AHW5 snippet – “The argument”

I thought, as a “WOOHOO TODAY IS AWESOME” celebration, I’d post a short snippet of AHW5 for my readers. Note: this is unedited and, therefore, subject to change, but thought you guys might like a glimpse of a teensy bit of angst and character history. Enjoy!


“Don’t blame me for what *you* chose to become,” Georgia spat. 

“*I had no choice,*” Lucas roared. I saw his body trembling as he released his mother’s arm, hands curling into fists. “Everything I was, everything I had, was locked up in this company. That was taken away, then I was accused of stealing thirty million dollars, and I took the only option available to me that didn’t come with jail time.”

“Selling weapons to the highest bidder?” Jeremiah interjected in a wooden voice. “That was your only recourse?”

Lucas blinked at the interruption then stepped away from Georgia. He looked shaken, his eyes hollow as he looked back at his brother. “It didn’t start out that way. I needed to get out of the country and a man I once considered a friend needed a skilled negotiator to broker a deal on some cargo. I didn’t know until I was in the air what that “cargo” consisted of or I swear, I’d have walked into the jail myself.”

Georgia snorted. “And you want to lay your choices at my feet?”

Rage exploded through me. “He’s your son,” I exclaimed, unable to contain myself any more. Every face in the room held varying degrees of disgust and astonishment at the older woman’s behavior and words but nobody would speak. “They’re both your sons! Don’t you care for them at all?”

“Of course I love them,” Georgia snapped, giving me a haughty glare. “Keep your opinion out of matters that don’t concern you.” She rolled her eyes and casually inspected her nails. “The reason doesn’t matter. He is what he made himself – I’m not the one who should live with the shame.”

I wanted to throttle the sanctimonious bitch but at her words Lucas’ face shut down. “You’re right, mother,” he said, chin coming back up. I recognized the moment his familiar mask snapped into place. He gave the woman a tight-lipped smile even as she ignored him. “We each have to live with our own mistakes don’t we?”

Jeremiah stepped forward finally. I looked up in his face and saw emotions at war across his beautiful visage. I laid my hand on his arm and felt him tremble, a sure sign of the deep emotional upheaval he kept locked inside, but his attention was only on Lucas. “Brother…”

“Do you know our mother is shopping around a biography about the Hamilton family dynasty to various publishers?” Lucas said, interrupting his brother. The scarred man’s gaze was riveted on the haughty woman who merely ignored him. The sudden color in her cheeks gave away her anger at having the news made known however. “An insiders look at our family dynamics, from our dear departed father to the current leader of the family business. She, of course, is the beleaguered heroine in this tale of wealth and corporate espionage. Reportedly the bids for the book were up into seven figures before every last editor pulled out.” At Georgia’s shocked look, Lucas waggled his fingers. “You’re not the only one with “industry contacts” willing to help you.”

“You filthy little…”

“AND, she’s also selling access to her billionaire son. If a businessperson can’t gain an audience with the CEO, why, he or she can be an impromptu “guest” at the family home, conveniently timed to run in to the new head of the family. All for the right price, of course.”

The color on Georgia’s cheeks was high as she glared at her eldest son, then turned to Jeremiah. “Tell me you don’t believe this drivel,” she demanded, hands on her hips. 

This time I took a step toward the woman, the intent of bodily harm foremost on my mind, but Jeremiah’s sudden grip on my arm pulled me up short. His gaze was intent on his brother, ignoring his mother completely; Lucas didn’t flinch from the probing look. “You can prove this?” Jeremiah finally asked. 

“I can,” Lucas replied as their mother huffed in outraged affront. 

“You take *his* word over mine.” Georgia gave Jeremiah a disappointed look whose sincerity, given her previous outbursts, rang hollow. 

*Does she even know how she looks to everyone?* I wondered. Judging by the way she ignored the guards and other occupants of the room, I highly doubted it. The woman seemed locked inside her own little world; the opinions of others didn’t matter. *What a horrible way to live your life.*

Jeremiah stepped forward until he was standing in front of his mother. He leaned forward, and while I couldn’t see his face I did see Georgia flinch away. “I swear mother, if what he says is true, I’ll…”

“You’ll what?” she challenged back. “Throw me out? Cut me off? Do you really think you’re the first Hamilton male to make those threats to me?” Georgia snorted. “How do you think I stayed married to your father all these years? Good looks and charm? No, I always had something over him – it was the only security I had.” She met Jeremiah’s glare with one all her own, but the color had drained from her face. “I knew that old bastard wouldn’t leave me a red cent when he croaked, but how was I supposed to know he’d go so soon? You two thought I was no different than your father, and maybe that’s the truth now, but I knew for certain the only person I could rely on was myself.”

“So you threw *me* under the bus.” Lucas’ statement wasn’t quite a question, but it was obvious he wanted answers. 

Georgia blanched, mouth moving silently for a moment. “Lucas, I’m…”

The front door opened and a familiar woman’s voice shouted, “Lucas!” Every head turned to see a disheveled Anya Petrovski stumble through the entryway door, flanked by two guards. 



Sara, this is SO good!! I’m dyin’ here waiting for the next chapter and I CANNOT wait to get my hot little hands on it. Great work!! :).


