THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I was so worried this was the end!!! This book was absolutely AMAZING!!!!! Can’t wait for the rest!!! I was a bit disappointed that there was no short story at the end, does that mean we have to buy the novel to get that? Hope not…as I have already purchased the individual books. But regardless YOU FREAKIN ROCK!!!!

kirsten meyer

Please dont make us wait too long for the next book. I need to know that lucy and jeremiah will be ok. not that i dont like lucas but i really need that love between lucy and jeremiah to come out. You are a great writer. im loving this series.


Love your writing style and really enjoyed your books and I’d have to say book 5 was definitely my FAV! that being said – when is 6 coming….or do we “have to” wait for a novel format?

Sara Fawkes

The add-on story is exclusive to the novel, both in ebook and print format. The publisher wanted something special for the novel publication, something that hadn’t been published before, hence the short story. 😉


I really loved these…but please tell me that there will be more books! There is no way that it can end like that! I can’t wait to read more and find out what happens with Lucy and Jeremiah!

AV Anderson

So I understand, the conclusion of the story will be in the novel? Plus, a prequel from another point of view other than Lucy’s?

Sara Fawkes

No, there’s a bonus short story in the novel of a other character, not a continuation of the storyline. The story is set before AHW1 began so while in the same “universe” it’s not quite connected to Lucy/Jeremiah.


Part 5 left me hanging. Is there going to be a part 6 or a whole new book? Because I have purchased each seperate installment, I would rather not have to pay more money to buy it in novel form. So, when does the story continue and will there be a conclusion?


The constant deletion of my comment just seems to prove what im saying is true.. And instead of deleting my comments I would hope that you as a writer are listening to your readers and taking their comments to heart for when you write your next book..

It seems that sara fawkes doesnt take critizism very well considering my comment seem to have diappeared from her blog so i’m stating what i said again …I’m sorry I have say that I’m disappointed I love the series but agreeing with most of the new reviews in regards to the book.. And in the description it says it’s the last and final installment but you’re telling us there’s more.. Which leaves us more confused and considering we’ve be following the series from when it was self published… And since we would have to purchase the hard copy to get this “extra” material when we already spent money on the the short stories.. Being a student and having shovel another ten bucks just for the “bonus” .. Feeling cheated in so many ways. And that being said and this comment being deleted the first time .. I have add on and say I guess this is what happens when it ends up being all about the money instead of the book and it’s readers anymore because from this point of view, it was all about the money.. Making loyal readers who are engrossed in the story have to buy the book just to find out what we missed.. When they could of included this bonus in the “last” installment for say a couple bucks more instead of having purchase everything in the hard copy all over again for more money.. Because honestly I’m the type of person that if I love your books I would have bought the hard copy to add to my library of books regardless but you never gave us that option ..

Thus .. If my comment gets deleted again I will know what type of writer you really are..

Zoey Derrick

I’m going to play devils advocate here. If you read Sara’s comments above you will see the answer to your question regarding the bonus material and what it is, thus decide for yourself if you are going to spend the money on a new copy of the books you love.
Your other options are to wait until the full book comes out and read the whole story then.
I would imagine that when Sara started this book she never imagined writing multiple installments, having a following and lastly getting signed by a publisher, so over the course of her writing for your enjoyment as well as mine, things changed. You can take it or leave it, the choice is yours and yours alone. Choosing to publicly gripe is different than a review. Whether or not Sara deleted your previous comments has nothing to do with criticism, but rather a complaint or gripe that you have that should have been left to a private conversation via email as it has little to do with AHW5, but her whole book. I am sure that Sara would have found a public way to furtheraddress your concerns.
I congratulate Sara on her success with this series and thank her for her hard work and dedication.



As you stated it was her and the publishers choice as to how the books are published towards book five mainly .. But their choice to include this bonus in only the novel and not the “last” installment seems to show that the main reason was for profit for the book and not the short stories that got her to where she is today

As for her success I absolute agree with you that she is a great writer and to get her writings was remarkable in itself and a great achievement.

