Resurfacing for a moment

My apologies for not keeping up here on the blog. Since quitting my day job a week ago, I’ve been working almost exclusively on the transition to self-employment as well as writing/editing AHW5 and the AHW upcoming novel (!!!). This week I even received a preliminary cover design for the upcoming novelization, which is the image at the top of this blog post. There’s a ton of things going on, not the least of which is that I need to get everything done for the book YESTERDAY, so I’ve become a bit of a shut-in. 😉

There are some other things I’d love to post about but nothing is quite set in stone yet, so hopefully this next week I can announce a couple other things. Otherwise, I shall leave you with this happy shot of my pup post-grooming (she’s so cute when she’s cute!).

Martha Baltazar

I am sooooooo looking forward to AHW5. I just started re-reading AHW1-4 and I love the story. Any idea when #5 will be released?

Adriana Santiago

Missing you sexy author! But I know this is a very important moment for you, so take your time and we’ll be right here waiting for your incredible books! Xoxo


Sara, I love the cove for the novel. It is classy yet still gives a little tease. I can’t wait to get my hands on AHW5 and I plan to get the novel as well. Keep up the REALLY great work. P. S. – The puppy is a cutie, too. 😉


Love the cover! I’m dying to read AHW5! …and more….. St. Martin Press, hurry up already! :o)

P.S. The puppy is adorable!


>:( I’m not a fan of the cover. Too much like the Shades books, which is upsetting because this genre’s been around longer & has better writers than that particular collection’s-
one of whom is you Ms Fawkes.

Pls don’t let publishers pigeon hole you. The cover designer needs to get back to the drawing board & be more creative- this isn’t it.

Usually not so negative, but this Shading trend is getting under my skin.


So there is going to be an AHW upcoming novel on top of the 5 other books or is the novel just all the 5 books put together? It would be great if it was to continue the story of these two!!!!!


We understand Sara, as well as give you our full support. I look forward to your next masterpiece once it is completed. Take care and keep in touch.


I agree with Cyn, whe I first saw the cover, I thought of Fifty Shades, couldn’t they be a little more creative?? Good luck on the novel and I can’t wait to read AHW5.