Happy Thanksgiving!

What’s better than seeing the shock on your little sister’s face when you show up at her door completely by surprise to spend Thanksgiving? Add that to the fact she’s living in Canada (which celebrates T-Day in a different month) and it’s the whole immediate family who shows up (thanks to help from my BIL).

This is the same sister over whom we can’t pull anything – our schemes and secrets are like glass to her. Usually. So it was SO cool to utterly knock her speechless with this little surprise.

Heehee. Sorry I didn’t say anything, but it was a big hush-hush thing as we were sure we’d be caught. Nope. Finally pulled a fast one over my sister. About time, I think. So I’ll be in Canada for the next week a d a half, chasing around my nephew and trying to write in the moments I get between cooking, shopping, and family time.

Happy Early Turkey Day everyone, let the holiday season commence!


Read all 5 Anything He Wants novels, thought the last one left me hanging would like to read a book 6 to see if jeramiah would get lucy out of Lucas’s hands and realise he does want her. hopefully there will be a book 6.