Expansion, and new release announcements!

Well, that took longer than originally planned, but WOOHOO we’re live!! AHW 1-3 is now available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and AllRomance, with iTunes hopefully being added to the mix in the near-ish future. Barnes and Noble is for all those who use the Nook to read their stories, Kobo is much more international (I remember seeing the reader in Borders Bookstores before they shut their doors forever) and AllRomance allows their customers to download all sorts of formats including PDF to read on a computer and ePub which can be transferred to several different types of ereaders.

Kobo | AllRomanceeBooks | Barnes and Noble

Kobo | AllRomanceeBooks | Barnes and Noble

Kobo | AllRomanceeBooks | Barnes and Noble


I’d also like to announce that the release date for “Anything He Wants 4” is now set for July 26, which is next Thursday. I had a heck of a time last month getting the book live on the right date – Amazon sometimes takes it sweet old time letting new books through, and other sites can be similarly annoying – so I’ll be a bit more proactive with getting the book out early. If you see the book earlier than Thursday by all means, buy and enjoy!!

Look for a cover reveal this weekend. The lady who does my covers has chosen one heck of a picture for part four and I think it’s perfect! Can’t wait to show it to you guys!!


Such amazing news and truly could not be happier for you…you deserve much success and I look forward to following the long and successful career I see in your future!!! I will be counting down the days for AHW4….


Woohoo, can’t wait for the next instalment! I’ve read your stories through amazon kindle on my iPad amongst others and yours are by far the best! Totally hooked. Where can I find a man like that?!


I just happened upon this series on my kindle and I can not wait for #4. I have finished all 3 today and am eagerly awaiting the next one! I will pass on to all my reading buddies!!


Yay on the release date!!! I am totally hooked on this series. I hope *fingers and toes crossed* that it goes on like Charlaine Harris’ series.

Sara Fawkes

Fifth story will be released in August and will round out the first “book” and plotline, although it’s not the end by any means. I’ll definitely be sure to announce my plans, for now though I want to get the series out to you lovely folks. πŸ˜‰


I wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed reading your short stories but they are not complete books. My question is why aren’t these all combined into one book. Generally when you purchase a book there are anywhere from 18-30 chapters not 4 or 5. This would be one fabulous single book that you could charge $7.99 or $9.99 for. I am not enjoying the short versions and buying these in chapter segments. I feel like I am buying the book piece by piece and waiting for you to finish the story. Just wanted to share my input and hope you can finish this or I’ll have to walk away from the storyline.


Hey Cb, I’m not sara but just wanted to chime in – if she wasn’t publishing in parts, we’d probably have had to wait a year or so before getting our hands on this juicy story!

Personally, I like the serializing, it reminds me of my favorite tv series and I feel like it’s a bit of a nostalgic throwback to Dickensian times when folks had to wait for the next installment.

Of course, we all have different preferences, but I’d rather Sara publish each bit as she’s done, than have to wait a year for the entire novel :)


I agree. Plus 2.99 for such a small portion of a story is a little much as far as I am concerned. .99 yes but 2.99 no.


Yes I was wondering the same thing as CB. I felt like I was paying many times for small portions if the book.


I don’t mind the short versions (well, a little) but maybe you could make them just a skosch longer by a few chapters…thanks and I totally love AHW more than 50 shades of what? :)

Gwyn Mendez

I saw on Amazon you posted that there was a rewrite from Jeremiah’s perspective. Where is that? Thanks

Sara Fawkes

Currently I’m focusing on finishing the series but yes, a rewrite of part 1 from Jeremiah’s POV is in the works (and already begun actually). There’s lots going on behind the scenes in this series which is hard to show in limited first person; hopefully the mirrors will let me explain some holes in the story and what happened in the background. πŸ˜€


I really don’t like short story’s but I think this one is great! Thursday cant come fast enough!


I’m so excited about book 4. The way you left us in book 3 was very naughty (but nice).
The cover for book 4 looks fantastic and I can’t wait to find out what’s happened to Lucy.


Just read book 4. Wasn’t very long at all. So now how long do we have to wait for the next book? It would be nice if you could give us the date of the next release at the end of each current book.


When will number 5 be out? I just finished # 4 can’t wait for it!! Do you know how’s many more books will be in the series?


Read AHW4 so quickly. I will have to say dissappointed that it was so short . . . as usual leaving me wanting more. πŸ˜‰ Now, the wait for AHW5. πŸ˜‰ I really hope that one day you write a Novel. I can imagine myself immersed in it for longer than an hour or two, it would be heavenly!!

ANH4 was intruiging. Loved learning more of Jeremiah’s history. Also I really enjoyed seeing Lucy understand Jeremiah’s “ways” without anger and the way in which her character loved Jeremiahs little nuances. And of course Lucy’s strong will towards the end.

Sara, please keep working on AHW5 . . . in suspence waiting for it’s release.

An avid fan!!


I think the series is fantastic only disappointment I have is that u said the 4 th book was going to be a lot longer, u can imagine my shock when I’d completed it in a hour and a half just to be left hanging again, please tell me when the 5 th books released can’t be left like this :( my disappoint is a true credit to your skills Sarah, regards Sam x


Sara, Love your writing. Your characters and story are awesome. I don’t normally read short stories, because as you start to get into the story it’s over and that’s a let down. So PLEASE…. make your books a lot longer. Thank You.