Fun times (and an achy bum)

Yesterday we went on a motorcycle ride up to Yosemite NP. I had just bought a GoPro Hero2 helmet camera and was eager to get some shots of me riding through the park, cutting and splicing the videos to make one fun montage of the day’s events.

Didn’t quite work that way, as the camera ran out of battery less than 2 hours into the trip. We managed to leave three hours later than planned (mistake #1 and NOT my fault, swear!), get stuck behind every caravaning RV squad possible, turning a 350-mile trip into an 11-hour ordeal. By the time we got into Yosemite Valley, my favorite spot in the park, it was 4pm and we’d been on the road 6 hours with at least another 2 to get back home (took longer than that however).

Despite all that, it was a blast. However, it was the final nail in the coffin for my seat, which left my bum h-u-r-t-i-n-g like nobody’s business!!! Next purchase is definitely going to be something a bit more backside friendly!!


I have a lot of people asking for an AHW5 release date and I want to answer but… Dude, there’s a LOT of cool stuff happening in the background that I can’t mention and that SUCKS. I want to blab all my secrets but all in good time. Just know that I’m listening to you guys, focused on the final chapter of AHW, and eager to see what interesting times the future holds. πŸ˜‰


Is AHW5 THE……FINAL……CHAPTER?????!!!! Please Sara, say it ain’t so!!!!! :'(


Cant wait for it to come out!! While i am waiting i started to read back in the groove and i have to wait again not a happy bunny :( please hurry uo and release them both xxxxxx keep up the goid work sara xxxx

Sara Fawkes

Sorry! I got sidetracked with AHW’s popularity and decided to finish that series as soon as I could. BiTG is definitely going to be finished however, I’ve got it all planned out already!!


I’d like to say that we are patiently waiting…but that just ain’t so! Bring on AHW 5 and 6 and 7 and 8 and 9….well, you get the point!


Final chapter? I hope this is not so. But if it is; just telling ya. It was great!!!!! Please keep this story coming.

Sandra Gell

Loved all 4 books. Only regret is they were so short and you left us hanging in each one. I know you did to make the readers buy your next book which I did immediately. But now I’ve finished all 4 in 3 days and am desperate for book 5. I love Lucy and Jerimiah and need to know how long I have to wait to find out if she escapes from Lucas or how long it takes Jerimiah to rescue her. Please email me when 5 is available or post available on Amazon. Keep writing! Thanks! You’re killing me here!

Sandra Gell

I’m really about instant gratification. So I guess you’re going to force me to go read other authors, I’m hesitant to read any more of your books if you’re going to leave us hanging. I’m not reading any more of yours until I know you have completed the series. Not a happy camper.

Leslie Young

Love the books, but I’m not sure why you just don’t complete the story in one book instead of so many small installments? Why not just one book from start to finish, it would make more sense.? I’m not sure I’m going to keep buying these in short story form!

Sara Fawkes

When I published the first story I had no idea the series would take off like this. AHW5 is the last part of the first “book” and always was meant that way, but I’m considering different ways on how to continue the series going forward.


Looking forward to reading AHW5 to be released September…. Ohhh I like the sound of more after that! I can’t wait, how exciting!