Zoey Derrick

Given that this is not the last installment, it’s a bit premature to jump to conclusions.
She also states that the “bonus” has little to do with Lucy/Jeremiah, so sometime patience is the best course of action regarding unpublished works.


It’s clearly not the “last” installment with considerations to the ending my reference to it being the “last installment” is merely quoting what the publishers or author put out prior to the book release. And going back to your earlier comments regarding my choice to buy the book for the bonus but being that of a engrossed reader, in Your opinion wouldnt you want to know what this “‘mirror’ of a perspective other than Lucy’s” entales .. But the choice to only put it in the book and not the 5th installment… Hmm seems to be a marketing scheme to promote the book which increases profit .. However, I might add it is a brilliant marketing scheme at that…

Zoey Derrick

Personal I would be and am VERY happy she has decided to continue the story. So it’s a moot point really.

I get Amazon is wrong and her Amazon rating us suffering horribly because of it too. I would imagine that Sara is trying to correct this as we are having this discussion. So let her correct it and I am sure there will be an announcement before to long.


If that’s the case I recommend you find a way to clear up what we’ve been told with what you just stated.. As you can tell I’m not the only one that felt that way…

Zoey Derrick

I am a very avid LOVER of this series and i bought without reading the Amazon description.
I have done what could have or should have been done initially and alerted Sara to the cause of the issues on this blog, which is the description.
However, with that being said, the blog clearly states above that there will be more, so honestly I trust what Sara says over Amazon.


That’s the thing if you read some of her previous blogs she stated herself that this was to be the last installment .. Clearly though things have changed, and it’s great, like I said I loved the story.. But some things should have been handled better in regards to publication and certain contents.


eh.. I’m sure to some extent your correct .. but what’s out is out.. Many of us feel disappointment because of what we were told this is the last one even by the author.. And as a reader you expect when your told its the last one to have a conclusion worthy of the great story that was told.. And when I finished the book.. It left too many things unanswered in reference to what we were told… So it’s like what now..

Alternatively, since then it’s said the story continues so its just more waiting that’s left..

Sara Fawkes

I don’t remember saying part 5 is the last in the series, but if I did then I apologize for not being more clear. What I meant was that part 5 wraps up this PLOT, not the story itself. The first five parts were what St. Martin’s Press are bringing out as “book 1” which consists of all parts so far released.

As for the extra story at the end of the novel, St. Martins wanted something exclusive to the novelization so I obliged. I don’t mean to snub long-time fans, especially since I heart you guys real big, but you’re right in saying it IS a marketing thing and one I’m okay with. I’m sorry that you feel this way, but the book should be available in stores and at just under 3k words, it’s short enough to read in the grocery line if you’re so inclined. 😉


Be3~ I understand that there was a miscommunication about Book 5 being the finale, I thought the same thing from an email update I received announcing the two release dates. But your diatribe here really has no bearing on the content of Book 5. I was riveted by this latest installment, the Hamilton family drama is intriguing and much more is revealed. It is also great to have an opportunity to see Lucy coming into her own and developing so much strength and poise in the face of danger.
The collection or novel as you referred to it is a great idea. People coming to the series for the first time are fortunate enough to buy 1-5 in a single volume. The bonus is beside the point, it doesn’t affect the story and you have the choice not to buy the collection. There is no conspiracy here, just an opportunity for you and I, long time fans of the series to exercise our free will and buy the collection or not. Read and enjoy #5 and you will be anxiously waiting for #6, the adventure continues.


the bonus doesn’t affect the story however being someone who had followed the story from before the publishers.. is it fair that we miss out on this ‘bonus material’ .. as i mentioned before.. as an engrossed reader .. wouldn’t you want to know what this ‘ mirrored perspective other than lucy’s entales’ but as i had also mentioned before and the author has acknowledged above it was a marketing plot. a disappointing one at that to all those readeds who were loyal to the story up until this point. this will be my last response. i’ve completely lost interest in this as well as the story. thx to everyone who did reply however.. i did like reading other peoples perspective on this .. byes

marti yendrey

I agree, I have enjoyed the books but pre-ordered the last book…believing it must have a continuation from book 5 only to find it had the bonus chapter.


