We’re live!!! …mostly.

“Anything He Wants 4: Collateral Damage” is now live on the interwebz!!! …mostly. Well okay, halfly. (is that even a word?)

Kobo and B&N are being brats about loading the file (come on guys, hurry up it’s been long enough!) but the story is available on Amazon (Kindle) and AllRomanceeBooks (all different formats including PDF and ePub). If you keep track on Twitter, I was posting links in real time when they came available; a lot of people are telling me AHW4 isn’t showing up in Amazon’s search yet so here are direct links.

Amazon US | Amazon UK | AllRomance eBooks

Keep an eye on this post as I’ll update when more links are available. Now excuse me while I email Mark Lefevre from Kobo and the B&N support team asking them, hello, we need some help here! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Remember the price is a promo for my fans, the sale ends on Sunday!! (probably later for Kobo-ites and Nookerians)


Love love love it!! Read it and want more!! I am really kinda mad at Jeremiah tho, he makes me crazy sometimes lol. I felt bad for Lucy and don’t blame her for how she feels!! Can’t wait for AHW5!! Bring it on!!


OMG!!!!!! Downloaded and read AHW4 first thing this morning so in love with these character’s and their story want more! Please…Please…..Please tell me we won’t wait long for AHW5! :)


Read it already.. And enjoyed it. Wish they were longer. When can we expect the next installments…???


I really enjoyed part 4 the right mix of romance suspense and the kinky stuff :) I hope you will give us longer books in the future.


Hi Sarah. AHW4 is on kindle I downloaded it at 8am today. Was so excited. On my way home from day trip with my children and looking forward to glass of wine and my kindle. Xx


Loved it…can’t wait for AHW5. Any news on the release date? Are you going to give us a sneak peek like you did for AHW4?


I downloaded it and already read it… I LOVE IT!!! The story is so intriguing and Jeremiah is just so hard to read… drives me nuts, but of course, I love it :-) This is my first time reading small stories like this and I am hooked!!! I just started reading AHW 1-4 this week… so now I join the rest of the readers waiting for the AHW5.
When is AHW5 coming out? jajaja
Sara — you’re an amazing writer and I am certainly a fan :-)

Caroline hoff

I was just wondering if you know when the ahw5 will be coming out please love the books can’t wait for the next one


I loved it!!! I love how Jerimah can be cold one minute and then loving the next!!! He wants to protect her in any way possible! He does listen to her, taking her to Utah beach was great!!! Can’t wait for #5!!! Thank you for writing this series!!!!


Love, love, love it!!!! I know I should hate Jerimah, but I just can’t!!! This is a great series, can’t wait for # 5!!!!


I had the same problem this morning make sure to look it up as Anything He Wants 4: Collateral Damage


Waiting a month each time for the next story is killing me. I almost gave up waiting for #4! Please release 5 soon!!! The characters and story are so much fun!


Please let us know about #5! I’ve become addicted to these and I don’t know if I can wait another month for it. Please hurry!


As I’m sure others have asked, when is AHW5 releasing? I finished AHW4 in a little over an hour, and I can’t get enough. I’m thinking of reading the series over to subsides the itch. Please please release AHW5 ASAP… Please.

Mel Ramirez

I loved loved loved AHW4 I I can nit wait for 5! When can we expect it to come out!? Please tell me we don’t have to wait long.


This series is so additive! I downloaded 1-4 last night and stayed up til 4am reading, I can wait until #5! Any hints as yo how long we will be waiting


I read AHW4 last night and loved it as much as the first 3. I’m that addicted I have actually read all 4 books again today, been sat in my garden in the sunshine all day reading. I really can’t wait for book 5 now and am hoping Jeremiah finally shows Lucy how much he loves her and saves her from his brother. Then I want him to make love to her passionately marry her and have loads of babies. Hehe. But in my naughty mind I’m hoping I bump into a Jeremiah on my next visit to a tall building that has an elevator. :-))). You are awesome Sara please never stop this story. Xx


This chapter was great but it’s getting really annoying to wait for another short chapter. I’m not sure how long this book will be, but it’s starting to get expensive to buy it a short chapter at a time.


I read them all last night including 4 and I loved it!!!! Please tell me ATHW5 will be out next week!!!!I have to say I can’t decide if I like ATHW or 50 shades more. I’ve told friends about it and hoping many more catch on.


I am sittin on the edge of my seat..I don’t get it..were is the rest of AHW4?..or all they all the same length, if so please oh please were is AHW5?


Loved it!! Can’t wait for the next segment! I hope you are planning on turning these into a book! They are amazing!!

Tracey Rome

Hi will there be a 5 I’m gutted read the rest in a day and now in feeling lost lol.

Eirian Thomas

I am going nuts trying to purchase your books, are they only available as downloads? is there anywhere I can get actual books? Amazon keep offering me kindle & no other option!! Please help :)


Couldn’t find it at first through Kindle shop had to go Amazon on line once found downloaded early Saturday morning and read it in bed before the kids woke up loved it can’t wait for AHW 5


AHW 4 is on kindle, I read it today you have to search a little to find it. Any word on a AHW 5? I read all your books in two days and I am aching for more


Love love love reading this story… Dying for book 5 and can’t find a release date anywhere. I love J and his mindful and caring but dominant personality. In the little time that him and L have started to learn eachother you can feel and sense their love for one another….way to go and look forward to continuing the story without breaking my bank lol lol….


Just read AHW4, brilliant read just like the previous 3!!! Can’t wait for 5 please don’t keep us waiting long…


Sarah!! can’t wait for book 5! dying here! Write, write, write!!! Love all your stuff…. soooooo good!!

Sammy H

Just finished AHW4 loved all these books can’t wait for number 5 to come out I hope its in August I can’t wait too long


Pppppllllleeeeaaaassseeee…..tell me when AHW5 will be released I usually wait until the whole series is released because I can’t stand the suspense…..Soon please I’m becoming quite fond of Jeremiah and can’t wait to see what he’ll do next!


Love the entire AHW series thus far. I tumbled upon your writing and quickly became a fan. Anxiously awaiting AHW5! Just one thing though…why must they be do short? Can’t the series be published into a full length novel, like Fifty Shades and other similiar novels? Sorry tor the comparison but it is quite aggravating having yo wait and purchase a short segment every month or so!


I have read all four books in the AHW series and am extremely anxious for AHW5 to be published. I too wish the series of books could be much longer, allowing for a more in depth read. Sarah Fawkes is a VERY GOOD writer. I look forward to all of her work irregardless of its length.