August goals

Good morning everyone!! I’ve been getting a lot of the same question – When is AHW5 coming out? – so I thought I’d address it in a blog post all it’s own, as well as touch on a couple things happening behind the scenes.

First however, a promise: Anything He Wants 5 will be out in August. Do I have a date in mind? Yes. But one of the things I’ve always disliked is setting a date that I’m not yet sure I’ll make – its not fair to readers. There’s a lot going on in the background that I’m trying to sort through as well, and the business side of being your own boss takes up a lot of time.

Which leads me into my next Big Thing: I mentioned I acquired an (awesome, glorious, fantastic) literary agent and he’s been doing a lot to help determine what direction AHW (and it’s subsequent parts – yes, it does continue) will go in the future. I spoke with several NY editors (!!!) at the RWA conference who seemed interested in my stories/series. Have they made any offers? Not yet. Everything is too new and shiny to make any long term predictions, so I’m trying to do the only thing I can: get out AHW5. The future will take care of itself.


In other news, the search for The Dude’s Perfect Bike continues. Yesterday saw me driving out to Timbuktu looking at one possibility that was ultimately a no-go. Pooh. I’m probably the most un-girl-like creature in the world: I hate shopping, or shopping around for best price/quality/etc. I prefer to walk in, see The Perfect Thing on the very first display, and buy it promptly at the nearby cashier. Barring that, buy online. πŸ˜‰ Of course, there I can spend hours or days hunting for things because, hey, it’s the interwebz – it’s actually FUN. We’re gearing up for the fall motorcycle roadtrip – cant wait to try my hand at writing on the road!! I love visiting oddball places, gets the creative juices flowing.

And just ‘cuz, here’s a picture of a bunny with a pumpkin on its head.


Discovered AHW last night and forged through all 4… Now grinding teeth waiting for 5. Argh.
By the way I’m writing from France, just next to the Swiss border (not Paris, rats). Your great story has definitely gone international. Just thought you might like to know :).


I am really enjoying AHW but I’ve got to be honest and say that publishing the story in segments is now really annoying me (sorry). I’m finding that when I get to the end of a part I just feel disappointed that the storyline is left hanging – again and again. Given that we are now waiting on part 5, that’s 4 times I’ve been left feeling disappointed, and we have no idea of how many parts there are going to be. With each part being so short I just feel it doesn’t work and detracts from the overall plotline. The full story published as a whole book would make for a far more satisfying reading experience.


I agree, LiviMum. This seems to be a trend with a few authors and it’s so annoying. I got the first AHW as a freebie but now am paying for just a few chapters at a time. I would much rather purchace the whole complete book and not be left hanging all the time. I love the story but the frustration of it all is a bore and really is distracting.


Just read Anything he wants 1-4 yesterday! love it, cant wait for 5! you sould definately write more stories like this, a book would definately make for an amazing read!


I, too, plowed through first 4 and can’t wait for 5!!! Wish they were longer as I’m not really into “delayed gratification.” Thank you for the rich characters.


Hi Sara, I just downloaded your books, read AHW 1-4 and am totally caught up and devoted to the series, I am literally jumping in my seat to read what happens next. It’s just the right mix of all the right elements and kudos to you for that! Also, thanks to Amazon Betterizer for recommending it to me :). I’m on the edge of my seat and wish that you had a whole novel that was extremely long and encompassing but I realize that I’d probably have to wait longer and I’m inpatient.

Also, I went back through your blog posts and saw a post on June 15, 2012 about you writing a mirror copy for AHW 1 from Jeremiah’s perspective. Tons of romanc authors always promise to do a mirror from the heroe’s perspective and it never happens, that can be so dissappointing. I just wanted to know if there was any progress with that. Here’s a snippet of your Post.

“So the mirror is a go. AHW1 retold through Jeremiah’s stony gaze, to be made available free here on the website and on All Romance Ebooks, and hopefully Amazon (that may take a little while however).”

Cathy Hess

I totally love AHW!! But believe you me everyone in the house knows when I finish one because I yell and scream because of the cliffhanger!! LOL. I can’t wait for #5!! PLEASE hurry so I can stop yelling at Lucy in my head.

Veronica Valdez

write when u write we well read when u release anything else is an added plus…u are a writer not a machine so I well patiently wait for each next installment and be captivated till the next one after that…and when and if u release the full book i well download it too and read it all over again :) Love AHW!!


I totally fell for this story! Like everyone else’s cant wait forAHW5. I would love to buy this story as a book to read over and over. Keep up the great work

Cheree Millspaugh

I can’t wait for AHW5! I just found you and
have read ALL 4 of the series in the last 2
days! GREAT reading – thanks!!!

Wendy Little

I am writing from NZ and I love your books……I read 1 – 3 in a day….then had to wait a week for no. 4, got all excited for 26th July release date then realised we are a day ahead and I would have to wait till 27th!! :) Hanging in for no. 5….keep up the good work, it awesome.


Just read back in the groove, I can’t wait for more of this story too, along with AHW5!!! Love your stories!!7


Anything he wants pt 5…. Waiting…. Really want to know the rest of the story… Is 5 gonna conclude or will there also be a pt. 6?


Cannot wait for AHW5!!!! Hurry Sara…im dyin here after the cliffhanger in 4. I have read all 4 books as of 30 min ago…awesome job!


I check amazon everyday to see if AHW5 is already out. Pleaseeeee release me from my suffering! Publish it already! :)