“Anything He Wants 6: Castaway” RELEASE DAY!!! …sort of

Thanks to everyone who voted for the cover!! The contest was a lot closer than I expected, but we still had a clear winner. 😀




The New York Times and USA Today bestselling series continues in the explosive sixth part!

Enigmatic billionaire Jeremiah Hamilton plucked twenty-four year old Lucy Delacourt from an existence spiraling down into darkness. Seduced and brought into the extravagant lifestyle of the rich and powerful, Lucy was swept up into the highest highs, and experienced dangerous lows, but always there was her billionaire protector. Safe in his arms, she thought for sure her life had finally found the right track.

Until she couldn’t hold back saying those three little words, and found out how fragile her new position was.

Her affections spurned by the man she loves, the dejected young woman is kidnapped from Jeremiah’s home and discovers more about another facet of the Hamilton family legacy. Lucas Hamilton, known in darker company as Loki, is an arms dealer and Jeremiah’s brother. He needs Lucy for his own purposes, but makes it no secret that he wants to get back at his brother any way he can for stealing the family empire. Dangerous outside forces seem intent on taking the proud and wealthy New York family down. But what will broken-hearted Lucy do when her new captor sets his sights on seduction?

No matter what happens, Lucy’s life will never again be the same.




I have to say, self-publishing has its upsides and downsides, both of which are often part of the same coin. On Friday I uploaded the stories to four of the major retailers: Amazon (Kindle), Barnes and Noble (Nook), iTunes/Apple (that actually went up on Thursday), and Kobo. I’m super excited that most of the sites had the story up earlier than expected, but unfortunately a few are taking their time. Apple/iTunes is notoriously difficult to get through in a reasonable time frame; I’m hoping to be live there by the end of the month. Amazon/Kindle have requested I prove my copyright before they’ll publish the story; this wouldn’t be so bad if 1) this wasn’t a weekend, and a holiday weekend to boot, and 2) I actually knew HOW to prove copyright on a new, not-previously-copyrighted story! … I’m still hoping Amazon will figure it out quickly based on what I’ve sent them so far and get it published by tomorrow.

ETA: AMAZON IS LIVE!!!!! Woohoo, guess they’re actually working around the Irish Day celebrations!! 😀 😀

PLEASE DO NOT POST SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION!!! I promise that tomorrow, the official due date, I’ll do a full-on spoiler threadfest here on the blog where you can scream, cry, laugh, and commiserate on events in the story. Until then, any such comments will unfortunately be screened by yours truly so folks won’t have the story so far ruined. I also ask that, if you leave any reviews, pretty please don’t spoil anybody else’s experience! *hugs*

Okay, off to freak out more about Amazon and poke at Kobo to get them live today too. I’ll keep you updated on those issues as more news comes available!! 😉

Ala A

Just finished reading AHW:Castaway. I was hoping the entire book was a just a bad dream, but I guess we can’t always get a “happily ever after!”


I totally can’t believe what happened. I am so dissapointed and so hurt by these turn of events. May not even purshace part 7


I loved the new book read in about an hour. I need the next book now. Wot date will it b out in April? I hope it turns out well for Lucy and Jeremiah.

joseeta moore

I just read the castaway ,looking forward to the rest of the story. I just sorry April is not here yet to read the next part. How long before the end, Are we going to get a happy ending?

Anastacia James

i am so disappointed that i have been following this story and been waiting for the this next book, only to find i cant buy it cause i dont have a credit card. :-(

tina dulany

Sara this book was awesome!!!! I cant wait for the next one! I couldnt put it down. I read it all in one sitting! Cant wait to find out what happens. Do you have a date in april yet?


Did you release it to Google store for android phones? That’s where I bought the other books from. I’m super excited to read Castaway! Please let me know. Thank you


I haven’t seen it in google play. So I guess she has not posted it there,but please release it there ’cause the waiting is killing me.


wow, I started reading this book last night, was really upset you let her sleep with Lucas, was hoping she was dreaming, but I guess I need to finish the bonus part of the book before I judge, it makes me sad to know that she slept with Lucas to, that’s what Lucas did with Anya, after he stole her away from Jeremiah, I guess I was just hoping there was going to be some positive things going on in the beginning of this book, hope the next book brings happiness to Jeremiah and Lucy.
Ok, I just finished the bonus part of the book, and now my feelings haven’t changed about this book, was disappointed about the whole layout of the book, I pray that there relationship can be salvaged, especially when he finds out she slept with his brother, considering when Anya did that, Jeremiah tossed her to the curb. I’m sad.

