Expectations, and AHW2 future plans


Expectations can be tricky.

For example, when I first published a short story titled “Anything He Wants”, I never expected it would start this rollercoaster journey through the realm of publishing. I figured, hey, a couple people might read my story and that would be cool – now it’s in languages like French and Portuguese, on shelves across the world. Wow! I never expected that I’d get such an awesome publisher like St. Martin’s to allow me to expand my audience, and yet that’s exactly what happened. I never expected people would be at all interested in a serialized novel, or be so excited about the sequel.

If I’d planned this whole writing thing…wow, I’d never have guessed where I’d be now! The journey has absolutely blown my mind so far.

I had some expectations on how the AHW sequel would be released, but I’m super excited to tell you that the continuation will be coming to you sooner than even I anticipated. Many of you know that AHW was originally released as a serial, or, in other words, a short story/part at a time. This allowed me to get the story out to you as I wrote it. My lovely editor Delta fixed and edited for me as we went, but essentially as I finished each part, I released it to you. I won’t lie, I really enjoyed doing this. Serials, or something very much like it, are commonplace in fan fiction, and I used to avidly follow my favorite authors with baited breath, desperate for the next part. AHW was an experiment to see if a format I loved was viable on the open e-market and, to my pleasant surprise, many of you seemed to enjoy it. So this time, I’ve opted to do the same thing: release each part as it’s finished, then later release it as a novel, both in electronic and paperback format.

Now, a promise to my readers before I go any further.

One of the mistakes I made the first time around was not being transparent enough that the individual parts would eventually be bundled together into a novel. I received many reviews, usually on the novelized version, about how people felt cheated that they’d bought each part of the series when they could have had the book altogether. So I’m going to tell you now, and will remind you in the coming months as each part is put forth: there will be a “novelized” sequel. Each of the individual parts released over the next few months will be bundled together into a “true” sequel, a complete paperback and ebook novel that you can, eventually, hold in your hands (or on your Kindle/Nook/Kobo/etc). So if the thought of having to wait for each part is too difficult, or you only want to pay for the story once, I totally understand. Please don’t feel pressured into buying each individual part as the novel WILL be available, hopefully as soon as this summer.

Another issue I feel obliged to discuss regarding each part: length. The very first serialized part of AHW topped the word-count scales at just over 8k words. Given that a manuscript page is roughly 250 words (Amazon’s ebook calculations are closer to 300 words per “page”), that was only 32 pages. Now, almost a year later, this length isn’t enough for me. The final serial released, AHW5, was a hair over 20k words, two-and-a-half times the length of the first part (~80 pages) and closer to a typical novella-length work like you see in anthologies. I am making a promise to you now that anything I put out story-wise from now on will be at least that long, if not longer. Cross my heart.

I’ve no doubt there will be some people who still don’t approve of this method, and I understand. That is why I’m being as up front as I can regarding the certainty of a novel at the end. AHW2 (which yes, will eventually have its own name lol) will be out in ebook and (in English, I’m not sure yet about the translations) print format by this summer. As we get closer to the end of the book and I know a bit more, I’ll be sure to announce novel release dates and other schedules.


I’ll try to answer any questions you might have in comments. As before, Facebook and Twitter are the best ways to get ahold of me, but I’ll answer any blog questions sent my way as promptly as I can. There is a good chance you may not see the paperback sequel in stores this summer but it WILL be available online.

Questions? Thoughts?

Felicia Roldan

I am just supper happy your writing and how many words is not that huge of a deal. I’m just overjoyed to have the story back! Keep up the great work!!!


Thanks for letting us know about the “novelization” of the serials…I wasn’t familiar with the format before. When the novel came out for the first serials, I thought to myself, “Awe, man, I could have waited and purchased it all at once!”…but after pondering that, I realized that i could NOT have waited to find out what was happening in the story!…just keep it coming…I’ll enjoy it any way I can get it!

Nicole Villanueva

(continued) Forward to the serials as well as the novel. Love Snippet Saturday as well! You are just a plethora of great ideas.


okay, I read this series, and then I read it again, bought it in the 5 short stories, in kindle form, and then bought the whole finished book in paperback, so that’s what I will do with the next round of books to, simply loved them all, kept me on the edge of my sit, that last book, can’t wait to see how it all works out for Jeremiah and Lucy

Sarah Y

I have no problem with the serial and since I’m so impatient I like that we’ll get to read more about the story sooner! Although I’d rather have the book than the parts in the end… One thing I do have reservations about is the price of the serials. For AHW, if you add up the cost of individual parts, it’s $15, which is more expensive than most ebooks. I think something like $1.99 would be a more reasonable price for each part.

