Cover wars!!


Alright, I need your help!! I’ve got two awesome covers that I can’t choose between, and since this will eventually be your story (FOUR MORE DAYS!!!), I want your opinion!!

Cover number 1:


Cover number 2:



Crunch time is upon us!! Let me know which cover you like and whichever one has the most votes by Saturday night wins!! 😉

Anastacia James

Cover 2 – i think 1 is nice but would prefer cover 2 as it keeps the books together if you know what i mean.

Misty P.

I like both but cover 2 is the better cover for the story. Can’t wait till Monday. Been trying to figure out what might happen.

Cheri H.

I love them both but since the title is CastAway I think cover one is the one I would go with! I already know I am going to love the story! Cannot wait until Monday!


I can imagine the girl in cover 2 as lucy, so yeah cover 2 should be the official cover, whats with the compass anyways,


I like 2 better, but it really doesnt matter to me, you can put a blank cover and i’ll still read it and love it!


Cover #2 because it goes more with the first five covers. Either one you choose, I am just need to see what’s inside!!! :-)

anna posadas :]

Compass cover is much more original. There’s some sort of mystery behind it. Like when people see it they should ask themselves, what is the meaning behind the compass? Now I’m interested. Bam! They’re reading it! :)

Can’t wait!

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If I had to pick on it would be cover 2 with the girl, but I had a crazy idea bare with me the girl with 2 guys in the back round and she is holding a compass. Just an idea tho. We will love whichever you choose.


I like cover one with the compass on it…more mysterious!!!

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if you combined both, now that would be the perfect cover we’re all looking for, the intriguing element of the compass and the subtlety and drama from the girl,


I to like them both, and while cover 2 stay’s with the theme of the rest of the covers I actually like cover 1 better, maybe she combine them into 1! doesn’t matter to me, will be reading this come Monday, maybe having a snow day, so I can spend my day reading.


I like going out on a ledge and trying new things, and I can see why others like continuity…
I would suggest a blending of the two… the compus with a reflection of her in the metal :)
Thank you for giving me a twist in the romance story. I appreciate a little “play” in my romance stories. Looking forward to what comes next in the storyline.