Audiobooks and AHW2 totals

I was surfing through the Heroes and Heartbreakers website today and came across a feature about the narrator for the AHW audiobook, Clarissa Knightly. I thought it was a great article, and totally loved how she described her secret for getting past the naughty bits:

Finally I figured out the secret. The key was to stop worrying about my blushing and concentrate instead on making the engineer blush. So that became my goal—to engage the engineer, make him or her (these days there are many more female engineers) blush, and by extension you: my listener.

Pretty ingenious I think; even I would have a tough time speaking the dirtier parts of my own story aloud!!

Managed 3,559 words on AHW2 today, rounding off the first chapter. A big part of me had been reluctant to start because I wasn’t quite sure what would happen in the story, but I’m happy to say I’ve gotten over that pesky little hurdle. 😉 Now to keep going and finish this baby, keep an eye on that status bar on the top right!

The Dude is down in SoCal this week, attending King Of The Hammers (a desert race for boys and their toys). He doesn’t have much in the way of cell reception but still managed to call me a couple times to let me know he was okay; said it was all sand and dirt and nothing. Yeah, I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it much, but I still miss the pesky bugger. Oh well, just a few more days!

Now it’s off to the grocery store to try and restock the house with food. The Dude, in all his wisdom, cleaned us out of any and all decent spices and snack foods, and managed to take all the lunchmeats but not the bread. I survived today on boxed pasta in the pantry and a jar of marinara, but it’s time to try and pack in some REAL food. Silly boys and their toys (and eating habits)…

Elena Aspro

I just finished AHW the entire book (amazing), but I’m left hanging with the last line “Let’s make him chase us, shall we”? is there a part two to this book? Please tell me YES??

Misty Payton

Just about done reading Anything He Wants for a second time. Really love the story. I can’t wait to see how Jeremiah reacts to Lucy being taken by Lucas. Thanks Misty

a bennett

the progress on that status bar on the top right is making me really really happy, hah! i’m checking it several times everyday, it’s insane!

Misty Payton

Sara have you consider writing the books from Jeremiah’s point of view. I would love to know what’s going through his mind during the story.


Just finished AHW read it in one day loved the book couldn’t put it down. Can’t wait till the second one is out!!!!

Sara Fawkes

I’m currently in the process of writing book 2, and don’t have a set-in-stone release date. However, I’d like to have the book released sometime around summer/fall, and am on my way toward meeting that goal. :) As soon as I know more I’ll be sure to let you know!!!


Just finished anything he wants and couldn’t put it down!!! Reading your comments about the sequel and can’t wait.

M bee

With all the trouble facebook has had only you could force back to explore facebook again! Thanks for alll the info as yet another fan awaits book 2 (6). Love these characters thanks for sharing them!