Have I told you…?

Have I told you lately that I love you guys? Cuz I do. LOTS.

I was a bit blue yesterday reading some of the front-page Amazon reviews for AHW5, and I appreciate SO MUCH the replies to my blog post yesterday. THANK YOU!!!!!


I’m officially done with the AHW novel edits, and we’re gearing up for a roadtrip before I start digging into the next part of Lucy’s story. Of course, me being the procrastinator I am (we leave in less than three days), instead of packing up the camping gear I sat down and started outlining the next part of AHW. Yeah, I can’t seem to get it out of my head (is that really a bad thing?). Hopefully I can get it down well enough to pound it out quickly the minute we return home, but I’m taking my laptop on the road with me in case I want to do some writing wherever we stop too. 😉


Oh yeah i was upset about the negitive reponses too on amazon to the point i was not going to buy ahw#5 i was so glad i did not let those stop me from buying it.


There will always be haters, but your true fans love your work and can’t wait for more! I know I’m one of then, keep up the good work can’t wait to read more!!


Ok… I admit… I was very upset about where the story ended… and maybe I cussed a little and maybe I swore I would never read another one of your books…. But it’s only because there soooooooooo good! And I really just can’t get enough!

princess nina

Didn’t even read the reviews. Once I saw it was out went straight to amazon and purchased it. I knew it would be good 😀


Still miffed about the upcoming book including additional material, beaucse of that still debating buying part 5. Just because people gave low reviews on Amazon does not mean they are haters, you can’t please everyone. That being said I wish Sara the best on her upcoming trip and future success.

Martha Baltazar

I’ll admit I was pretty pissed and posted on Amazon.com, but I do love your writing and am looking forward to the “novel” and to part 6. I just hate the waiting part. Have a safe trip.


You are lived back. I was relieved to hear that the story continues. I can’t wait to see how your mind twists their story together. I cant wait for the book to arrive! ! Have a great trip. But I will have to say that I hope you write lots so we don’t have to wait too long for the rest of Lucy’s story. Ignore the critics and remember the fans out weigh them by outlandish amounts! Cheers! Peace out!


Sara don’t be bluest he books are great well better than great, it’s also great to know its not the net to anything he wants you have done a great job and I can’t wait for the next book xxxx


Don’t pay any attention to those negative responses you are an amazing author and I love AHW and cant wait to read the next one!!!!

Adriana Santiago

And of course you will write “a little”! You outdid yourself this time! Great endind/beginning of new phase. Can’t wait for the next part! Is it going to carry the same name? Is Luci going to fall for Loki??? Ohhh girl! I’m bitting my nails, my stomach cramps…. After the printed version release r u going to tour to sign and discuss the series????????? Have a safe trip and enjoy! Xoxo

Sharon Anderson

I have purchased several series in serialized form. While it’s not my favorite way to get through a story, I can handle the wait. I can understand why so many people read the Amazon blurb and got upset that it indicated it was the last installment. I note that the Amazon blurb has been changed. I will continue to follow your blog and buy upcoming installments/stories about these characters!


How many parts are there going to be? Love the story but don’t like to read 50-60 pages every couple of months. I get too involved with other books and then have to come back to this one.


I’m a bit confused on a couple things. Before I bought AHW5, I thought it was the end too because it said it was the, “final installment.” As I was reading it, I was hoping it wasn’t over and that it would really end that way. I read online that in the full first book (AHW 1-5) there’s additional information that isn’t in 1-5. Does anyone if this is true? I really enjoy the series but I’m not too thrilled about paying $13 over all for 1-5 and then having to pay another $10 for a little more material. Does anyone have any information on this?


So excited for the next part keep up the great writing I love it
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I love your writing! I know people are frustrated with the format…for me I think they are worth the wait. Already preordered for AHW November release. Enjoy the time away…


I loved the seriel series. I was hooked from the elevator scene. Holy canoli, that was hot! It was a million times better than the ‘Because You are Mine’ seriel-which pains me to say, because I love Beth Kery so much. At any rate, I think that if the price point were closer to $1.99 per seriel, the fans would respond a little better. The first book sold for .99 cents and it had the highest rating. Coincidence? I think not. And, I mean, you are releasing the whole book for $9.99. It seems like the true fans-the ones that bought this from day one- should be getting the break, not the late comers to the book. I’m just sayin’. I still love you, though.

