How I write

The last week or so has been hectic in Casa de Fawkes, part vacation and part house arrest. I managed, in my infinite clumsiness, to hurt my knee last Thursday and have been off work since then. Over the weekend I also visited my family up north as my sister and nephew were down from Canada and I very badly wanted to see them.

As can be guessed, this has thrown off my writing schedule a bit.

I have several projects and ideas I’m juggling, from freebie mirrors to be posted here to possible audiobook versions of my current titles, to ideas that pop into my head and threaten to derail my plans, to a needy puppy who’s afraid of fireworks. Alright, the last one may not be writing related, but she does tend to try and make whatever I’m doing her business. Maybe I should get a cat instead…

*looks into those adorable eyes and little black nose* ….Nah!

Anyway, onto the process. Wouldn’t it be cool if I could just sit down at the desk and type out everything in one go? Unfortunately, my writing process is something like this:

– work the EDJ; come home tired from that
– go to the computer, open up the Word file
– remember I need to check on laundry; get up and do that
– go back to the computer, look up new forum posts
– check email
– remember I’m here to write, open the Start menu and fire up Word
– check Facebook while it loads, lament how I never post there
– let puppy outside; see the cute face at the door, let her inside
– let her out again because she really did want to be there, but she wanted ME out there too
– let puppy inside, try not to trip over Bouncy Cuteness
– click over to Word; go to Recents and choose WIP
– go check Twitter
– …go check email again
– check forums again
– FINALLY, as the sun is going down (no joke), open up file. Do a quick edit on previous paragraphs to get myself in the mood, start/finish paragraph
– let dog out
– lament how I’m horribly unproductive, curl in a ball in corner and cry
– write a bit
– let dog in
– realize it’s almost 9pm and I have to work in the morning
– continue writing
– angst over whether this is the direction the story should go
– lay my head on the desk to think, wake up six hours later. WTF?!

Does it sound like an unproductive day? You’d actually be surprised, I can be highly productive with a schedule like this – I need distraction and multitasking (yay ADHD) or I go nuts. This week however has thrown me all off; it’s the holidays, I have family in-State, and I’m otherwise stuck at home with a gimp knee. Poop.

So, projects for this month:
— Finish, edit and publish AHW4; hopefully get AHW5 (last book for this series!) almost completed
— Publish Loki and Jeremiah mirrors
— Look into audiobooks
— Look into translations

I’ve had several people ask why AHW1 is only available on Amazon and not other sites. Based on a somewhat-accidental click of the button (twice, my bad!) I locked my first story into Amazon Select, which means that Amazon has sole distribution rights. HOWEVER, that ends in the middle of July so I’ll be putting it out there for the world to find, and I’ll need your help getting the word out. I’ll be sure to let you know links etc, and may throw something in for good measure. 😉

Love chatting, but now it’s back to writing!! ….Oh dear…

*sigh* How do I say no to that?


Thanks so much for the update. It’s so cool to hear how someone such as yourself, who writes such deliciously romantic/kinky stories, has a hectic but normal life just like I do! Hmmmm… I wonder if I have any deliciously romantic/kinky stories in my imagination that I could actual write about?

Your grateful fan, Gloria


Hi sara am just asking is there going to be a 4th book on anything he wants, I have read all three and cannot get enough. Thank you june from england

Rena Hall

ok – I can so relate to your “how you write” post. It is Sunday July 8 and I am at the office hoping to get some work done. Read AHW #1 and #2 last night and therefore could not stand it. Read #3 instead of doing bookwork. Now I can’t think about bookwork. I am in serious need of Book #4. HELP!!!!!