I bought it this morning and read it before work. It was really good, I really hope it was not the last one! I love this series!


Oh no you left us with another cliffhanger!!! So much happened in part 5! Now I just feel really sorry for Lucas and Anya and Ethan and Celeste… :'( Can’t everyone just be happy? Jeremiah the sniper is so hot… So how many more installments/books will there be to the series and when will they be released? Please don’t leave us hanging for that much longer!!!


part 5 is avail on amazon right now. BUT… In november her novel of this series comes out and has parts that were not included in the mini series. So we will all have to pay an additional $9.99 to get those parts as a novel. And from what I am understanding… it sounds like from here on out, the story continues as novel sequals not short stories.


I loved these books. I have read them all and couldn’t wait for part 5 to come out. I bought it when I got home from work and couldn’t wait to sit down and read it. I just finished it and like the first 4 it was absolutely amazing. Thanks Sarah I cant wait for the next one!!!!!


Sara, it was on this website that informed us this was the final installment of the series. While i do love this series i do have to say i am quite upset how i have already spent $15.00 on this series and there is still no ending. Why cant you complete it & charge one price for it.


Just finished AHW5! I loved it! I am glad it will continue. I am going to buy it in book form also. Please don’t keep us waiting to long. Sara you are Awesome! Thanks for writting the series.


I love this series. At $2.99 I thought we were getting a novel to end the story. What we recieved was a rip-off. The way it ended makes me furious. This segment took a long time to come out. I guess that what happens when you make it big. You forget those who support you, and go for the money. I have never never written anything anywhere. Sara is the first author I have ever felt the desire to follow. Now I am not sure she even reads these comments. Probably some assistant. I do not know if I will read anymore. I feel sad.




Hmm, interersting conversations here. I have to agree that the author DID say on this site that number 5 was the final part. Also, it very clearly say it on Amazon.co.uk – see quote below…..

Product Description
In the explosive fifth and final installment of Anything He Wants, Lucy Delacourt continues her scorching affair with a powerful billionaire who always gets what he wants. And as she navigates his world of glittering opulence and all-consuming passion, she explores the darkest reaches of her own desire.

I love Sara’s story and her characters – she is a talented writer. BUT I cannot condone how she has let this situation arise. There are plenty of disgruntled readers out there who are feeling angry and let down – check out the amazon reviews.

We have supported her through the purchasing of her self-published items which I’m sure led, in part, to her book deal. Now to find out that we must continue to shell out for what seems like a never ending story just isn’t fair. Neither is the fact that the readers who HAVE supported her to date lose out of the extra piece included in the compilation version.

Sorry but I think the author has to ‘man up’ and admit to making a mistake here.

Kimberly Simons

I totally agree!!! I understood from this website this was the last book, that it was the end. Well it was a HUGE disappointment!! I could buy a whole book for what I’ve spent on this. I’m sitting here ticked off and still in shock over the ending.


That was also my impression. Had I known I would not have started reading until all were published……..ugh!

Queen R

Yesterday I bought the book at 9:30 AM, booked a massage at Burke Williams, after the massage, I sat in the quiet room and read the entire book….More please!


Hi Sara
Love the series ,I do think a lot of us need clarification on where it goes from here, will there be a book 6 or are we waiting for book 2 the novel series ,if so when can we expect the next book either way .

Zoey Derrick

You know, I’m willing to bet that she does not yet have an answer to your question or she has no clue what you are talking about and she is trying to find out for you, or maybe she never authorized them to be sold there in the first place.
Please be patient. I’m sure when she has an answer for you she will get it to you.


