Contest winners!

photo credit: crsan – via photopin cc

I had a wonderful time in Canada visiting my sister and nephew (who holds the title of World’s Cutest and nobody can convince me otherwise! *g*), and now it’s time to announce the winners!!

First off, a special thanks to the Dude and my bestie Erin who used their Interwebz-Fu and helped me compile the final spreadsheet – I’d be lost without them! I want to thank EVERYONE who helped me get the word out for this contest, you are the BEST readers a girl could ask for and I appreciate everything you do and continue doing to help me!!

I’ve also decided to extend the number of winners for signed copies to a total of 5, including the grand prize of the ARC. I’d give ALL the people who helped me a copy if I had enough!!!

Okay, the winners are (drumroll please):

Grand Prize of 1 signed ARC: Katie Rose (@_katierose1107)

Signed Copies of the AHW novel:
Zoey Derrick (@ZoeyDerrick)
Sandy Lion (Facebook)
Adriana Santiago (@AndriiiSantiii)
Bellisimo (@starslite13)

I’ll be contacting the winners about addresses later today. Congratulations!!

Adriana Santiago

Hi Sexy!!! Just read that!!! OMG!!! Moi??? A signed copy of ur book? I’m dreaming right? I’m so happy for u? Ur success, ur accomplishments, everything! U r a great author, great style, talented…. This is just the beginning! Remember we still have a movie to do!!! Lolol Ahhh, I want to seccure my red carpet tickets now… Really!!! I want to be all dressed up watching ur movie w/ some hunky Hollywood actor! Beautiful the space is ur limit!!! Congrats and BIG thank you!!! I Feel humbled to be awarded something so precious!!! Xoxo

Lucinda Jordan

New to your stories but when looking for something to read at B&N your book AHW came up. I read the review and immediately rushed out to get it. Came home got some tea and started reading and didn’t stop until I finished! I’m so wanting more of Lucy and Jeremiah! Needless to say I’m hooked! Thank you! Can’t wait for more!


Please, just finished the book Anything He Wants and am wondering when the follow-up to this book might be out.. Really loved the book but kind of left me hanging..

Angela Block

I have to say that I am new to this, But i read your book in two days. I loved it I got enthralled with the characters and the plot. Thank you for writing this book, I cannot wait to read whats next. Looking forward to it.


The book was great just like fifty shades of gray but your book leaves you hanging. I was so disapointed. Are you going to finish it or was it suspose to leave everyone hanging.