Maria Juarez

I haven’t read part 6 yet. I was going to wait for the whole book to come out but after reading the comments about part 6, I don’t think I want to read it at all!!! I’m so dissapointed that Lucy would sleep with Lucas!!! Why??!!! I’m so mad! I loved this story and we have waited so long for it I continue only to be dissapointed!!! What a waste of time and money!!!


I thought you said, “The readers have spoken, I won’t put out segments of my book anymore.” I purchased Anything He Wants (the complete version), I’ve been waiting for your next book, only to be disappointed to find out its only about 60 pages. So, does this mean I have to wait another year for the entire book? Good Grief.

Sara Fawkes

I’m sorry, I did try to make readers know about the change of plans with recent blog and social media posts, as well as adding a note to every site saying the full novel will be out this summer. If you’d like to wait until then I totally understand, that’s why I tried my best to make sure everyone knew my plans for the series. Obviously, I didn’t make that knowledge public enough, and sincerely apologize.


No the original book was like that before it was compiled. You will have to buy all the segments like most of us did in the beginning. its on amazon

Aline Brazilian Fan

I’m very disappointed!! Lucy sleep with Lucas!! She doesn’t loves Jeremiah!!I hate this!!!


Can’t believe Lucy slept with Lucas. Wished it was a bad dream. She soooo does not love Jeremiah! Hate her!

Sara Fawkes

Yeah I’m sorry about that. :( I probably should have uploaded there a week or two in advance; sometimes they only take days to approve a novel, sometimes MONTHS. I sincerely hope it’s not the latter!!

Day Brasil

Congratulations! You’re a very good writer! The story is amazing, it shows what happens in real life: We can love someone, but we can feel sexual attraction to another person. Lucy was starved of affection. She wasn’t married to Jeremiah. Her mistake was to break a contract clause, only this. The story got cooler after Lucas. I loved him!!!
In my imagination, Jeremiah is Henry Cavill and Lucas is Matt Bomer, so Lucy will be well accompanied.


Looks like this is not true love, Jeremiah now for sure not gonna believe that she’s in love w him ;( this is so sad I can’t see any happy ending in this situation


I’m so disappointed… I fell in love with Lucy and Jeremiah’s story only to read a book all about Lucas… I have been a faithful reader and have been patiently waiting for #6…. To b honest I dont know if I will even buy #7…


Imaginei q Lucy dormiria com Lucas pelo desenrolar do 1º livro. Não irei ler o livro 2, pois odeio traição, principalmente qndo ocorre entre irmãos, Jeremias e Lucy ñ poderão ser felizes, pois ele jamais vai esquecer que compartilhou com seu irmão a mulher que ama. :(

Day Brasil

O livro 2 foi bem melhor que o primeiro. A traição deixou a história bem interessante. Lucas é doce, gentil e engraçado. Acho que ele é melhor que Jeremiah. Ele parece não tratar Lucy como um objeto, mesmo precisando usá-la para conseguir o que quer. Já me apaixonei por Lucas. Eu te recomendaria ler o livro, acho que você vai gostar.


okay I have made several comments today, with that all being said, I know there is going to be a happily ever after for Lucy and Jeremiah, so I will continue reading this series, and yes Sara you did make yourself clear about the series being like the last one, I don’t mind buying them like this, please get 7 out quickly. It’s going to be interesting how you fix the little mess between Jeremiah and Lucy, and please don’t make her pregnant like every other writer would do. PLEASE FIX THIS! Maybe Lucy should just be having a bad dream clear through book 6. and in the end wake up still on the boat.


Dear lord just make tgis lucy and lucas bed romp a bad bad bad dream cause I dont like it at all….pkease tell me that it a really bad joke cause I HATE IT HATE IT.
I Like Lucy and this brother to brother bed romp is a little sluty for her…..BUT
I’m dying to see where this story goes


I had never heard of this series before but I was sick last week and was just laying in need going through the android store and they had the first book free and I downloaded it. I LOVED it! I bought all and found out Friday that the 6th was coming out today and I sat checking my phone all weekend! I absolutely LOVED everything about Castaway! It was so well written and laid out so well. I was shocked about her and Lucas but I feel like that’s just his character to try to get what his brother has and he is just playing Lucy. I can’t wait to see how things end up for Lucy and between Jeremiah and Lucas.


