A big Thank You to my readers!!

The last couple days have been hectic at Casa de Fawkes for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is gearing up for the release of AHW4. Editing, formatting and tweaking bits until they shine in the sun. I enjoy the writing process, letting my creative side run free, but there’s pleasure to be had in editing too, adding that extra bit of polish to a story.

That said, I have a few small-to-medium sized announcements, some of which might explain the recent radio silence:

– I’ve signed with a literary agent, Steven Axelrod of the Axelrod Agency. It’s hard to tell you how HAPPY JOYFUL ECSTATIC this makes me as he was a dream agent before I decided to self-publish. Omg I’m still over the freaking moon just thinking about it!! I normally wouldn’t have gone this route but I’ve been approached by a few editors of big name houses, and I knew immediately I was WAY out of my league. Still, it boggles my mind – ill have to do a post someday of my journey but for now I’m content to see it through.

– The RWA conference is happening this week only three hours away, and I’ve been scrambling to figure out how I might attend. Nothing is set in stone yet but I’ve been wanting to attend for years, and right now seems like the perfect time.

– As I said before, I have the best fans in the world. You guys have stood beside me, tweet and promoted and recommended these stories to friends and family… *sniff* I’m so humbled and thankful for your help!! So as a gift I’ve decided, for this week only, to make “Anything He Wants 4: Collateral Damage” $.99 at all outlets. Believe me, if it was possible to make it free across the board I’d do it, but most distribution outlets frown on that (I guess it doesn’t make them any money. Imagine that!) so I’m making it as cheap as I can make it. The sale is only for a limited time as a thank-you to everyone who’s supported me, but is obviously open to the public. Tell your friends, family, pen pals, everyone you can to get it quick as the sale goes through Sunday.

The day job awaits but, gah, you guys are so incredible. Thank you, THANK YOU for the support and praises and comments, it means the freaking world to me!!! πŸ˜€


Yay!!! Will be looking for it then. πŸ˜‰ Spreading the word on this series . . . and hopefully sending new fans your way!!


That is great I can not it. AHW4 comes out Friday is that still correct. I order everything on amazon and want to make sure I get it. Thank you and co grays your very talented writer.

Sara Fawkes

Actually it’s set for a Thursday release but may be out a bit earlier. But yes, it’ll appear on online outlets (including Amazon) within the next two days. :)


I was a bit confused by that as well. I think she means AHW4 but hey wouldn’t it be nice if 4 came out Thursday and 5 came out Sunday :-)))).

Adriana Santiago

You’re such a great writer! And the responses you’re getting only confirm that! I want to see traveling around the country and signing your books, with lines turning around the corner! Gor all the respect and care you reserve for your readers you deserve that and so much more! Congrats!!!

Nikki Sanders

Good Morn’n Miss Ma’am, you got us all confused, we’re thinking we’ve missed a book. CANNOT WAIT TO READ AHW4. we have been biting our nails, pulling our hair out, screaming at our significant others, because of all the stress of waiting. You have to know that your mind and fingers are gifted things. We LOVE YOU

Donna Nave

Congrats on the great news. Super excited about AHW4 and 5. Thursday can’t get here fast enough but I’ll be checking every day just in case is does come out early.


Hey Sara, congrats on the agent and the upcoming 4th part! The 99c offer is also a great deal for your readers; when is the 5th part coming out? Are you going to continue to self-pub your next series or will it go straight through the agent?


Been checking Amazon since yesterday and AHW4 is already in their search but no actual book yet! I am a night worker and so looking forward to reading it on Thursday night to get me through another shift til i can come home and ravish my husband LOL


Same as!!! Been looking forward to it as got some me time this weekend and I too need my fix lol xx


Where did you buy it?? I have been watching Amazon all day to see if I could get it! I am dying to read Book 4! OMG I am so impatient!

shirley gan

Bought it and Read it… I love it so far… although it’s kind of short… I thought it would be longer :( anyway.. I still love it. Jeremiah and Lucy is awesome. Cant wait for AHW4.. when is it out πŸ˜‰


OMG!! So glad I looked on here and saw the link you had for it!! I have been searching daily to see if I could preorder and guess what?? I just downloaded it and thank you for .99… I have literally been counting down the days and can now read it. yay!!!!