As for the peeps saying that the series ended badly, I think that’s just because they didn’t understand that we are going to be hearing from Lucy and Jeremiah in the future. If the story had died there, it would’ve been a travesty. But since you’ve clarified that there will be more and that that was the ending of just that book, I think everyone will back off. I mean, every book 1 in a true series ends with a cliffhanger. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be so crazed to get the next installment.

Anywho. Great writing. Seriously, brilliant. I think this story has the potential to give Mrs. James a run for her money. I know I loved it. And I’ve read 50 shades like 3 times. Can’t wait to read more. Just write quickly…please! I’m dying here.

maureen Brennan

Very pleased to hear that the AHW series has not finished. Thanks for enlightening your readers about the mis-information.

I have really enjoyed the story,I hate when erotic novels rely only on that and don’t bother to provide interesting characters for readers to actually care about.

As a new reader I can’t say I’v been totally happy with paying for short insalments and am delighted to hear you are giving us more next time. Big thanks for listening to your readers!

Enjoy your break, get plenty of r&r and hope you come back full of exciting ideas for more of Lucy and Jeremiahs exploits x

Katharina Miller

I love the series, I hope you won’t make us wait too long before the next book I can’t wait to see where the story is going to go!!!


The negative comments are not justified. I’ve really enjoyed this series & look forward to each installment. This weekend I got book 5 & read them 1-5. I’m not usually one to make comments, but I think this is a very good series, I’m hooked!. Can’t wait for book 6!

Suzy Z

I was a little disappointed to have to buy small chapters at a time for $3.00 each. Would much rather have paid the $15 for one book. On the other hand, it was nice to have a chapter every now and then rather than have to wait for forever for a book. How to solve that? I have no idea… Maybe offer people the option to pay the $15 up front and have a chapter delivered to the kindle for free as it is written? Or make it clear from the very beginning? It took me till #3 to figure it out but once I came to terms with that I looked forward to the next ones.
However, you decided to do it, whether it is chapter by chapter or the entire second book. I look forward to reading it.


it sounds like the story of Lucy/Jeremiah will continue but not in these short form stories. But in more a of novel? Honestly I dont care how you continue the story just as long as it continues with some kind of conclusion at some point. I loved all 5 books and I am addicted to the characters. You are a good writer kept my attention always wanting more and I was bummed when book 5 ended and there was no book 6 :(. In any case keep writing and keep us posted on when will see the story continue.


I loved it I can’t wait for the next books. I hope it won’t be looking till next book. Have a great time. :-)


I have loved all the books. The last one had a great twist to the ending. Can’t wait for more. I love how they are short reads but then again I have to sit and wait for the next one but I love it!


Love the books don’t let those negative comments influence you. I like everyone else get desperate waiting or the next part of the story but it’s a wonderful story and can’t wait for what happens next……….


cant wait to find out whether he comes after her or leaves her to his brother hope it wont be long till next book out


PLEASE PLEASE tell me there is a book 6 and that the internet is telling me lies!!!! I can’t have it end like this… PLEEEASE!! xx


Hi Gillian, i think that is the release date for the AHW novel that combines all 5 short stories into 1 novel and not part 6 of the series.


If u r going to write more books on Jeremiah and Lucy could u please post something on facebook to let US no pleaseeeeeeee


I LOVED your short series very much. I kept telling myself while reading them that it should’ve been a whole book. Then i came upon your blog and found out this is just the beginning for Lucy. I truly love the way you write and i can’t wait for the next book you put out. Please keep it up!!


OMG, get writing pllllleeeeaaaaasssseee, just finished 5, need to read on……….fanbloomingtastic and more. Oh and have a good hols. Hehe. X


Please let’s know when the next AHW is coming out . Typically I am not a reader….but once I start…I HAVE to know how it ends!!!! You left me hanging!!!!!! :)


Anything he Wants was a great read! It gave me chills, made me smile, cry and squirm. I loved everything about the book!!! Congrats…I would love to read more…what happens after Lucas takes Lucy? Will you come out with a sequel?

Denise Grayson

AHW was AWESOME!! I could not put it down. (Did not make good with my boss…) Sorry I did not find you during the series phase, it was after your book. I am not sure which way I would prefer it, I have ran out of book and I am ready for the next phase. I would love to have a series waiting, I would not get in as much trouble, less to read at a time. But, I don’t know if the series would satisfy me as much as the book did. I ready, do you know when the next book will be released? I have to know what happens with Lucy and Lucas and what Jeremiah does to him.


I could not put the book down.. I fell in love with Lucy and Jeremiah!! I can’t wait to read more… I was sooo unhappy with the end of this book… I hated where it ended… Please keep us up to date of the next installment!!