There’s nothing like…

There’s nothing like going out to your car one morning to find the passenger door ajar and your paperwork piled neatly in both front seats and the passenger floorboards. Apparently our naive habit of only locking the car doors when we remembered caught up with us, and allowed somebody to rummage through the vehicle. There wasn’t much for them to take but all the change from my cup holders is gone. We haven’t identified anything else out of the ordinary.

To add insult to injury, the thieves left the door ajar all night so the battery was toast. We managed to get that jumped by my old Maverick; I thought we were okay but the Dude wanted to check it out first so we drove around a bit, parked it in the driveway, turned off the car then tried again.



$130 battery later I’m left shaking a futile fist at the neighborhood thieves as they did manage to get us for some funds. I was just relieved both garage door openers were gone – both the Dude and myself have taken motorcycles lately so the remotes were in our jackets. If they’d gotten into the garage now THAT would have been a disaster.

Interesting side note: apparently the old car battery was leaking badly and had already eaten through part of the metal bit holding it down:

See the white bit? Half is eaten away.

Considering that battery is right over the passenger leg compartment, that coulda been one mean accident waiting to happen!! *EEK*

Adriana Santiago

Happy that you caught that b4 it got really serious! They say Karma is a bitch, but I believe that faite is a friendly stranger! Ok you lost your change and had to replace your battery, but without their intrusion you may have never found out how bad it was. Some bad events come to make things better! Cheers :)))


See things somehow have a way of working out. If the theivery hadn’t occured, you would have remained unaware of the battery situation.