AHW notes

I’ve been a bit out of the loop the last couple days, family emergency came up suddenly so I’ve been shuffling back and forth for that (everyone’s okay now, thank goodness!). There’s been a lot of confusion with the AHW5 release and I thought I’d post something to clear up some misconceptions I may have accidentally helped perpetrate myself:
– AHW5 was never meant to be the last in the series. I tried to explain that before but apparently did a not-so-great job of it (bad Sara!). Part five wraps up the first “book”, the first <em>plotline</em>, but not the romance or story of Lucy/Jeremiah. The biggest confusion may have come from the publishers blurb which mentions “last and final installment”, a phrase that I’m trying now to get removed because its neither the last nor the final chapter of this story. 
– it’s pretty clear from reviews that readers aren’t interested in reading the story as I write it anymore, sending out the installments when they’re finished. This is fine – people are used to novels, not serialized fiction – but it means for the rest of the series that we’ll have to wait for the entire story to be done before any kind of release. The masses have spoken: for now, no more serials. 
What is the future of this series? It will continue, you can count on that!! A lot of you have expressed disappointment in me and that cuts to the quick; it isn’t something I take lightly, that’s for sure. Don’t let the tough exterior fool you – inside I’m all soft and squishy! I want to do right by you, but I also want to do right by the story. It’s a tough line to walk, and I’m sorry some people’s expectations weren’t met, but the story isn’t over. I’m not able to answer every single reply and message I get (or I’d be more busy writing replies than writing stories) but I do try and listen/read what’s going on. 
So for what it’s worth after the fact, this is me apologizing to any disappointed fans and readers. If I’ve misled you into thinking this was the end, then I’m sorry I didn’t explain myself better. (I’m a writer, you’d think I’d have a decent grasp on how to get my point across right?! 😉 ) The story will continue, albeit in a different form – even if/when I do future serials, they’ll be much longer than those I did in the past (closer to or longer than part 5, less like part 1), but it doesn’t sound like that’s a viable market now without making more people angry. And, despite what you may think, I don’t want that. I love you guys, you are freaking AWESOME, and I really hope you’ll stay with me to see what happens with Lucy and Jeremiah and Lucas and all the other characters floating around in my head

That’s awesome I also thought it was done. Can’t wait to continue reading about them. Your an Awesome writer. Thanks for clarifying that. :)

Jerusha (Rue)

Aww..Dear Sara,
No worries. I think you did a fantastic job in book 5 and all previous versions. I think you “ended” it perfectly and just how it should end to keep us all drooling for the next installment. I can imagine how hard it is when someone tells you your baby is ugly. Well, I think your baby is adorable. :) I love the characters and how well developed they are. There is no stumbling over their intentions or their personalities. There is no confusion as to the insecurities and anxieties of each character. You have developed them into “perfect” human representatives of real life. I can completely relate to each character and have grown so fond of Lucas that I just want to hug him. Which is pretty amazing because I just wanted to kick him in the chins before. Of course there is now that part of me that wants to shave their mother bald. But perhaps she redeems herself…or not. I can’t wait. Keep it comin!!!… Thank you for sharing with me (us, your readers) what is in your head!


Sara, I feel bad that you got caught in this. I understand the frustrations of a publisher and doing what you think is right. I guess everyone was just disappointed that they didn’t get a closure of the story. I haven’t read Anything He Wants 5 because I like to save it for when I have a block of time to read and savor. Don’t let anyone discourage you. You are a great writer and I want to read more! I kind of agree with the part about the series. I have a hard time waiting for the next installment and wait anxiously for the next. There are a lot of them out there and yours has been one of the best. Keep writing!

Zoey Derrick

Love You Sara!
I’m very happy for your success and I am deeply sorry for the backlash and confusion regarding #5. More so, I am bummed out because I LOVE the serial aspect of these books and will happily pay the money to read each installment as they are completed. I however live with a book/entertainment budget that supports my insatiable reading habit.
I wish you would continue with the installments as originally planned and let your readers decide whether or not to purchase the installments or the whole novel.
I will whole heartedly support you and your choice for complete novels or installments.


