Release day

Today was officially the release day for Anything He Wants the novel. After months of writing and editing and waiting, November 27 has come (and almost gone as I write this). Yet now, as the day ends and I reflect a bit, I’m still stunned by that fact. I’m in actual stores, next to other books by authors I read and enjoy.

My mind, she is blown, but right now I feel weirdly zen. I spent all day squeeing and bouncing and boggling at the Amazon and B&N rankings. OMG. Today was an emotional rollercoaster, it like I didn’t know what to think!

A few of you have already been gracious enough to lend the novel some reviews on Amazon, B&N and other online sites, for which I am thankful. Today also ends the free novel contest; it will run until midnight Pacific time tonight, and I’ll compile and choose the winners tomorrow. But… Wow. Wow.

I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOOOO BIG!!!!!!! Thank you for coming with me on this journey, there’s no way I could have done this without your help and support!! Please know the story will DEFINITELY continue and I appreciate everyone who’s blogged, tweeted, emailed, or otherwise spread the word about AHW’s release immensely. Today feels like a kitten and unicorn all wrapped in one – immensely awesome but more than a little unbelievable.

…okay, I may be a tiny bit less zen now. But thank you, I’m amazed about everything that’s gone on over the last few months and it’s all thanks to you. ***HUGZ***

And because I’m trying to make every post have a picture, here are three of the most adorable pups I met today!


I know the book just came out today… but… When is the sequel coming out!? Can’t wait!!! HAVE to know what happens to Lucy/Jeremiah/Lucas!!!


I agree, when’s the next installment! I bought and finished the book in 12 hours. I couldn’t put it down. Please hurry on more :)

Susan Byrum

I saw it on the shelf (one copy) at Target this evening……I guess all the others were sold, a good thing…mine is on my IPad in the original segments. I can’t wait for the rest of the story! Keep up the good work!

Regards, Sue

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No offense, but where is the character development? I have no investment is either main character. And the plot is like a telenovela — you should truly be embarrassed!


Sara did a WONDERFUL job on this book, it is right up there with 50 shades of Grey!!! It is GREAT and I want to know when the next book is coming out??

Kara Kenny

Character development???? Are you kidding me??? I’m sorry you don’t like the book but how dare you put someone down like you just did! Sara is a great writer and I have enjoyed this series thoroughly! If you disagree that is fine but how dare you put another human being down like that!

Connie Tran Smith (@tweetyct2)

Hello, I just finished listening to your book. Anything He Wants was a good book and looking forward to the next one in the series. How many books are you planning for this series? When do you anticipate for the next to one to be release?


So excited! I have all chapters on kindle; and just received my book from amazon today. I ordered 2 books! I had to buy one for a friend I have been bragging too about how great this book is! Congratulation s Sara! I cant wait for more!! I was really touched by the Thank You given to your fans.


ok, I bought it last night at B&N, finished reading it this afternoon … now I need to find out what happens now … I’m so hooked it’s crazy … where is Lucas taking Lucy!!!??? Yes, please when is the next book?


Congrats Sara!! when is part 6 going to be release”???im dying to know what next for Jeremiah,Lucy and Lucas!!!please keep us posted soon


I can’t wait to find out what happens with Lucy, Jeremiah, and Lucas!!! I bought this book tonight and finished it!!! So good


Just finished reading AHW!!!! Loved it and was hooked from the beginning. Now I can’t wait to see what happens. I so need to know when the next installment will come out. So looking forward to it and following your writing career. Congrats Sara!!!!!


Привет Сара.
Большое спасибо за твою книгу от поклонницы из России (хоть немного и обидно, что Анна Петровски русская, но в каждой стране есть свои стервы:)) Ты сделала хорошую работу! Продолжай в том же духе.
Очень жду продолжения…
Hi Sarah.
Thanks for your book from fans from Russia (and a little sad that Anna Petrowski is a russian girl, but each country has its own bitch :)) You’ve done a really good job! Keep going it.
Can’t wait to see continue …


So Sara? When will the continue of the series be released? I loved the book. I liked a few added parts ; different from the kindle chapters. Keep us posted please. Great job and congrats Sara.


LOVE LOVED LOVED this book!!! LOVE the characters!!! I cannot wait until the next book comes out!!! Can you please throw us a bone & let us know when it will be released!!! I need to know what happens w/Jeremiah, Lucy, & Lucas!!! 😀 Great writing & great story!!!


I am a reader through.and through… I just happen to stumble on these books in the Nook store and Love them.. Don’t listen to the haters out there.Sara.. Your up there with Selena Kitt and Anne Rice with the erotic. If no one else girl you got a new.reader out of me! Not to be repetitive but WHEN IS ThE NEXT BOOK?!?!


I bought all the books as they came out and just now bought the novel for my phone because it says it has a few more scenes in it. But I was wonder when the next one will come out because I don’t like to be hanging like this. It was a great story but ended all wrong HAS to be more. Thank you for writing such awesome books.