Sara Fawkes

I’ve been thinking hard on price as well. Many people in self-publishing have their stories set at $2.99 because of the higher royalties (70% for $2.99+ vs 35% for lower prices), but I can see how it adds up quickly for buyers. I’m seriously considering adding something special to each part, something that won’t be available in the novel/final print version but exclusive to each individual serial.

As I figure out the details I’ll be sure to let you know! 😉

Sarah Y

That’s a great idea! That’ll definitely be worth spending the extra $ for :) And of course we’d want you to have the higher royalties 😉 XOXO

Christine Sussens

I think this is great – we won’t have to wait so long and can get bits and pieces. Will it be available at Amazon?
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Sara Fawkes

Definitely! I think the only place that may take more than a day to publish would be iTunes because they have a longer check process. :) But each story will be available on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, AllRomance and iTunes.

Nena Gimenez

i dont mind the serials, i bought each individual one as it came out and then i bought the novel when it became available, i liked that in the novel there was a little extra something, also having all the serials in one convinient novel was great, my library space fills up faster with the serials cuz there are so many. if you add something special to the serials this time for AHW2 but not put those special things in the novel, well then my library is gonna be extra full lol. i love your books and i love the serials and i love that at the end i can get the novel and get rid of the serials from my library, but i think it would be fair to all if you add the special things to the novel as well. in the end every fan out there will get what they want, iether to buy the serials or wait and buy the novel. your doing a great job! its gotta be hard to have to come up with a game plan that will please everyone while still maintain sanity lol but i wanted you to know that you truly are doing a great job and i thank you for being such an awesome author/person :)

Sara Fawkes

Aww thanks Nena!! Yes, if I do go the same price route as last time, there will be something special in each serial that won’t be there for the novel. :) I think that’s probably fairest in this case (although I’m sure the novel-buyers won’t think so lol).

Stephanie S

I love the anticipation of the serials and it makes the experience last longer. Can’t wait for the next ones to begin.

Klau (@klajaa)

I read the first part in hungarian in paperback. But if you release the next part in ebook in this summer, i have to buy a Kindle and i will buy the english version 😉 and maybe if you finished the whole story i will buy it in hungarinan :)

Sara Fawkes

I’m REALLY hoping I can get all the translations done, if not for the individual serials then at least for the novel itself! As I know more, I’ll definitely let you know. 😀


The english version is good for me because i think is much better than the translation 😉 so just release the novels i will read it i promise to you :)

Kim Henriques

I am so freaking excited I wont be able to wait for the main novel. Your writing is awesome. I can’t wait to start reading it again. Thank you so very much for being honest with your reader and also keeping us posted. Love Love

Asian A

i don’t have any complaints at all, not even questions, i’m just too happy! too excited! i’ll take it in whatever form that i can get it,


And in Brazil? Will it get the translation of parts or the entire novel just as the first? Ahhh wait that will be unfortunate!

Sara Fawkes

The foreign translations might take a while, and I’m SO sorry about that!! My agent said he’ll be working directly with the publishers themselves but I’m pretty sure they’ll want the novel, not each serial as I write it. As soon as I know ANYTHING however, I promise to let you know!!!


I’m just excited about the coming months. I have always preferred a physical book than a kindle, but then again I am old fashioned that way. Either way, I am getting pumped. Will the series explain what happened to Lucy parent’s? Love the book!

Sara Fawkes

There will definitely be a physical book, although not necessarily of the serials themselves. 😉 As for Lucy’s parents, there is indeed more to that story but no spoilers! 😀


Sara; Thanks for the update. I love the serial’s . I cant wait to see what happens. I will get book and serial’s on kindle. I fell in love with this story. I’m so excited! !! Thank you for doing a great job with this sorry.

Sandy Lion (@SdyLion)

I am just excited to here what is going to happen next. I for one, is a fan of the print- all in one book, so I will wait for that version. Its just how I roll, and nothing against the method you are employing for your work. I am glad you are giving readers options.

Sara Fawkes

No worries about waiting! That’s exactly why I wanted to be as up front as I could regarding my release schedule. There WILL be a paperback edition available and as soon as it’s out I’ll let you know!!


I am so happy to hear you are continuing the book! I was not aware of the serial series and just found the book at Target…read the back and bought it. I loved it! I was not happy at the end though and a bit confused until I found this site! I am now quite happy and the next installment can’t come fast enough! :) Thanks for a great story.

Sara Fawkes

Yeah, that ending was a doozy wasn’t it? I always meant for the story to continue though and am happy I get to release it earlier than previously expected! 😉

Vicky Rosetta

I picked up the first book “anything he wants” and didn’t realize it was a serial. The back of the book sounded very interesting and boy was it!!! I can’t wait for book 2 to be out in paperback form. Well all the others too!! I think I read that you will be putting out a schedule for when that will take place and I can’t wait!!! I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for the 2nd book!! First time I’ve read anything of yours and you are a fantastic writer!!!