2012 has been incredible!

With a new year only hours away, I got to thinking about just how utterly incredible 2012 has been. In April, I was a girl with an idea for a story, wondering if I’d crash and burn since, realistically, serials were not really all that popular in mainstream literature. Now my little story is lining shelves in bookstores and grocery markets, and contemplating the journey is completely overwhelming. I’ve been given a gift, something which I’ve always dreamed about, and despite being a writer I can’t quite put into words how I feel.

None of this would have happened without my readers. I know I say it a lot, but it’s true – you all are the best, most incredible group of people in the whole wide world. I am forever thankful that my little story reached so many wonderful folks, and know you all deserve the credit for everything that’s happened this year.

Tonight starts the new year (for most of the world, it’s already 2013), so I just wanted to wish you all a Happy (belated) Holidays and I hope your New Years is one to be remembered!!!! *hugs*


Happy New Year n many blessings!!!!!!!! Hopefully this can be my year to get my books finished and published also…i love your books..the characters are intriguing and engaging. I am waiting withan impatient spirit for more…..:-)


I just finished reading the book. Is there going to be a sequel?????? When???????soon I hope!!!!!! Cannot wait!!!!!!!

Heather Johnson

I loved “Anything He Wants”. I just discovered it on Amazon.com when I was browsing for some
books to order for my Kindle. My question is: Is there a sequel planned? It certainly didn’t end the
way I imagined it would.

Jolene Hamling

I loved “Anything He Wants” I bought it at Barnes and Noble on a gut feeling I would like it. After I had read the Fifty shades trilogy. What I want to know is there a sequal planned. I not sure I was a huge fan of the ending


All the best in New Year! Hope to see your new work soon:) I’ve just read Polish translation and I think you’re really talented.


I just finished “Anything He Wants” and I thought it was awesome……until the end. I was left with so many unanswered questions! I like some others am wondering if there is going to be a sequel????


just finished anything he wants and was very disappointed with the ending. is there really going to be more? I see posts that say there will be but I can’t find that anywhere.


Sara, thanks for a fantastic book. I loved it and eagerly anticipate the sequel. I hope there is a Happily Ever After planned for Lucy and Jeremiah. I hope the creative juices continue to flow!


I loved anything he wants, but the end left me hanging and I am dying to read the next book. When will you be releasing it?

Carolina C

Sara, I came upon your book a few days ago and read “Anything he wants” in only a few hours! LOVED IT!!!! And now, I soooooooo can’t wait to know what will be next for Jeremiah and Lucy! When will you elease a sequel??? Hurry please!!!!

Kelly S

Hi Sara! I picked up your book last night and DEVOURED it in less than five hours!!! Please, please, please hurry and get the sequel out! :)


Sara……info re the release of a sequel is obviously desired by quite a few! We want to know if Lucy finds her way back to Jeremiah?!


I know everyone is asking this but PLEASE P-Lease tell us there is a sixth installment to this book? And if so, please tell us that is coming out ASAP :) I enjoyed your book and really think it is different than the usual. <3


Hi Sara!! Loved the book!! When is the next one coming out??? I feel like I am left dangling here wondering what is going to happen next???


Highly Disappointing that none of the fan questions are being answered about the next story. I guess getting her novel was all that mattered. I for one am not going to waste anymore of my money and time on someone who ignores the people who have helped get her where she is. Thanks, and good luck

Sara Fawkes

I’m sorry you feel that way. The reason I haven’t said much about the future is because so much of it is still in the air – I’m not sure yet where the AHW series is going, only that it will continue. However, I did do a blog post last night that hopefully answered some of your questions.

Jolene Hamling

I agree with Kara, I have been wondering the same thing as well as many others. Do you not respond to your fans that buy your book?

Sara Fawkes

I do answer, but unfortunately receive the same question over and over no matter how often I say something. You’re right though, I should probably do another blog post about this – I’ve mentioned it on Facebook and Twitter, but even though I don’t have a set-in-stone release date yet for book two, the AHW story is definitely going to continue.

I’m sorry that the blog folks feel left out or that I’m ignoring you. Believe me, that’s NOT what I want or mean to imply!!