surprise to see you here as well, how can I help you gentlemen?”

Vasili gestured to the two men behind him. “My associates share common business interests.”I told them you may have interest.”

“Ah.” Lucas’ smile never dimmed but inwardly he went still. Not the right venue for talking business at all. Lucas was probably safest here given the crowds, at least for the moment. Of course, the moment he stepped outside those doors he had a target painted on his head. Placating his clients was always so much safer.

“We have been told you can find certain pieces of hardware not currently on the open market.” The black man stepped forward until he was nose to nose with Lucas. “We are interested in purchase, but require complete discretion.”

If the African was trying to be intimidating, he obviously didn’t know Lucas very well. “What can I say, I’m indeed a modern day Aries. I do not however work for just anyone,” he added, giving the African a quick once over. “What can you offer me for my services? Hopefully more than your homespun clothing would suggest. My God man, do you bathe?”

The man’s face grew dark and he took a threatening step forward only to be stopped by the broad arm of Vasili. The black man shot him an irritated look which Vasili returned, staring down the smaller man until he relented and stepped back again. “Their money is good,” the Ukranian rumbled, addressing Lucas without looking at him.

The casual nonchalance Lucas affected through the confrontation did not reflect the roiling emotions inside, and he breathed easier when Vasili stepped back. The large man could be a deadly enemy but also a powerful ally, and for today at least he was on Lucas’ side. “Alright then,” he said brightly, clapping his hands together. “Discussion of the details would perhaps be best in a different venue, perhaps we could…”

Lucas trailed off as Anya approached, and when he saw her companion his eyes lit up. The Russian woman had been unpredictable as of late but it seemed, in this at least, they were on the same page. “Gentlemen, if you’ll please excuse me. We can discuss our business further tomorrow.”

The uniformed African didn’t seem keen to put off their discussion but another minor intervention as vassili clapped a large hand on the black man’s shoulder stopped him from speaking. Satisfied the matter was resolved until later, Lucas turned his attention to the two women while the trio of men faded into the crowd. Jeremiah’s escort looked stunned, staring at Lucas and making him wonder what exactly Anya had told her. “And who do we have here?” he asked, lifting the woman’s hand to his lips.

Her lips parted ever so slightly and Lucas smiled wickedly, recognizing her response to him. Up close he could see that, while not a flawless beauty like Anya, there was an innocence that drew him like a moth to flame. He watched with some amusement as she realized her own reaction and, frowning, snatched her hand away. The tart response only made his smile grow. Feisty, isn’t she?

“This is Lucy Delacourt, the new assistant to Jeremiah,” Anya replied, then sidled to Lucas’ side and wormed her arm through his. “Meet Lucas Hamilton, the true heir to the Hamilton business.”

Lucas stifled his annoyance at the extended introduction, keeping his face smooth. Anya clung like a vine, her possessive grip an irritation. The girl Lucy stared at them, suspicion in her eyes. Cocking his head to the side, Lucas studied Lucy. “You seem tense, love,” he said in a smooth voice. “I don’t want any beautiful woman such as yourself disappointed by my company.”

Beside him, Anya’s fingernails dug into his arm, hard but not yet painful. Her obvious jealousy irritated Lucas but that didn’t stop him from goading her. Somewhere along the line, baiting the beautiful Russian woman had become a game to Lucas; her neediness was annoying but she’d proven useful enough to keep around. Part of him sometimes wondered though if her presence was worth it any longer.

“I thought you were someone else,” Lucy said stiffly. “If you’ll excuse me…”

As she stepped back to leave, the band behind them struck up a new tune, a livelier number that had several couples walking to the dance floor. An idea occurred to Lucas and he shook off Anya’s persistent grip on his arm to step forward. “Would you care to dance?” he asked, holding out a hand toward Lucy.

Anya had something to say about the offer, an ugly expression on her face. A sharp look by Lucas kept her silent however; she stopped, simmering in place as she glared at Lucy.

