Just a quick note

This weekend has been busy between writing, life, angsting over what to do about some opportunities I’ve been given and gearing up for AHW4’s release this week, but I thought I’d address a few topics I’ve seen in comments. I DO read all the comments, although I’m horrid lately about replying, and I’ve seen a pattern so hopefully I can answer questions in this post:

– regarding “Back In The Groove”: Yes, it was meant to be a series and is definitely meant to go on. I decided to focus my energy on the “Anything He Wants” series however due to its insane popularity; for those BITG fans out there believe me, I’ve got much more to tell about James and Alice (like what he did in the Army, he’s not just a surfer dude!) but the story’s been put on hold for the moment until at least AHW5 is released.

– the AHW mirrors I promised: I’ve given priority, again, to finishing the original series first, THEN I definitely will be releasing the mirrors. So far I have AHW1 from Jeremiah’s POV and to finish Loki’s story/POV from AHW3, with more planned (at least in my mind; it’s crazy the amount of stuff going on in the background of this series, and I figure you guys would love to see what’s happening).

– Yesterday I received the gorgeous final cover from A.D. Cooper for AHW4 and, HEE, it’s pretteh!!!

I thought it catches the mood of the story perfectly, although perhaps not as shmexy as the first covers. What do you think, thoughts?

Any other pressing questions? If I promise to answer any and every comment on this post, will you guys go easy on me? (and yes, that’s a promise not merely a rhetorical question 😉 )


Cover is great! Too many covers in this genre are a little uncomfortable to pull up on an airplane, this is good. Can’t wait!

Claudia Battle

I decided to read your books this weekend, as they were recommend by amazon kindle. I found myself wanting to know more about Jeremiah and Lucy. I jut read the first chapter of AHW4 and I was wondering will the next to books be longer then 4 chapters and when will you release the 5th one? Thanks for writing AWH they are great and I just can’t get enough.

Sara Fawkes

Part four is being released this week and, yes, is a bit longer than the previous parts, but highlights more of the plot. The fifth one will be an August release, I’ll announce the date soon! 😉


I just found your series and I have read the first four, love it. How many books will there be in this series?

Adriana Santiago

Loved it!!!!! Can’t wait!!! Going through Remi withdraw and butterflies in my stomach!!!!

Dana Vines

Oh my! I have truely enjoyed the AHW series ths far and am eagerly awaiting the fourth installment. Congratulations on your success and please, keep writing! I would love to read a full length novel from you if you ever find he time to wite one!

Sara Fawkes

Thanks so much!!! Novels are definitely something I want to focus on for the future – there’s so many ideas and characters I’d love to explore!!!


Just finished reading #4 Loved it !!! Read it in a couple hours. Can’t wait for #5. Please Please Please release soon!


Love the cover! Gives a feeling of Jeremiah saying, “this is my girl”. I know how to spot a possessive hand on the shoulder when i see one. 😉 After holding my breathe (any longer and i would of passed out) for this one. I’m anxious and super excited to read it. Thursday couldn’t get here fast enough. (now are we talking about stroke of midnight Thursday?) LOL I’m not anxious at all, can you tell? Hehe looking forward to reading AHW5 also. I suggest you get to working missy! *snaps fingers* ;P

Sara Fawkes

Heehee!! If all goes well it might be available BEFORE Thursday, but I’m at the mercy of the online sites and their “speedy” processing of new files. And yes, I’m getting to work on part 5! Chop-chop!! 😉


Taking a page from Jeremiah here when I say,” I’m glad we see eye to eye”. (^.^) Take your time, I know it will be good, and well worth the wait.


Lucy is who every woman wants to be secretly….I still think back to there first time in the elevator…I mean come on…perfect fantasy scenario! Keep writing!


Bold and provocative series so far!! Love the reality of Lucy’s fantasies coming true . . . and the desperate and possessive nature of Jeremiah. The story well written, always leaving my wanting more. So happy part 4 out this week, already looking forward to part 5. I agree with the others, this cover is perfect, sensing a change in their blossoming relationship. Thank you for relieving any summer boredom I might have had. I will be checking out your other books as well, hope they are just as promising as this series. :))


Sara, I am SO excited and can’t wait to get my hands on part 4 of AHW. Thursday can’t get here fast enough. How early can I download it to my Kindle? P. S. – I love the cover, too. :)


I bought the series a couple of weeks ago but with work I wasn’t able to start reading them until this weekend. (My first weekend off since June). I read all 3 and now I’m anxious waiting for the next one. I hope 5, 6, 7, etc come soon too so I can continue reading.


Love the cover, cant wait till release AHW4, Love them even if its on parts it gives me something to look forward to.


Love the cover & I cannot wait to read it! I downloaded AHW 1-3 last night and couldn’t put them down!

Cathy C.

I LOVE THE NEW COVER!! I think it is perfect for their relationship progression. This is a wonderful series and I can’t wait for part 4. Thanks for sharing your fantastic talent with us and keep the sexy times coming 😉


Sara, I’m wondering if you read the reviews on the Amazon website? I also looked for AHW part 4 today and it wasn’t available on Amazon yet.


Honestly, Sara, this is just wrong. Uh-uh! Nope! You cannot torture folks like this w these little bits of story, THEN force them to wait eons for the next bit. Did I mention TORTURE!! Near Geneva Convention-like torture!

I put forth to the Counsel (my fellow readers), that for EACH ATHW main serial, there be no less than 2, yes 2, mirrors released. Said mirrors are to be release no less AND no greater than 2 wks follow the release of the previous tome. The schedule will be as follows:
ATHW is released wk 1,
Mirror 1 – wk 3
Mirror 2 – wk 5
new ATHW – wk 7
Mirror 3 – wk 9, & so on….

I believe this to be a reasonable timetable & am sure Mr Axelrod would concur.

Now, I’m off to rock myself to sleep as I’m suffering from withdrawals.


Sara, just finished AHW 4 and I LOVED it!! O-M-G!! NOW how am I gonna wait for part 5?!?!?! The characters of Jeremiah and Lucy are so compelling I cannot get enough of them. I am TOTALLY bereft as I sit in my dark little corner waiting anxiously for the next installment. 😉 PLEASE hurry!!


I love these stories. Just wish they were in one book so I don’t have to wait. Is there a notification when more storied come out? Keep up the writing!!


All i can say is OMG im hooked read all 4 books in a day couldnt take my eyes off the screen,how long before number 5 comes out and how many do you think there will be in the series (im so hooked its unbelievable)


Sara, I am a new reader of your stories and August can’t get here fast enough for me to read the next ahw part 5 of this awesome series. Thanks for writing such great characters for us to read and and a great story.

Ann M


Must I say reallllly great reads. A little too quick! AHW is definately taking it to the next level! Keep them coming…..faster! LOL! You have a gift. I am a quick reader, so the short stories I usually pass on, but not this series. I am looking forward to your next. Thanks again for allowing us to enjoy your talent.


Ive loved all of AHW please inform me of you can of when number 5 is realised I’m very excited, left on a cliffhanger!! Really good books!


Me to I read all the books in day ! And was looking to see if there was anther one out yet I can’t wait to read hurry please

Queen R

I love the series and you are the reason I can do 1hour+ on the tread mill every day. Please don’t create a break this great streak I’m on…ANTHW #5 PLEASE! My waistline begs of you!!