AHW future plans

I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about the future, particularly regarding the AHW series, and I think it’s past time I did a blog post talking about what the plans are for the series.

First off, a promise: the story DOES continue!! I expect that’s implied by the doozy-of-a-cliffhanger ending, but I wanted to go on the record about that anyway. The story does/will continue, but in what format I’m still not 100% sure. A lot of it has to do with what format the series is released as (serial or novel), and whether I will self-publish the continuation or if I publish through St. Martin’s Press. I can’t say much right now because that whole part is still in talks, but SMP is definitely interested in acquiring a sequel, and I still very much want to work with them. It all comes down to me now to get them something to publish.

Yes folks, I still need to write the story.

Right now I’m on a deadline for an Avon anthology story, so I’m focusing my writing efforts on that and hope to have it done this month. After that however, it’s all about an AHW sequel.

I really don’t mean to ignore anybody, especially since its all thanks to you that I’m even where I am. Many of the questions I’ve received are the same thing, and it gets hard to keep repeating the same answer: that, yes, the series will continue, and no, I don’t yet have a publication date. But as soon as I know anything, I’ll definitely let you all know!!

I really do appreciate every person that’s ever bought, read, or recommended the first AHW and its individual serials. It’s not my intention to ignore you, and I’m definitely online much more with Twitter and Facebook. But I’m thankful for EVERYBODY who’s allowed me this opportunity to do the one thing I love (and love making a living with), and would never want you to think I am not grateful for your support.

You guys continue to be the greatest!!!

Juliana Silva

ow Sarah we love this book so much! We really apreciatte that you continue to write more history about the gorgeous and wonderful Jeremiah and the smart and beautiful Lucy! xoxo

Lilia Lamego

I just finished reading the AHW book and can’t wait to hear about what happens next between Jeremaih & Lucy. the book was awesome I can’t wait to see when the continuation will come out…

Christiana M

I love your work Sara! So happy to hear the sequel is coming. Waiting patiently but don’t take too long:)

Sara Fawkes

Actually it was originally meant to be a short story specifically for the novelization of AHW. However, so many people have mentioned it that I’m thinking I may in the future do a story focusing on the brother. Still unsure how it’ll work, and I need to finish at least AHW2 first, but that’s an idea that won’t leave my head! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Thank goodness you are continuing with this story. My mind keeps thinking of all the possibilities for the next book. It is driving me mad. Love you work. Can’t wait for the next installment of AHW.

LaDonna Kennedy

Thank youI was a little confused about which book I actually read. Also thank you for writing such great stories and for bringing these character to be.

Kim Henriques

Yay so glad you are going to continue the series and I can’t wait and hope Remi and Lucy get the love they deserve. Thank you very much for updating us it does mean A LOT. Happy Day


I really enjoyed AHW and I’m seriously anxious about a sequel. Lucas just makes me laugh and Jeremiah makes me melt. You are a fantastic writer. Please don’t make me wait too long for the sequel. :)


I ejoyed reading this book, it was better reading it a second time… I cant wait till the sequal… its a great book I love how this one ended and can only imagine how the next will start…


I just finished AHW on audio books. It was GREAT!!!!! I cannot wait for the continuation of this story and I do hope its on audio. I love your writing style and will make sure I get any of your audio books you have avaliable.You are now at the top of my favorite authors!!

Sara Fawkes

Aww thanks so much!! I still need the audiobook, I haven’t yet listened to my own story so you’re a big step ahead of me!! Glad you enjoyed it!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Kim N Healy

I just finished reading AHW #1 to #5. I was hoping to find more of AHW books. Your stories were a wonderful escape. I am hoping to read more of this series. Thank you for writing these stories.
Besides being a great escape, your stories helped while dealing Chemo. Hoping 2013 brings more AHW stories.


Sorry for the push on AHW love story but its your fault the book is amazing love it so much. Please consider posting some pieces of what’s to come to keep us salivating on these amazing characters that ou brought to life. Just a Thank You for you great talent.


Hi Sarah,
Love the AHW books can’t wait for the sequel just keep us posted on your progress. If you could drop us a note when you start writing it that would be nice so we can anticipate the finished book. I am sure you will get us another great read. You mentioned you are writing something else what is it called and how can we get the ebook when its published. thanks Jennifer :)

Sara Fawkes

The novella is finished (well, rough draft; still need to do edits) and AHW2 has been started! Keep an eye on the bar up top-right on the blog, I’ll keep that updated with my progress. ๐Ÿ˜€


Thank you for updating us on AHW. I’ve been dying to hear an update on the series. I’ve even bought the audio hoping to hear the sequel part. LOL. Thanks again. Big fan of AHW.

Sara Fawkes

Alas, no sequel part on the audio! BUT, it’s started and I’m having fun with it!! We learn a lot more about Lucas, but don’t think Jeremiah is out for the count! ๐Ÿ˜‰

RaeLynn Kirk

Am I to understand right that Devils Due ( the few pages at the end of Anything He Wants) is not out yet?

Sara Fawkes

“Devil’s Due” was meant to be a short story special for the novel, not a book in its own right. However, the more I think about it, the more I like the idea of giving Lucas his own book. First though, he has to survive what happens next! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Hi Sarah is there any way to only purchase the bonus part of AHW novel I already bought the separate books before you published the full novel and I kinda feel cheated that I won’t get to read the bonus “Devils Due” without spending an additional 9.99 on an ebook that I read most of already. Thanks loyal fan :) Jennifer can’t wait for the sequel :)

K Girl

A few of my friends are reading the book AHW after I told them they should read it! We all can’t wait for Lucy’s and Jeremiah’s story to continue!!!!

Marlena Welty

I too loved this book. I cried and bit my lip and remained stoic as the sniper almost killed Lucy. Your writing is amazing and I can feel her emotion too and am now in limbo. Lol. I hope to see the sequel soon and I will definitely recommend it to all my girlfriends!!

Nicole Villanueva

Yay 30%, 1/3 down! I am so excited for what’s coming next. Cliffhanger does jot describe the ending. I actually spent the rest of the day fidgeting! Please more snippets. I love your writing style, you have helped me on an endeavor of my own that I have been putting off for years. Thank you for a great story, and the continuation of that great story!

Jenne Heaton

i really loved the book.the part about Ethan?Never saw that coming!Keep it up,I’m just dying to see the next book!


The story was a page turner to say the least! I read the entire book in one day… and what an ending. Can’t wait for the next book thanks for an awesome story!!

Sabrina Reed

I just finished with AHW ๏ปฟthe book was amazing just loved it. Ready for book two. Will it be a completed book or mini books like before?I would prefer whole book . Can’t wait to read it. Read this book in two days.


I just wanted to tell you that i think you are a wonderfully talented author! it may seem like a broken record by now, but AHW really was just nothing short of addictingly fantasmical! The kind where you cant flip through the pages fast enough to get to the next one- and everyone knows that those are the best kind! Where the emotions and feelings that the characters are enduring are, funnily enough, zipping through your body at the same time!! Not too many authors have that ability, but you have captured it and taken off with it! I am horribly anxious for AHW 8- that cliffhanger at the end of 7, still boggles my mind-with the wide eyes and the jaw dropped- every time i think about it!! LOL! Just thought you should know, that you’ve got another helplessly loyal reader highly anticipating your future achievements!! ๐Ÿ˜€