Danglethe carrot why don’tcha!! Again my congratulations on your brilliant news!! I still think September is going to be an excruciating long wait! Cheers!! :-)


Congratulations! What great accomplishments you’ve made this year. Can’t wait for September! I may have to buy the whole book! Very excited and the little you posted has my mind wondering in all directions.

Alicia Roberts

*Sigh* You’re such a talented writer, I love how you made the mom’s perspective come through in the end. I hope you’ll keep writing FAST and bring out another series when this one ends :)

Sara Fawkes

I’ll try!! And yes I do have to say I’m please with how this turned out. Even bad guys have reasons for doing what they do and I love exploring those reasons (heh, I probably would’ve made a decent psychologist lol). 😉


Nothing like getting into a book then being put on hold… I know most are super fans and I have enjoyed reading the first 4, however it’s getting too long between installments I forgot the story already and as I have read many books since reading the last installment. will probably reconsider ever reading a serial novel unless its complete in the future.


Looking really good from that snippet can’t wait for the release of the book I’m in Vegas for a week from the 5th September don’t suppose you have a date yet was hoping to have it down loaded on my iPad by then?


Thanks for the reply. Never mind but all know it will be worth the wait try not to make us wait so long for no6.


Loving the snippet.. As soon as I read your Facebook post I just had to drop everything and read it. Very intrigued how we get from the ending of 4 to this snippet.. So looking forward to the full story. Please say there will be more to follow. Love Jeremiah..!!

P.s. great news on getting getting published in paper back.


Oooh…Sara. Once again you have the unmeasurable gift to seduce and tease. I can’t wait. :) I also can’t wait to have them all compiled together. thank you for sharing :)

Ann D'Avanzo Aly Ahmed

Sorry if this has been asked before or if it was already posted. But, when will Part 5 be out in September? And will there be more to this story when the book comes out? Please say YES!!!
Congrats by the way!


Omg. Your books are amazing and I can’t. Wait for book 5…. ugh September. Is coming fast but not fast enough


Why is there such a delay until 5 is released??? You’re going to turn off a lot of readers by making them wait so long.

Kat Alegria

Oh my gosh! Your books are quite a read! I cannot, repeat: CANNOT, wait till book 5 and everything else that follows! Aaaahhh I love Jeremiah and Lucy! Puh-lease dont make us wait long!

sabrina burkins

Omg, I love this story. I’ve been awake for two straight days reading it. I’ve just finished part 4 and I’m dieing to know when part 5 will be released. I read the small caption you left for readers about part 5. Love it! I know you have a lot of readers but if you would be so kind as to please let me know when part 5 is available so I can get it that would just make my day. Thank you for your wonderful imagination.

janalys suarez

I read all 4 books in a week, I love them. After reading all of the 50 shades series, and looking for something that captivated my attention like those did, AHW def made the job! Cannot wait for book 5 to come out.


Congratulations on the good news! I can only dream of how exciting this is :) This was a wonderful tease, can’t wait for the book! Thank you!!


Oh no not until mid to late September!? How are your eager readers going to survive until then!?

Now that your book has been picked up by St. Martin’s Press (congrats!), does that mean part 5 will be longer and more in depth? Would love to see Lucy’s character (and of course Jeremiah’s and others’, and the story itself) more developed, ie. who’s her roommate, more details about her parents’ passing, what happened in the past 3 years, who’s in her social circle, etc. Right now we know so little about her that it almost seems like she lives in a vacuum outside of her interactions with Jeremiah. (She’s locked up in Jeremiah’s family home, and other than her roommate, would anyone notice if she disappears off the face of the earth?)

Will there be more books to follow the story? If so how many!?

Can’t wait and love your book!


Thank you so much for the tease!!! I really wish I could have access to ATHW5 for hurricane Isaac since I will be stuck indoors for a couple days :( If you have any good recommendations I will gladly accept.


Ms. Fawkes, please check out your Amazon feedback. You seem to have angered several readers and might want to check what your public is saying.

Janet B Gammage

Love your books. Can’t wait for installment 5 of AHWs. Am new to your writings but am delighted to have found you. Keep writing, we love you!!!!!

Christina Santos

September is finally almost here! I love this story and love this peek at what’s to come! I was so on the edge of my seat when I finished AHW 4! I just re-read 1-4 to excite myself for the Finale! Can’t wait!! Glad to hear the story will continue after #5…great work!


Love your books have already read them twice now waitin for the 5th installment. Can’t wait for it to come out. :-) You are such a talented writer.


Sara loved the AHW series so far! I just found them on my nook and read all four in less than a day! Waiting for 5 and beyond! Great job!


I have to say I am totally addicted to AHW!!! I am so excited for book 5 I can hardly stand it;). I have been checking daily!!!! Keep up the amazing work!!! This series keeps you wanting more and makes you sad to think of it ending!!!


Why can we not get an expected release date for #5. The distance between reading the releases is distracting from the flow of the story ?

Lisa ma


Sara Fawkes

The novel comes out in November, which is a combination of parts 1-5. Part 5 itself however comes out September 25; as soon as it’s available for pre-order I’ll post it here! :)


I’ve just started reading AHW and i havent been able to put the books down, imagine my surprise and disappointment when book 5 wasnt available. Love the books, love the characters – cant wait for number 5 – soon please!