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So I’m out here in New Mexico with the Dude trying out our new-to-us tents at a KOA campground. Day before yesterday was spent at the Grand Canyon, the first real stop on our roadtrip. Yesterday we stopped at the Arizona Meteor Crater which was really stinking neat too. Albuquerque is having their annual hot air balloon festival this week (man, can we time it or what?) so hopefully we’ll get to see pretty balloons in the early morning sky, provided we can wake up early enough.

Last Friday, I had the coolest series of emails from my editor. St. Martin’s Press has been going to great lengths with marketing the AHW serials, as well as several awesome readers tweeting and telling friends about the series. Well, all of your hard work finally paid off: AHW 1 and 5 landed on both the New York Times AND USA Today Bestseller Lists!! SO COOL!!! Number 26 and 35 on the NYT Ebook Bestsellers list.

SQUEE!!! You guys are the bestest!!!

And now, here is a video my house sitter sent of my pup Dixie, who I desperately want to bring along on future trips (there may be a sidecar in my future).

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Congratulation ‘s Sara about the best seller’s. The series is awesome. Cant wait for more. Have fun on your trip.


That’s great!!! Congrats!!! Can’t wait to see what develops next with Jeremiah and Lucy!! Enjoy the rest of your trip!!

Sherry Bryans

Sara you have a great time on your trip! I just started reading the series about a month ago and had to read them one right after the other because i couldn’t put them down. I am so excited to see what will happen with Lucy & Jeramiah. Keep us posted!

Carey Jones

Hi Sara. Don’t be disheartened! In spite of the confusion over the latest instalment it’s a great series, and you’ve created a fantastic couple in Lucy & Jeramiah. Can’t wait to see what happens next. Hope your trip is fun. Take care!

Mary Mahlich

Please keep working on the AHW series. I felt like the bottom dropped out at the end of book 5. Was not a good ending. Doesn’t need to go on and on but please don’t let it hang like that. Good writing though.


Just wondering if you stopped in Williams, AZ on the way to the Canyon? Also are you going back the same direction on your way home?

Lisa B

Thank the stars that this isn’t the end of Lucy and Jeremiah!! I about flipped after reading the series and the ARC (I’m a librarian) and thought that was the END of the book AND their story. Congrats on your success. I’ll be keeping an eye peeled for the continuation of the AHW story!


I admit to feeling duped thinking I was buying novels instead of book snippets thankfully the progression of the storyline made up for my initial disappointment especially Book 5. I look forward to the actual novel and wish I was introduced to this series a little closer to the release date. I don’t want to expose people to the same disappointment I feel in not being able to continue indulging in reading this series so for now I can’t recommend this phenomenal read but you best believe when 6 comes out everyone will have their iPads, nooks and kindles to their faces. gREAT read got my eye on you!!!


You know, everyone is congratulating you on your best selling books and telling you how great you are. I just want to say that I think it’s ridiculous that you are putting ONE book out there in “installments” and charging so much for each one. I have spent $13.00 so far for five chapters of one book. I would like to know how many chapters you are planning before you decide to end this book. Because honestly, the story is good and it seems like you are a good writer, but I really don’t know that ANY book is worth what we all will have in this one if we have to spend $2.99 for each chapter.


Hiya absolutely love your AHW series and cant wait for the 6th one.x.x but when it the next part of ‘BAck in the groove’ being released as im really looking forward to readin it x x x x

Debby Kelly

Sara, just read AHW5 today. Started at lunch and finished before I left. Oops, sorry work. I love the series and cant wait for the next. Sooo good! Keep um coming


So is the novel that comes out on the 27th going to just be these five books we have read so far or will it have a lot more??? Does anyone know???


Sara where have you gone? I’m patiently waiting for book. But wonder what you are up too? Nothing new anyone is writing? Hello out there? Lol


what is going on??? i am soooo confused…. will there b a book six or just a second book all together following lucy and jerimah…. and if so… when??? horrible way to end a story.
also… back in the groove…. when will book 2 be out… the lack of information regarding these books is highly unprofessional….
2 great reads that just leave me hanging with no clue… and using google for information but still no conclusion