I love this series! I don’t mind the installments! Whatever you choose to do, I’m behind you! I love having to wait until the next one- it’s exciting! Keep up the great job!!


I TOTALLY LOVE THE INSTALLMENTS AND BEING ABLE TO READ AS YOU GO! Geez, people need to calm down. I am a single parent, back in school, working 2+ jobs, and these shorter sections of the story that you release are perfect for me since I can knock them out in one night. Please, please reconsider your decision. People can choose to wait for the larger ‘book’s to be published if they want but I still want the installments. I love, love, love your writing and this story and cannot wait to live them more! XOXO


Hi Sara,

Thank you for your post! I too believed this was the conclusion to Lucy and Jeremiah’s story. However, since I read the reviews before buying I found out it would not to be the final chapter. I went ahead and purchased anyway cause I’m hooked -so I for one do not feel cheated. That being said, I’m the kind of reader that likes to read a whole story in one sitting. I discovered your work when AHW 1,2 & 3 were already out. As a fan I woul like to know how many more….for the conclusion of the story? I don’t know if to wait it out for the whole book to be released (ending & all) or if there will be part 6,7…

That being said, on to my review of AHW5. I really enjoyed the drama unfold even if was a little too soap opera-ish at one point. The suspense and twists were very good and I took the bait. I loved that you gave the relationship of the 2 main characters more depth but hate that you used the phrase “irrevocably in love” (reminded me too much of Twilight). I hope Lucy does make him grovel, really really really grovel…

I will be buying your work in future and I hope you can let us know when the ending will be out and if this will happen with the novel… I’d rather buy when the whole thing is out instead of part installments.

Good luck on your newfound success and I wouldn’t worry too much about those who feel dissapointed. In business we all mess up. You could release AHW from Jeremiah’s POV for free to your fans that have been following since the beginning…that’ll make it up;)


Hi Sara,

I loved this book. I think its the best part so far. I LOVE and hate the cliffhanger ending. Cant wait for the next part to come out;o) I really hope that Lucy makes him grovel too. Jeremiah deserves that after his reaction and the way he left her. Oh I do hope you carry on writing and I don´t mind the story to be unfolded bit by bit. Just don´t make us wait to long;o)


Enjoyed AHW5 even the cliff hanger at the end I don’t think I could wait for a complete novel it was hard enough waiting for part 5 it’s good having the instalments just make them longer. Keep up the good work love them.x


I love series! I have no issue with the installments! I enjoy the cliffhanger aspect of the story. It’s your choice on how you present your work. Keep up the great job!!


Thanks Sara!!! I love this story and personally would rather wait for the book than a couple of chapters!!! You are awesome and the fact that you would take time to clear this up proves just that!!! As I have said before YOU FREAKIN ROCK!!!! :-)


I never concidered myself a reader, to be honest, I hadn’t picked up a book for more than 30 years. You have changed that forever. My husband wants to know if I am ever going to set my books down again. I am now reading so much that I average a book in two or three days. You by far are my favorite author. When I dowloaded ATHW 5, I couldn’t put it down until I was done. No matter what form you choose to publish your work in the future, I will be eagerly waiting.

Dana Vines

I am an avid reader. Inspite if holding down a full time teaching job, still manage to read four or five books a week. I love that you are writing little serial fiction stories. I look forward to their releases. It’s like sneaking that forbidden drink, chocolate or smoke. It is just for me!!!

erica riley

Hi, these books you have written are awesome. I loved every word. anyone have anything bad to say about the book…don’t know a good read. So please keep up to go work.


I love reading them as installments and I agree I think you should let the readers decide if they want to buy it when its done or when the novel is done I am always so excited to read the next installment!!!!!!


