AHW novel contest!

Contest time!

It’s been a long time since I checked in here – too caught up in vacationland apparently – so I think I owe my faithful readers something special. I finally heard back from my publishers who weathered (and continue to recover from) Sandy’s might; everyone is alright, although some have a bigger mess to clean up than others. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by the storm, hope you also came through okay! So it was a bit delayed but, holy cow, they sent me something FULL of win.

ARC’s and final copies of “Anything He Wants” the novel!! ****SQUEE****

(The video that made my parents cry)

Time is ticking down to the “official” release date of November 27, and with the book due out in stores soon (and with the rushed schedule the book’s had in comparison to most other publications) there’s not much time to do promotions or other kinds of marketing.

That’s where my readers come in. 😉

It’s been you wonderful people who’ve made this book so big, and I’m asking you to help me one more time. This contest will run for almost two weeks, ending on the official release date of November 27 (see below). I have two book copies and two ARCs (Advance Reading Copy), but want to keep one ARC so there will be three (3) winners, randomly selected from all the entries. The winners, in the order they were picked, will have the option to receive a signed ARC or signed final copy of “Anything He Wants” novel.

The (simple) rules for this contest:

Bloggers: Blog about the release. Whether its a review of the series or simply a note on your blog that the book is coming out, along with the Amazon/B&N/etc link to the novel page. Send me the link to your blog post, and your name will be put into the pot. The more times the release is mentioned (in individual blog posts), the more times you’ll be in the drawing.

Tweeters (Twitter): Same thing (albeit with less words). Tweet the link to your followers, putting “@sarafawkes” and “#ahw” inside so I can keep track. Again, the more tweets the more times your name is in, but try not to spam – once or twice per day is enough.

Facebook: This one is tough. I’ve never delved into FB deep enough to know how to tag a person in a post, but if you can let me know on this blog comments area when you posted something to your Friends, I’ll add you to the list. If any of you wonderful folks can explain an easier way to track, I’ll love you for life!! 😀

Despite the fact that the AHW novel is only slated so far for a US release, I will accept global entries. Before SMP took over, the story had an international audience (and hopefully soon it will again) and it would be super silly to bar you from receiving a copy. So as long as you have an address accessible by post, you’re in!!

The various URLs for the books:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00940L0II

Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/anything-he-wants-sara-fawkes/1110205464

Let the games begin!!

EDIT: Because I’m stuck here in the Great White North until early December, I’ve decided to extend the contest until December 7 when I return. More time to get your entries in (and the word of this release out!). 😀

Kara Kenny

Sara, to keep track here is what you do: People can write their status and simply type your name (as long as you are a friend of theirs a drop down box will appear when they begin typing your name and they can select you as being tagged in the post) Then facebook will send you a notification saying you were tagged in a post to help you keep track of it! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!


well i posted to FB but unsure how to tag you. btw i love the short story sequence – its enough to quench my thirst and then leave me wanting more – can’t wait for #6 to come out :)

Tracie Lampe

I just read the review on Netgally and it says this edition contains never-before-released scenes and special bonus material! I wasn’t going to read it since I had read all 5 in the series but I am now going to reread it as a novel!

marcie B

So very glad to find your blog today……..taking a break from Home Work! So very happy–joyfully giddy–to learn that book 6 is coming…some day soon, hopefully. Love the characters and your willingness to hear your fans desire for more. Sandy hit Long Island, NY HARD, so these books were reread on my Nook Tablet. Thanks for the serial version–it helped me during the long 14 days without electricity.

Your unmet friend from LI, MB.


Definitely a fan….I’m addicted to the whole genre…Really looking forward to book 6,7,8 in the AHW series…PLEASE continue writing this one….i miss Jeremiah already.


I have just purchased anything he wants 6 and it’s only the other 5 books together I feel miss lead as I thought it was a continue from ur late book I must say I’m disappointed


Any chance, Sara, you could possibly give us a possible month, maybe, please, when the next installment will be coming out?


I am very disappointed with this book!! I thought that it was going to continue from book 5. If I would have known that i was buying all 5 books again i would have never gotten the book. When will we find out what happens with Lucy??????


I can not believe this. I just purchased the printed book in hopes to read the ending & was so disappointed to find out that there is NO ending! A huge waste of $. I to would have NEVER purchased if I would have known.


I feel cheated, I bought all 5 books and expected the follow up in the new book, but no you just put all books together. I am very disappointed you have conned your fans into buying the book twice.

Kara Kenny

Never did Sara say this was the continuation. If you read her past posts you will see that this what the complete compilation of the series. Fans were upset she was doing it in increments!