New sales venues coming in July

July is kind of exciting for me because it means that, finally, I can expand my best selling series to other distribution venues.

“Anything He Wants 1” is published on Amazon through their KDP Select program which, essentially, means that it is/was exclusive through Amazon. When the two sequels came out I didn’t opt in for Select so those were free, but without that first book it was senseless to put them up on sites like Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Kobo and iTunes.

On July 16th, the last day of the Select promo, that all changes. The entire AHW series (and all sequels) will be made available at ALL venues, not just Amazon. That means that people who use B&N Nooks and Sony/Kobo/etc ereaders will be able to get their hands on the series. I’m pretty excited by the prospect and was hoping to get AHW4 out in time for the launch but that isn’t looking very likely at the moment. Still, for those of you who’ve asked for different venues than Amazon, it’s coming, and coming fast.

So exciting, I can’t wait to see what happens with the new venues!! Kobo will be starting Writing Life, their own self-publishing wing, sometime this month. That’ll be a whole new market for me and, from what I’ve read so far, Kobo caters to an international crowd.

Yikes!! Maybe I should start seriously looking into those translation services!!


Wait…you didn’t mention anything about the release of AHW 4, which I am seriously Jones’n for here??? I was crossing my fingers that it would be out this month…….any hint on release date? Pleeeeeeze!!