I love your work so much! I don’t really care what others say I love these books and I can’t wait to read more! I love the damsel in distress style with the really nice storyline. You inspire me to write so please keep writing!! Thank you!


I had no problem with book 5…. Actually a lot of books did what you did…. Like Kelly Favor… I like installments… Because then I don’t have to wait a year and day to find out what is going to happen next!!! So keep doing what you are doing and ignore the complainers….


I like them. They’re like little snippets to wet your appetite. I am glad there will be more cause they all end like cliff hangers…… unfortunatley now i will have to wait longer :(………… but don’t worry i WILL wait and read!!!! :)


Do you have any idea when you will be releasing the 6th in the series? Thank you for your time in answering this question. Waiting..


To be very honest I resent paying $10 or more for a incomplete piece of work. I pay that much for a top rated authors work, like Ken Follette, Kate Morton, J. R Ward, etc. I could go on and on. When do we wake up and understand that we are being scammed. I liked the incomplete, unfinished story,but finally thought … wait I’m paying top dollar for What??? Please write a complete novel and price it at a reasonable rate…..if you want to be a competitive author. Other wise I feel like you will be a flash I the pan. I think you have a great start, so step up to the plate and play fair.


I totally agree with you.The thing that bothers me the most are not the cliff hangers or time between chapters, it’s the release of a book with extra stuff, when I’ve already invested in 1-4.I wish Sara the best, but unless future chapters are .99, Im sad to say I won’t be buying anymore.


I agree with you Jan, would never had bought Books 1-4 if I knew this was just the first part of a book and that no ending was in sight and not even an idea when the next one would be out. Done.


Sara: Glad your family emergency is resolved! It must be hard to receive so much negative reaction. I read every post and comment on your blog so I knew part 5 wasn’t the end of the story, but I could understand why so many readers were confused because it really wasn’t clear unless they read every post like I did. It was simply a misunderstanding and unmet expectations. I think any reader of yours would love to read more about Lucy and Jeremiah, and I don’t think any of us has any issue with serials and small installments other than the price. If you could charge less for each installment, I think we would prefer to have small updates to the story instead of waiting a long long time for a follow up. Please keep us posted on when we can expect the next part! Can’t wait! XOXO

Sandy Lion (@SdyLion)

As a writer I know you are trying your best to make so many people happy, but as a reader I can tell you one thing, all that matters to us is that you keep writing. Despite this disappointing feedback you got, you have a great talent to tell a story, story about characters and lives that us as readers are excited to hear about. That is what matters, the rest will all come together. Take care!


I am still disappointed. Your first 3 ATHW were well thought out and full of great sex. THEN…the last 2 seemed rushed and the sex jammed in there. The last book was underdeveloped. Jeremiah had no feelings I could see, Lucas was fresh air, Lucy unbelievable. You are the first author I have followed. This was based on your first 3 books. They were expensive. I was sucked in. Would love to follow the story to end, but not sure now.


No apologizing!! You are awsome and I love reading the books! I am just happy that they will keep coming! There will always be “haters” and you can’t do anything about that but your true fans will stick with you! Keep it up! Sending love your way!


ATHW5 was good closure for me. It left me wondering and waiting without being totally in the dark. I could really feel for Lucas and Jeremiah at the end of the day–not sure about the line for his head of security and his wife but I’m trusting you to put it all were it belongs…
The installment program though not a huge fan I certainly like it better than waiting months for a full novel to come out. Keeps the housework going also…when momma stops to read EVERYTHING stops to read lol.
Keep up the good work..for the followers who get your emails it is totally clear that this story will go one–especially from the snippet at the end of book 2????
Buck up all is not lost-and those who say they are leaving–THEY WILL BE BACK! the minute they hear about the next book/installment series. LOVE IT!


I just can’t wait loved this story one of the best I read thank u for it keep on writing because I’m going to keep on reading
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I love this series! You have an amazing talent! You do not have to apologize, this is your work, your work is loved and appreciated by many! I will look forward to the next book, so excited!