Crystal Harris

I didn’t know that you had books in sequence of five I had just purchased this book at target BC it sounded interesting. wowww to my surprise I read it in one day. I loved it and I would really like to know when is the other one coming out haha. I’d hate for it to come out and I would no nothing of it. Thank you for your story I loved bit tremendously.

arivanh cullum

Hi Sarah! LOVED AHW and was so disappointed to have it end the way it did. I was hoping that there might a sequel…please say that there is! Pretty please! Would love a happy ending for Lucy & Jeremiah.


hi! I have been searching, endlessly for your book, OMG, i can not find it anywhere in Malaysian, it is not in the book shops, im kind of bummed coz i have really been looking forward to reading it.. :-(


I have just finihsed the book and now wondering when and if there will be more to come to follow and end it since it cant end like it did


What Else Can I say that has not been written already……..I can’t wait for the next book…..but all good things come to those who wait. (Hopefully not toooooo long) :)


Thank goodness I am not the only one that wants to know what is going to happen to Lucy. I keep looking for the next instalment. Hope it is not too long in coming out.


Stayed up till well after midnight to finish the book (couldn’t put it down) even though I had to be up and out in about 5 hours…….Please tell me that you continue their story…..I’m dying here. I kept saying “No, NO, NO!!!” My husband thought I was crazy…..I couldn’t believe that was it….Please say it ain’t so!!!!

Imene McCoy

Loved..loved the book read and finished in two days… i know it just came out but i am ready for book two…Cant wait for the sequel. Please tell me there will be a book two?? I need to know what happens next….


Loved the book!! Bought it last night at Target and could not put it down :) I am hoping the next book comes out soon. I look forward to reading what happens between Lucy, Lucas and Jeremiah!!!!!!


Sara…A great read…only 2 days to finish…also loved the Devil’s Due. I’m glad that you’re giving us a view into Lucas’s history. If I have any criticism ( and I hate that word since it seems to imply negativity and that’s not what this is about) I wish that at the beginning of Anything He Wants, before the elevator scene that we knew a little more about Lucy. A more personal attachment before she let’s herself go in the elevator and then in the car park. it was hard to believe that she was that easy that quick and that she took the personal assistant job without knowing what she would be doing other than a sex slave.
I still loved this story and I am waiting on pins and needles to read the rest of Devil’s Due…I think this book may even be better than the first….good luck


I just finished reading your book and I loved it! Is this story going to be continued? It ended on a cliff hanger. Please let me know if there is a 2nd book. Thank you


Just wondering if are going to reply to the requests above. I have read the 5 part series to Anything He Wants and loved it but find I am really wanting to know if you are releasing another book. Please put us out of our misery. Lol


Loved, loved the book!! Please tell me the next book is coming soon – simply can’t wait to see what happens next!

krystal tustin

I couldnt put it down, im totally in love with this book but when does the next one come out, is he going to chase after her

VanesMate @ Paranormal Itch Reviews

I happened upon this book about 2 months ago and bought all of the minisodes….or what have you. It really is a great series and I’d definitely love to continue! Jerimiah is an enigma and a beast…I can no doubt see him in my harem of book boyfriends! Right up there with Christian, GIdeon, Bones and Barrons…tough shoes to fill but I can taste it. I know with more books we can get a more in depth view of the characters. I love what I see so far and cannot wait to find out what happens next with Lucy and Jeremiah! And his sexy, evil (or is he) brother…..

Julie Ann

I’ve just finished reading AHW and I cannot wait to read more! You are such a wonderful writer and I wish nothing but success and happiness for you. Happy new year!


Sara don’t leave us in suspense – please answer, is there going to be book 6 – I cannot find any info about it, yes or no????


I bought the book last night and could not put my kindle down! Finished it – and left hanging PLEASE say there’s a follow up in the works


Yay!!! i cant wait for the next book!!! i think it should be a little longer thought but i loved loved loved the first one :) do you have an estimated time frame of when it will be out for us??

krystal tustin

I’m a fan of hers on Facebook, she recently put that she will there will be another part but she doesn’t know if she wants to do a novel or a small part like before


Ok, I don’t understand. They were previously released as a 5 part (very short) series? Now all parts 1-5 are this one book? Am I right so far? This book ends a “chase”, so is there another book (essentially part 6) and if so when does that come out? Just finished this one, and Loved it!

Sara Fawkes

I’m glad you liked it!! Yes, the story was originally released as a serial, then published into a novel. The story is the same, although the novel was slightly expanded to include a story about the brother at the end. As for AHW6, I’m still unsure how the rest of the series will be released (serial or novel), but it WILL continue!! 😉

lisbeth fernandez

I loved your book it was amazing im praying that u make a second book i really want to know if he chases lucy. If he will finally declare his love for her i hope u really do write on.

Sara Fawkes

Heehee, no spoilers!!! But yes, there is definitely a merry chase – one doesn’t take something from Jeremiah Hamilton and not expect he’ll get it back! 😉


Sara please hurry with the follow up to AHW. I am dying here. Please let us know when it comes out. Thank you

Tammy Hornback

When is Devil’s Due on sale? Please tell me its already on sale, I can’t wait to read more of the story!!!!! I’m so very interested! !!!!! Thank you Tammy