A changing of the guard – SMP takes over “Anything He Wants”

Tomorrow marks the changeover date for the individual AHW serials to St. Martin’s Press, and a few eagle-eyed readers have already noticed something new over at Amazon (you guys are pretty observant!). St. Martin’s is “republishing” the series, complete with new covers (but the same content so far) and they’re PRETTEH!! (links to the new Amazon.com pages within the images)

Part 5 cover to be announced soon!

Obviously they went in a different direction than the original covers, but I still think they’re pretty. Anyway, today is the very last day to get the old-school versions – tomorrow starts the big-publishing wheel! Interesting times, to be sure!!!
😀 😀 😀


Hi Sara can u tell me if are any dif then the ones out has did not if to buy them again thank you and they are really gd books


Not really feelin these never covers. Think I like the old covers better. These look like they’ve been toned down a lot and I miss the color. Original covers were racy like the story.


The new book is already on Amazon with a November release date, but all of the installments have been pulled (except #1) and the last installment is not mentioned. I would be very disappointed if we’re expected to pay another $9.99 just to read the end of the story.