Shona Chamberlain

I was just wondering when the next book of Back in the Groove will be out. Your books are fantastic i csn never put them down.

Melissa Phothisane

Thank you for the clarification. I still love you and your books! I can’t wait to read the next installments! Hopefully they come out sooner rather than later!


Cant wait to see what happens next for Lucy. Sara you are great! Hugs back too you!!!!! Whatever you write I will read. No problem. Keep up the good work.


Loved book 5 but am slightly dissappointed that the book was too short, really can’t wait till part 6, just hope u continue with the short series novels as well as the large novel, some of us can’t wait that long x x


I just finished reading AHW 5 and oh my cannot wait for more!!! Just hope next ones are longer I just can’t get enough! More please!!


Sara, you have nothing at all to apologize for… You have a gift and we are fortunate to be able to ride along with you on this crazy ride. Thank you for introducing us to Lucy and Jeremiah! I can’t wait to see what happens next…. You have a fan for life!


Sorry – but WTF – AHW comes to an END at betrayal without any info regarding the next installment – or book – whatever. REALLY??????? Why isn’t there a NEXT RELEASE date like most other authors. Since I’m keeping track of releases for 5 other authors, Sylvia Day, Jaci Burton, Maya Banks, Kelly Favor and Lorelei James – and other I check on – I think maybe I just forget about AHW. Seems too disorganized to me. Sorry, it was good while it lasted…….


Just re-read the first 4 books before reading book 5 and i loved every minute of it! Book 5 is certainly revealing more about the characters and what makes them tick (Jeramiah’s mother is just awful!……or is she??) If Sara continues to write in installments i will be there waiting and if she decides to just completely finish the story off and release it as a novel that comes out in 10 months time, i will STILL be there waiting. Cant get enough of the story, who cares about the sex LOL!!!!

I am a bit confused though about people complaining about the cost. I read on the Kindle and buy from Amazon, the first installment cost me 79p, book 5 cost me a whopping £1.59 (sense the sarcasm people) where the hell are people buying from if they are paying $10 per book??? Its only a rough guess but the exchange rate is usually about $1.5 to £1……why are you paying so much more.
Anyway, Sara…..keep on writing in whatever way you see fit. You have fans who will be there, reading no matter what!


I’m glad that it is turning into a novel and not a short story! I can’t wait for it to come out…..I am welling to wait for it, keep up the good work and Thank you!


All this is driving me crazy, but im glad the story continues regardless or format, your great Sara, I enjoy your books.:)


I am looking forward to the next book. You have done a great job with the story so far. When i finished book 5 and read that it was the end, well you could say i was very upset but then I read your comments stating that the story continues. Ya! Good to hear….can’t wait to get into the next book.


I love the way you are writing the syroy about Lucy it is great. I cannot wait for the next one. Please I need to know what happens to them all. When I started reading AHW I could not stop. Love them!!!!!!!


I loved the installments especially since I was able to read all 5 in a row and not have to wait LOL, I was a bit disappoint that there wasn’t closure at the end of book 5 since I just found this series on Barnes and Noble website I wasn’t aware that there wasn’t an end yet. I look forward to your novel you are a great write and I can’t wait to see the continuing saga. Thanks for letting us share in the story


I stumbled across these after reading 50 shades, they are absolutely awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! I red the first 4 and couldnt wait for number 5 which i read this morning!! Not really used to reading books this short, but it was great. They had you hooked from beginning to end and it made me more determined to get the next one straight away – yes thats right I couldn’t put them down!!!!!
I cannot wait for the next one to come out – so personaaly don’t really mind if its short or as a novel jsut want the next book already. lol. These are great books and i can’t wait to recommend them to my friend who got me reading this genre to start with!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great vacation. Thanks for taking the time to write these they are great.


