July goals redux – AHW news

Hi again guys!! I’m getting a lot of questions on the release dates for AHW4/5 and, given its obvious appeal, figured I could do a status post on the series.

I’m getting ready to wrap up part 4 sometime this week; it’ll still need edits by myself and the lovely Delta (if she’s still willing, probably should hit her up soon to make sure), but once it’s finished I’ll announce a release date.

Part 5 won’t be ready until August but I can assure you this one (provided I don’t have any more snags in the road *glares at knee*) won’t take long to write. Yeah I know, famous last words, but it’s fully outlined with lots of action (my favorite thing to write!) and actually parts are already written. I can’t give a precise date just yet but as soon as it’s completed or nearly so I’ll announce the date. Part 5 will complete this chapter of the story – exciting things loom on the horizon (a good loom, like a handsome broody man) but for now remain Super Sekrit!!

Hope you all are having a wonderful day. Almost the end of the work week – the EDJ hasn’t yet told me whether we work Saturday but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. šŸ˜€

Kelly Foster

Sara, I would be more than happy to do any editing or proofreading if you ever need backup. I have a journalism and writing background and would be happy to send a resume. True story – my stepmother is a writer names Lori Foster – but not THAT Lori Foster haha. When you say that AHW5 will ‘close the chapter’ do you mean its the end of the whole story between Jeremiah and Lucy? Or do you mean the end of part of it – super confused, I thought this was on its way to being a full length novel. Thanks!


So now looking forward to books 2/3 You have gone just behind shades of grey…keep going girl…..thanks Maggie


I hope you don’t mean the end of Jeremiah and Lucy’s story! This story is as good as Shades of Grey and Bared to You! I hope you give us a lot more of Jeremiah and Lucy!


I read the first book and then plowed through books two and three quickly and they left me breathless! I really enjoyed them and can’t wait (well I guess I can) on the next installment. One question though: why so short?

Angle Gregory

Omg !!! I need ahw4 now! How much longer? Then I will need 5 very soon after! Please tell me you are ahead of schedule!