“No, I’m sorry,” I said stiffly, trying to maintain my poise, “but I really need to find my…”

“Really, I must insist.” Lucas drew a hand around her waist, and pulled her quickly out onto the floor. She balked immediately, digging in her heels.

Hmm. Lucas leaned in close and murmured, “We’re quite visible here, you don’t want to cause a scene now, do you?”

The effect was instantaneous; Lucas had more than enough time to pull her to the dance floor and into his arms before she recovered. Wide, angry eyes glared up at him and Lucas smiled back with a self-satisfied smirk. Score one for me.

“Let me go,” Lucy said in a low voice, anger bleeding into her voice.

“And ruin a perfectly fine opportunity to dance with a beautiful woman? I think not.” Her resistance amused him; she danced stiffly in his arms, trying repeatedly to step on his toes. He pulled her close to his body, supporting her almost entirely with his arms. “We seem to have gotten off on the wrong foot,” he said, sweeping her across the dance floor. “Tell me why: do I smell bad?”

The absurd comment had the desired effect and she smiled, albeit only for a quick second before annoyance took its place once again. “I don’t appreciate watching my friends get belittled, then being dragged to meet someone under false pretenses.”

My my, Anya was busy. Lucas tipped his head to the side, acknowledging her blunt comments. “Anya can be, hm, tempestuous – indeed, it was once part of her charm. Perhaps we can start again: I am Lucas Hamilton and you are…”

“You know who I am already.”

It was a refreshing change to meet somebody who wasn’t interested in trying to impress him. Lucas slid a finger under her chin, lifted her head to see her eyes. “But I’d like to hear it from your lips,” he said softly.

Her pupils dilated, lips parting again. This time Lucas felt his own body respond, dick jumping and a rush of heat flowing through his body. Well well, he thought, this makes things interesting again.

Lucy scowled. “What do you want?” she demanded.

“Besides dance with a beautiful woman?” Lucas hitched one shoulder. “To make my stick-in-the-mud little brother jealous.”

Her lips thinned. “I’m not interested in playing games, Mr. Hamilton.” She struggled slightly in his grip, jostling a nearby couple. “I’d rather not “make a scene”, but if you won’t let me…”

“What if I answered any questions you might have about my brother?” At her startled look, Lucas gave a wry smile. “My brother is one who keeps his secrets close.” He swayed Lucy closer, mouth dipping close to her ear. “Aren’t there some things about your boss you were dying to know?”

One look at her expression told him everything he needed to know: he had her. Annoyance flashed across her brow and Lucas smirked. He dipped his head when she wasn’t looking and breathed deep. God, she smelled good. The thought had his dick stirring again.

“Anya used to work for Mr. Hamilton? Um,” she added, stuttering, “the other one. My boss.”

She really was adorable when flustered, and Lucas’ smile grew. “She was his last personal assistant,” he drawled,

“That harpy?” Lucy muttered, her expression stormy. “What did he see in her?”

The response was so unexpected that Lucas threw back his head and laughed. Her startled expression said she hadn’t meant to say the words aloud, which only made it more amusing. “She wasn’t always this way,” he said, humor lacing his voice. “Actually, she used to be a very sweet girl, much like yourself.”

“What happened, then?”

She met me. The thought dimmed his amusement somewhat and Lucas lifted a shoulder. “I seduced her away from him, then turned her into my spy. When he discovered this and threw her out, she came to work for me.”

She struggled at his words, obviously disliking the truthful if cold response. Instead of releasing her however he twirled the small blonde under his arm before pulling her back into his arms. She moved stiffly, obviously angry at his words, and he tried not to care. “Next question?”

She scanned the room, probably looking for a means to escape, then seemed to resign herself to her date. “What did Anya mean about the “rightful heir” business? You and Jeremiah are brothers right?”

“Ah, straight to the heart of things.” He twirled her again, wondering how much to tell her. “What do you know so far?”

“The Wikipedia version. He was in the military, got out and took over the company, had a rough go in the beginning.”