Nicole A.

Weird, I bought it like all the others and suddenly it’s saying it’s not compatible on my iPad. Maybe because it’s not officially out until tomorrow. This has never happened…boooo :(

Nicole A.

Just checked, we’re good to go! Excited, now I get to thank you for making me stay up late to read it and for the many cups of coffee I’ll buy tomorrow! Good thing you cut us a deal πŸ˜‰


I was all Christian Grey and Ana Steele but thanks to you I am totally Lucy and Remi once again thank you for writing an amazing story….. Please don’t wait to long before releasing AHW5


So glad that you posted the link to buy it when I go to Amazon to search for it, it doesn’t show up. Amazing books love them!


Thank you Sara for the link, it does not exist when you search the name or your name.
I just down loaded it and will not sleep until I am done reading it tonight. So Excited! Thank you!


OMG what are you doing to us??? lmao I am going to have a stroke after each book! Just read AHW4 and cannot wait for book 5! loved it!


I just want to say that your books are amazing, I have been counting down the days until book 4 is released. I do hope you achieve great success as your writing ability is amazing. I look forward to following your success in the future.

thanks for writing.


I love this series!!! I was hardly waiting for AHW4 and was so glad when I saw your post on FB Wednesday evening! Now, I am waiting for 5! And I love BITG too! So, that will be something else to look forward too. I have been recommending them to everyone – hope it helps! Thank you!


Hello, I live in the uk and have just been on amazon and it’s not available yet. Do we no when it will be available on amazon in the uk to buy? I love the books and can’t get enough.


I absolutely loved it, can’t believe how you ended it. It could of carried on. When is the fifth book out, will it be longer or will there be another one after book 5?


Booo… I have been dyinnggg to read AHW4 . I was so excited to the link. But it doesn’t like my iPad. ?


No sorry necessary :) it will be well worth the wait I’m sure of it. I need to learn a little self control anyhow :)

Tiffany B

OMG just got done reading AHW4 and I have to say well done. Love it. Can’t wait for #5 to come out and see what happens next. Thanks Sara for posting the link to the new book on Amazon.


Omg I loved it .. When is part 5 coming out. I read it in less than an hour. I hope he marries her. Thank you


FYI, Was looking for AHW4 on Amazon and could not get it to come up until I searched AHW Collateral Damage. So Happy now!

Liz tolevski

Hi Sarah,
I read anything he wants 4 in two hours today. Can’t wait for number 5.
Love your work all the way from Australia xx


Okay so I read part 4 last night. I am loving the story but at any point are you going to make it an entire book? Or are we just going to get a couple of chapters at a time? I have seen where you said that there could be more past part 5 and I was just wondering if it was going to be a longer book?


Sara, thx for AHW series. I’m in love! Just ordered AHW 4 and can’t wait to read it. Feel as though I have been waiting a century for this book and it’s only been 6 days since I finished AHW 3! I’m sure I’m gonna love it. Congrats on all your success!


OMG!!! Just finished book 4 and you’ve done it again!!!! I need book 5 arrhhh, loving the series just wish I could just keep reading and reading……. Thank you for such wonderful series xxx


Oh my goodness. just finished 4 how long till number 5? It’s just fab! What can i read now? :-) loved it x


Where are you guys buying book 4 from? I can not find it on Amazon and I am dying to read it!! Thanks!!


Thanks again for a mother great addition, can’t wait for part 5!!! Thanks for posting the link to Amazon, it wasn’t coming up when I searches by the title or by your name. Thanks again!!


Ugh!! excellent just finished it. Too quick I NEED more and longer so now that you got 4 out when will 5 be out?? hahahahha

Liz Sensanbaugher

Sarah please please please hurry with 5. I am on my hands and knees begging! Lol! Also is it possible to make them longer? They are amazing! If not please just keep em going all the way to book 50 haha!


i just downloaded all four of the AHW books yesterday and i am done!!! i loved them!!! cant wait til 5 comes out… Then 6 7 8 9 and 10 lol