I also thought the story was ending when I started reading part 5, but hello….by the time I finished I knew you would have to continuing writing Lucy & Jeremiah’s story. You are not the only author testing the water with the “installment releases”, but obviously everyone does not understand how that process works. I absolutely love the AHW story and I will continue to buy and read them however you decide to release your writings in the future. I have NEVER been disappointed in any of your releases or any part of the story line and I am definitely looking forward to where you take us next!


I just finished reading part 5. Love the stories (yes, even as they come out installments). Lucy and Jeremiah’s story is certainly eventful :)
Really looking forward to seeing what happens next. And the ending of this one…..Wow…just wow…!
Keep up the amazing writing. You ROCK!


I love this story and so glad that you just didn’t end it this way. I do have to say I’m don’t really like having to wait a month for each different part. To have read all this in one book would have been better since inbetween I’m reading other books. Also never knowing when they were coming out. But I do have to say again, I love the story! You are a great writer. Thank you for the story.


I love the story, and slightly in love with Jeremiah! Please don;t listen to the bullshit comments!! I totally love this series! But, seriously, hurry up with the next one!!!!
Thank you for your wonderful stories

Anas Attic Sexy Tales

Thank you for clarifying that. It would be great if it were printed at the end of the book. This post was hard to find. I think it’s great that you have listened to your readers and changed your tactics. I will recommend your book knowing that there is more!


No worries Sara, I loved your books. I was almost like a tv series :) I can’t wait to see what happens with Lucy, its almost like watching a cat and mouse game!!!


Please continue as you are Sara. They AHW series is amazing!!!! Loved, Loved, Loved it. cannot wait for the continuation. You are a great writer. Keep up the great work!!!! Anxiously awaiting the next book!


I loved the story of Luch and Jeremiah. It doesn’t matter to me in which format you continue the story but it can’t end like it did. You are a fantastic writer and I hope you have a million more stories to write. Please don’t wait to long before we hear from AHW series again!!!


I am glad to know this will not be the end. However, please clarify if the novel will just be a combination of the first 5 mini books are if it will be a full story starting frome where we left off. If the novel is just a combination with a clear ending may I suggest that in consideration to your fans who have purchased each installment of the series that a mini installment be offered. Although I have no issue with purchasing your work (I am sooooo in love with you) I would like the idea of not having to pay 9.99 for something I already own and have read more than half of. Just an idea….


I have really enjoyed reading the series and cannot wait for the continuation of their story. My only input, for what it’s worth; I find that the price is high for the length of each installment.


I’m on pins and needles waiting to find out what happens with Lucy, Jeremiah and Lucas!!! A good story is worth waiting for so I’ll be patient. :). I enjoy your work and appreciate your talent. Keep it up! My only negative comment is in agreement with Nicole….the price is a little high for the length of the installments.


I thought I was the only one who thought this about the price. I’m glad to see others think the same. Another author I read has her books for .99 and are about the same length and also very good reads. If you are interested let me know.


just wondering when we can expect to see the next chapter of these characters. #5 really leaves you hanging so I am eager to continue the story. I see the combination of all 5 stories is coming out in November but it does not mention anywhere when to expect the next story after 5. Please let me know so I know what to look forward to. thanx


I just found the series and I read them all in one night. I love them. They are fun and sassy and I am so sad that I don’t get to read any more right away. Don’t stop writing about these characters.


When is part 6 coming out? I can’t wait :-) I have fallen in love with the characters and need to know what happens!!!!!

Jackie P.

Thank you!! I was so sad after finishing book 5, I was like.. what the heck, omg this can’t be. I am a fan of yours and am looking forward to find out what happens next with Jeremiah and Lucy, of course what Lucas is up too as well. Can’t wait… so exited. I just shared the news with another friend of mine that also read the whole AHW series, we cant’ wait.. Thank you Sara you are an amazing writer!!!!! Much love from Texas!!!