Lucas dipped his head. “A decent summary, if lacking in the pertinent details. Tell me, how was your relationship with your father growing up?”

Her mouth tightened at the personal question. “Good,” She replied cautiously, “why?”

“Ours wasn’t.” Lucas’s expression shadowed. “Rufus Hamilton was impossible to please, especially if you were in any way related to him. Of course, we didn’t realize this until we were much older and his demands had already warped our sensibilities. I’ll give you the short version: I went the route expected of me, to take over the family business, while Remi rebelled the only way he knew how and joined the military without my father’s consent. It was the one time he managed to thwart our father’s plans, and that success ate away at the old man.”

Memories flooded back, each one more bitter than the other. “Why couldn’t you be more like your brother, only a freshman and already team captain.” The bitter jealousy, forced rivalries – there had never been a moment he wasn’t fighting for the old man’s approval, usually in the shadow of his younger brother.

“Obviously something happened.”

Lucas snorted. “Yeah. The old man died.” He twirled her again, trying to figure out how to explain it without sounding like a whining bitch. “Rufus really couldn’t have timed it better if he’d tried; heart attack took him out in the middle of a board meeting, and only days before Jeremiah was set to re-enlist. I was surprised when he turned up at the reading of the Will, but more shocked when our beloved father left the bulk of his estate to his youngest son.”

The memory was a bitter gall. I spent years running that business while My little brother ran around playing commando. “Jeremiah got everything, including majority shares in the company, with the stipulation that if he refused to take over, the entire company would be liquidated and scattered. That would have meant the loss of thousands of jobs, and the collapse of a carefully built infrastructure spanning decades, all to get back at the son who had managed to outmaneuver him.”

“So willing Jeremiah the entire company was meant a punishment?”

Her voice finally jolted Lucas out of his memories. The dark emotions continued to boil inside him but his expression was replaced by a smirk that was his default mask. “Our dear Remi was always looking out for the common man,” Lucas remarked blithely. “It’s why he joined the Army, you know, wanted to help others. So, when the executor read the will, lawyers and board members surrounded Remi, impressing on him the gravity of the situation, how many lives he would ruined if he turned it down, etc. etc. Given my little brother’s predilection for being the hero, it was a no-brainer what he would choose.”

“What about you?”

“I survived.” The concern in her voice was sweet but misplaced. His gaze travelled over her shoulder, and a wicked smile curved his lips as the song came to an end. “Doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy my bits of fun when they come along.”

Lucy squeaked as he shifted her around, one arm looping behind her back, then bent the blonde over backwards. She stared wide-eyed up at his face, and Lucas winked. “Let’s give them a show, shall we?” he murmured, then leaned forward and took her lips.

She stiffened, fingers digging into his dark suit. His mouth took full advantage of her shock, tongue and teeth playing with a full bottom lip. The kiss was brief and, as he pulled then back upright, Lucy’s hand cracked along his cheek, momentum giving the slap strength.

The blow stunned Lucas; he blinked at the girl in his arms, who looked as shocked as he felt. Well, he thought, a kernel of respect taking root, that was unexpected.

“What’s going on here?”

Christine Montez

I like this so far but I am left feeling lost at the fact that you Sarah left me hanging with Anything he wants 3, wheres the rest of the story?


Where is the next Anything he wants? Lol I am loving these stories keep them coming please and the sooner the better :)


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forever a devoted fan!!!!!!


OMG I read all 3 in 1 day my husband told me I’m addicted to you books loo but I do have to agree :) dos anyone know when # 4 comes out?????

Jennifer H

alright…call me an addict! I picked up the 1st book on Amazon as a .99 item and literally read it in 15 minutes…I was hooked!! Downloaded 2 & 3 the same night and have to tell you that I was devistated that book 4 wasn’t available after that ending…how dare you do that to us! LOL!! anyway…just wanted to say that you have a devoted fan and that I will anxiously await book 4 (but sad to hear that it will all end by book 5). keep us posted and keep up the amazing writing :-)