You turned Lucy into a whore. She should have never slept with Lucas! I am disappointed I don’t know if I want to keep reading now. I was really drawn to the romance and wanting Remind to fond love. Very disappointed


I loved the book!!! Just was not happy about Lucy And Lucas….seams like Lucas need someone to love but did it have to be Lucy? I hope Jeremiah and forgive Lucy for sleeping with his brother. :(


Me too! given the fact they didn’t use any protection in their 2nd bed romp, she might get pregnant! she’s OFFICIALLY a WH*RE!


…and here i thought that she wouldn’t dare cheat on Jeremiah! I’m so lost right now! i need the 7th serial already! SARA I BEG YOU! PLEASE! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, FIXED THIS MESS!


Ooook so now i’ve calm down from the shock of the lucy/lucas bed romp

I think I kind of see Lucy impulse to jump in bed with lucas (which I dont agree with) being rejected, needing that safe feeling and that need to feel she belong after her parents death….but that bed romp was just wrong

Lucas lucas Lucas whats your excuse for sleeping with her, if he claimed to wish he had protected anya better wht sleep with lucas (dont you see the pattern here Lucas).

Jermiah. .I feel for you but you’re an ass, could have been less harsh with the rejection..but oh well hope you’ll be able to forgive lucy.

As for her say I LOVE YOU , I think it was just in the heat of the moment and rush of all the events before. I dont deny that she has feelings for him but i’m not sure it’s LOVE YET.

Most are saying she CHEATED but what exactly was they relationship employer/employee/mistress/lovers neither was specify.

Soooo each one of them is at fault .. but I think Lucy is the one that will lose the most in my opinion.
And I hope lucy and jermiah get they happy ending…………….ah lucas too even if i’m not happy with him


I agree with you too Delilah.. I may be alone here, but I was not shocked nor angered that she ended up in bed with Lucas…I was happy for her in this book than I was in book 1.(as I get older I am surprised at what upsets me and what does not LOL) ..In book 1, I felt Jeremiah coerced her, due to her finances, into a job contract that included sex when he wanted …I did end up liking Jeremiah more once they got to Paris . But after reading Castaway I like Lucas as well..I would love to read more of his backstory…The ships Captain seems to have a soft fatherly spot for Lucas.


Yeah I was interested in lucas back story also and jerimah did play on her witnesses to get her to be is “personal assistant”


I totally agree with you delilah!!!!!!!

I can’t wait for AHW7!!!!! Go Lucy! Two guys wrapped around her little finger, LOVE IT!
Love your writing Sara, keep up the good work!


Oh God i cant wait for #7 please hurry, i’ve been following this story from the beginning and absolutely love it! I do have a couple questions though! Is there going to be a bonus chapter in the full novel again that we wont recieve if we buy them separately? And would you consider putting the bonus chapter from the first one on your website for those of us who had already purchased the first 5 separately?


I couldn’t sleep last night thinking of the mess Lucy is in. It would have been easier to explain if it was rape, but to jump from brother to brother especially since Lucas has it out to take the things closest from his brother. I thought Lucy’s was stronger than that. I hope #7 will have some good in it…


I just went back and re-read the Snippets…I agree with what Lucas said.Jeremiah needs to learn to appreciate Lucy…he is demanding and controlling and says Lucy is his but she is not allowed to love him…I am loving what Lucas brings to this story…


I re-read books 1-6…I am loving Lucas. At the end of book 6 I am leaning towards a Lucy-Lucas relationship…Let’s see what Jeremiah does..he needs to Bring it!! If he wants her I’d like to see this Boss/Dominant to Submissive relationship gone and the employment with sex and do as I say contract torn up..My feelings towards Lucy..You go Girl! LOL


Ok!! I love this story and do not mind buying it this way. That said. Maybe Lucy will cry (I thought we were on a break),or the brothers will be into sharing their woman like a Lora Leigh book…some of that is yummy. However it comes out… I am in it to the end. I do not like that she showed so little control over herself. She comes off weak. That bothers me because she has all the power. Come on Lucy, fight for your man. He has fought for you several times. If he did not, you would not be around to be betray him with his brother. How would Lucy feel if Jeremiah had a romp with Anaya one more time?

Ella A

Henry Cavill is my Jeremiah and Matt Bomer is my Lucas!!! I Agree with Day Brasil!

I’m Team Lucas! I just wish he could find a girl right for him. Maybe Jeremiah could appoint him as the new COO in the end and the new book will be all about Lucas this time trying to get over Lucy as he finds his own assistant who’s so tough and would be “you need me more than I need this job” type of girl and would be the first one to call him “Luke”. He needs a bad-ass girl who’ll be “I won’t be your Lucy Delacourt”. That would be so cool.