Hi Sara! I just discovered “Anything He Wants” over the weekend and I LOVE it! I read the last installment last night and I’m anxious to read more. I wish you would continue to send out the installments as you finish them. I say continue the serials for those who want to read them and for those who want to read a novel instead can wait until it comes out. Any idea as to when we can expect more?

Donna Donz

When I read that AHW #5 was the last part of the series, I was like “What?! You’ve got to be kidding me!!”. Good thing I read this blog entry of yours and I am so happy. Personally, I don’t mind that this series is in an installment type, I like it this way since it fuels my imagination and anticipation as to what will happen to the next part. Anyways, I love AHW, Ms. Sara. Please continue to write wonderful series and you could always count on me to always watch out for release dates. :)

Ashley Sherwood

I will say that when I first started reading this book I didn’t like how it was set up… I could read the whole part in one night. However, now I really like it! This is the first time I’ve read a book broke down into series like this. I really like it! Either way you go I will def read the stories! I love love love this book and I’m in need of part 6!!! I cannot wait!


I don’t care how you release them as long as they keep coming. I love Lucy and Jeremiah. I love your work.


I absolutely love this series. Am I one of the few people that love the short installments? I love that I can read it in a day and not have to commit to reading a whole book as my schedule is limited. I Can’t wait for part 6 (or the next book) to be released. I just have to throw it out there… I love the installments. I think all books should be written this way. Like a real series!

Thank you for capturing my attention. I’m loving the story so far. SO MUCH DRAMA! LOVE IT!

Leanne Lennon

Hi Sara thanks for clearing that up for us I however never had any doubts the story would continue I just could not see you leaving a story like that and felt heartbrocken for you with some off the coments. It was the perfect ending to keep us waiting and good luck with the rest of the story I hope it gives as much pleasure writing it as you give reading it.


I have read all 5 plus the book now and cannot wait for the next, how long is this likely to be? Hope it isn’t too long, this has definitely left this audience wanting more.

K. Girl

I am so very, very happy that the love story of Lucy and Remi/Jeremiah will continue, the action, danger that is included. The way he is there to resuce her, her non fear of the situations and stating what she thinks etc. Do wish she would make it a little more challenging for Jeremiah and not giving into him just like that, but do like that she is always in danager, love a man coming to the rescue, coming so close to seeing the women he loves and cares for close to death and harm showing the posessive side of taking care of them, etc. I can’t wait for their story to continue!!!


I read all 5. Is the book all 5 in 1 or is it different?
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A sucker for romance

I can’t wait for the rest of the story. I just finished reading books 1-5 and was mad when I could not continue. I was like it can’t end now, so I was searching on Barnes and Nobles and Amazon for the rest of the series. I’m glad I found your blog page. Now I’m happy there will be more. Good read and I’m waiting for the rest of the story….

A sucker for romance

BTW I never go by people’s reviews on a book….if I read the overview and like the plot I buy it and read it. It does not matter how many short series there are if I like the first book I will contiune to buy. People’s reviews are sometimes to harsh.


I don’t read book reviews either. I love amazons samples!
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I love these books! I dont mind the short stories. Its all the same if money is what people are worried about. It all breaks down the same! Thank you for clarifying. I just finished reading and was in a damn panic! :) When can we expect the next book?! I love it and thanks.


i just recently got your book anything he wants(luckily its all in one book) I am very facinated with Jeremiah’s character…the book is quite good and now i am curious as im left hanging to when to expect to get the next book??

Cynthia G

I love AHW. I’m very excited to find out what happens between Lucy and Jeremiah. The last time I was this excited about a book series it was 50 shades of grey. I have recommended this book to all my girl friends and they are driving me crazy about when the next story is coming out. Please do you have at least a tentative date when that might be. Let me know. Thanks again for the great read.


It sure would be nice to have an estimated date. I keep checking. Would like to mark it down or set a preorder. Wishing Sara would comment.
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K Girl

Same here would like to have some idea of when, so I can read the book again and be set for the continued story in book 2!

