Things that make my head go ‘splody

I try to keep politics, big name controversies etc off my blog, but sometimes I get so riled up that I need to rant.

You know what I find funny? LOLcats. Cute animal videos. Dennis Leary. South Park. Tiny weener dog puppies in a hotdog bun.

You know what I don’t think is funny?


So when I’m pointed via Twitter to this lady’s story about a comedy club experience, of course I get outraged. I’ve never in my life actually heard a rape joke – maybe I’ve been lucky with my “comedy” exposure, maybe it’s a niche market.

But you know what really pissed me off?

All the articles written IN DEFENSE of the comedian’s actions. Wow, folks, way to ace Douchebaggery 101. Ha ha, it’s SO FUNNY to ruin a girl’s life through non-consensual* forced sex. Ooh, even funnier, let’s make it a gangbang! Hilarious!!

Fuck you.

I managed to escape a rape attempt once and it screwed me up for a long time. I know women who didn’t escape, who survived the horrific act, and spent years dealing with the psychological aftermath. People have killed themselves over the pain, unable to live with the guilt and shame.

Is suicide funny now too?

If there is a subset out there that enjoys rape stories, the damage and loss of power/self that comes along with it, I don’t want to know them. Several articles had YouTube videos of previous skits don’t by Daniel Tosh (of Comedy Central’s “Tosh.0”) that focus on rape as humor – I didn’t watch them. This whole thing makes me sick.

Filed under Head Splody. Cuz that’s what I’m about to do.

* Yes I realize women have rape fantasies, yes I realize there can be consensual forced sex. However, in REAL LIFE those actions have a number of rules and guidelines usually talked about in advance. If you and your partner want to explore rough sex, then for fuck’s sake REMEMBER TO SET A SAFE WORD BEFOREHAND.


I feel the same way. I have been raped twice. First time at 17 by my step-dads brother and then again 7 yrs later by a co-worker. I still have a hard time and feel like all guys are looking at me thinking they can do whatever they want to me. I still have to tell myself that it was not my fault. I still feel filthy to this day.


Ms. Fawkes you are totally correct and Shandra you are a brave woman … it takes guts to share and it takes guts to speak out you’re an inspiration

Still Shaken

I’m 48 now when I was 19 I was date-raped…I didn’t think to tell anyone because I figured no one would believe it was rape because we were on a date. Until recently I hadn’t realized how much that date has affected my life. No means no and rape is never funny!