She knows exactly what I’m talking about since she had parts 1-4 for sale there when she was self publishing and mentioned in previous post that they were available at All Romance. However, as you said she probably does not have an answer since she’s not self publishing anymore.

Leanne Lennon

I am a little confused regarding the comments on it being all about the money really people do you not think that Sara would tring to make a living here of course it is about the money tell me what writer isn’t tring to make money. I was disappointed in the ending of AHW5 be will now eagerly await AHW6


The essential point trying to be made is that, having supported a self publishing author, and being told that AHW5 was the final instllment, we now find that this is not true and that we will have to pay more money to find a conclusion to the story. Given the cost of the 5 instalments to date, say there are another 5 – that’s a heck of a lot of money for 1 novel. Needless to say everyone will make up their own mind whether to continue buying the instalments but for those who stuck with her from the start it feels like something of a betrayal – very apt given the title of instalment 5.


all i have to say is that i loved installment 5 just as i did 1-4…i will continue to by the books..i was upset at some spoilers that was posted before i had time to read #5 and formed my own opinion before reading but i’m glad i did not go off others opinions and read it…outstanding…


i loved this series… i love the fact of having to buy it in chapters it makes the story so much better with anticipation for the next one. And i sooooooooooooo can’t wait for the next one to come out….I think you did a great job…..Any idea when installment 6 will come out…..


Well, i’m a little disappointed….. I read all 5 installments luved them:))))) Fell in luv with the characters….to have the book end, with his brother kidnaping Lucy, to see what Jeremiah would do to get her back and admit he dose love her, to nothing, i’ts over……there need’s to be a bk6. thanx


I am not normally a poster, but had to chime in. I came upon this self published book about installment 3 or 4. I truly enjoyed them and eagerly anticipated #5.

I too was lead to believe #5 was the final installment and when I got to the end of the “book”, was stunned. At the ending and the small number of pages.

$15 later, there is still no ending. Now, there is an “extra” if I buy the actual book. As much as I loved the writing and the story, I just can’t see spending more money on a never ending situation. There are far too many other authors and books out there to read for far less money that will have resolution. Be it the publisher or the author, this was a poor way to introduce a new author to the general public.


I totally agree with some of the ladies! We spend money in each installment to find out that we have to now buy a book to get a bonus…this is upsetting :(


Loved Anything he Wants but the end left me hanging – I didn’t like that. I felt like their were pages missing at the end! Does this series continue based on the same characters? I hope so – I can’t believe that it ends like that if not. I felt like I was watching a movie reading Anything he Wants and it just ended??? What r the other books in the series called?


I’ve just read the 5 books and i’ve got to say that increadible! It took my breath away sometimes! I would like to know when the 6th book will be out! I cant wait to read!!!!

Donna Wilson

Love it! Waiting on the next book to come out. I hope she is ready to release it now because I want to see how far will he go for her. Is she pregnant? will his brother take her out of the country? When will he confess his love?

Donna Wilson

Note to author, you are good enough for readers to buy the entire kindle or handwritten book. I think it is really sad that you sell the book in different series on the ebook. If we like you we will buy. Shouldn’t try to milk us buying 1 book & breaking it into 5 parts to sell on kindle/nook,etc.!


I was refer to read this book by a friend. Must say finished in 2 days. Loved it sad :( it left me hanging, though I can’t wait for the conclusion of the saga for Jeremiah n Lucy. Does he he go after her? Will he confess he loves her too? Will Lucus keep her from his brother? So many questions. The extra story on Lucus gave me a better view of why he is the way he is!
Do you have a release date yet?


please put these books in paperback, some people do not have an kindle or the likes off, I do but I know people who do not, THE FIRST LOT WERE IN BOOK FORM WHY NOT PUT THEM IN ON EBIG BOOK or two, love the books anyway am waiting for the next one keep them coming sara