Ashley Paynter

I don’t necessarily mind installments but I’m a bit more of an instant gratification girl. When I start a book I like to finish it right away. That being said, when will the next installment/book be available? I love the story. Can’t wait for more!

Kathy Vickery

I just got finished reading the the whole book and I loved it. I can’t wait to hear about what happens after Jeremiah realizes Lucy has been kidnapped once again. I just want to know when will part 2 of book be released?

justine meg

hello Ms.Sara, im hoping for the next series you’ll write. such a beautiful story. love it like the Fifty Shades of Grey. hope to see your next story for Lucy and Jeremiah! xoxo <3


I give up on this! I barely remember now what happened in the book. I’ve read several since. Not keeping us informed. I’m busy can’t keep cking on this. If I come across it ok. If not oh well. Moving on.
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I just finished book 6. I was a little disappointed with Lucy but I won’t say why because I don’t want to spoil the story for others. I just hope Jeremiah can be the couple I so want them to be. I think Lucy and Lucas ruined any chance of that:(


K. Girl, have you had a chance to read book 6 yet? There is going to be a book 7. Six is real short. I can’t see how Jeremiah will be happy in this.

K. Girl

Yes, I wasn’t too happy either so I know Jeremiah will not be either…. can’t wait to see how book 7 is written…. Lucy should of been stronger and not given into Lucas!!!


I dont blame Lucy one bit! Jeremiah acted like an idiot so she had amaizing sex with a really hot guy! She was in fear of her life ans she was single. Men do it all the time,why shouldnt we? I would have done the same thing if I were in her position. Lol


She felt rejected by J-humiliated. Someone attractive who looks like him is right there to comfort her. Hey it could’ve been curtains for her a few times she needed a comforting distraction. However J didn’t end their relationship he walked out of the house. She should’ve known he’d come looking for her. He has always tried to protect her. She knows he is possessive. So that being said she should’ve been expecting him & know he will flip especially since its Lucas! The circumstances made her weak. She’s very lonely & alone. Some major sh– should hit the fan but J will get over it after he beats his bro to a pulp! But will he get the girl back or realize he’s lost at love? Hmm.
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Book 6!? When did that come out? I find 1-5 & then all 5 in 1 book now? Am I wrong?
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I had given up cking Amazon for sequel. Good thing this thread comes up. Read bk 6 last night!
N e news how long b4 7 is available?
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K. Girl

Just re read Anything He Wants to refresh my memory and waiting for the next book!!! So, so hope there is a happy ending for Lucy and Jeremiah!!!


I just think if she loved Jeremiah so much and knows how he feels about his brother she should have been a little stronger, unless she has not hopes of being with Jeremiah ever again.


I wasn’t too happy that Lucy slept with Lucas not once but twice, but on the other hand she felt betrayed by Jeremiah because he walked out on her the way he did so I guess I don’t blame her either. I just hope she doesn’t try to hide it too long I think considering Jeremiah treated her the way he did she should just tell him what happened right away don’t let it linger as a lie between them. She really didn’t owe him her faithfulness considering he threw her love away and made her feel stupid for loving him. I feel like she has always been honest with him so it would not be Lucy to lie about it not to mention I can’t see Lucas being able to keep it a secret. She should tell him right away then he can make his decision if he can get past it or not. I don’t think she loves Lucas I think her love is definitely for Jeremiah so she should honest with him. Patiently waiting for book 7 ugh!!! lol :)


I agree, Lucas is going to through this in Jeremiah’s face. When J finds out I think he will walk away. Yuck why would he want her now after being with his brother weak moment or not.


Lucy did try to tell Jeremiah that she loved him and was commited to him and he made her feel stupid he should realize that and I think Lucas took advantage of her vulnerable state ugh I don’t know how I can wait till April for the next book it is going to kill me lol