Happiness is…

…traveling. 😉 The Dude and I are gearing up for a multi-week motorcycle roadtrip in either September or October and I’m stoked!! Last week we finally found a bike for the Dude: a 2000 BMW police bike that the previous owner had fixed up and repainted (working bikes like this get thrashed) and we got it for a song since it has higher miles. He’s over the moon about it – the bike hadn’t been his original choice but this thing looks so cherry (and has some of the original blue lights!) that after a test ride he caved. He says he’s going to have fun messing with peoples’ heads, and seeing all the brake lights on the freeway when people saw the old police bike in their rear view mirrors did make for some amusement.

I’ve always loved to travel. When I was little my folks packed us up and moved the family near Frankfurt, Germany. In the four years I was there (2nd – 6th grades), we went all over the place and saw many things I didn’t appreciate at the time but long now to see again. I remember driving down the roads in Germany and every single town we passed had a castle – most were up on a local hill and naught but ruins, and I find that incredibly romantic now. So many things I took for granted – all the trips to East Germany through Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, climbing the Eiffel Tower leaning tower of Pisa, living in the German countryside, being in Europe at the end of the Cold War, seeing the Eagle’s Nest (without really understanding its significance)…

I’ve spent my adult life dreaming about travelling through Europe but have been quite content with the US. Giant sequoia pine trees, the lava formations at Zion National Park, Utah’s arches, spring break and several Mardi Gras in New Orleans, driving down highway 90 in south Mississippi immediately after Katrina and seeing the devastation to the majestic homes along the coastline. My goodness, there’s so much world to see, so many people to meet even if only for a moment.

Traveling expands the mind. Even if you never make it to see the pyramids – perhaps the farthest you go is the next state/province over – its an incredible way to appreciate where you’re from. I’ll always be a California girl – living everywhere from Mississippi to Idaho has taught me that – but oh, how I love seeing new places, new things. That’s one of the thing I love about writing, the way I can take readers to places they’ve always dreamed of going. The Greek coastline, a pub in Dublin, the moors of Scotland, the man-made islands of Dubai, the glaciers of Alaska. I read about these places and dreamed of visiting them myself someday, and maybe someday I’ll be able to go. In the meantime however, I’ll dream and imagine and write, and visit the wondrous joys of North America.

OMG. I can’t freaking wait!!!!!

(and yes, silly goose, I’ll still be writing on the road.)


hiya,can i just say that your 4 books were an amzing read!! and cannot wait for book 5 :) enjoy your travels on the bike, and seriously never ever give up writing you had me captured from book 1, cheers :)


my “dude” has been craigslist shopping for a street bike also…has a dirt one but ready to take me along–it is stressful. thanks for AHW4 read it toooooo fast though..then reread 1-4 all in one sitting. Love the story and the characters. As I have waited for the next parts I have strayed to “other” writers and can I just say Thank You for the more mature writing and not having to deal with all the stupid story lines of the other people. I appreciate the saucy passion and the good story that goes with it. I find it refreshing to be anxiously awaiting what happens next as well as the next heated body exchange :)– please please just make AHW5 longer–haha Congrats on all your success–good luck with your “new job” and have a wonderful and safe trip!!!!
PS people in powersuits and matching heels are usually trying to make themselves feel like people in powersuits and matching heels–while people surrounded by powersuits and heels clad in jeans and flippies have the confidence that they are EXACTLY as they should be! try to stay away from the darkside–we love the jeans and flippies!!!!!!


Let me start by saying I live your writing!!! I’m so excited about ATHW5 coming out this month. I haven’t felt excitement like this since New kids on the block had a live televised concert!! Lol Not only am I now a huge fan of your writing but a even bigger fan of your character. Of all the beautiful places on earth, you payed homage to New Orleans and the Gulfcoast. I live directly in the middle of both areas. So this has totally touched my heart. This past weekend my “DUDE” and I spent our 6 yr anniversary in the French Quarter and our theme was to be tourist in our own city. Satchmo fest and White linen were amazing and I can proudly say you would have never known an once of tragedy touched this place. Thanks for your writings and I look forward to you taking me to Europe through your words. BTW flip flops always welcome in the “Big Easy”


I am desperately awaiting book 5. I have fallen in LOVE with Mr. Hamilton. I appreciate the depth of the characters that you portray without unnecessary wording. Yes, I too have only one complaint..TOO SHORT! I am so much on the edge of my seat with my toes bouncing on the floor waiting to loose myself in the rest of the story. Your story could be extremely long and I would still scream too short in between fanning myself and looking like a beast waiting to pounce on my hubby. So, thank you for not just a fancy sloppy romance but one with meat and sweat. …..awaiting your AHW 5…and….?


Happiness is most definitely traveling. It is my dream to be able to hit the road or buy a plane ticket anytime I want. Currently making it a reality. You are an inspiration.