No Snippet Saturday today, but…

This week has been full of many non-writerly things, so I apologize for not having new material to show off in that respect. May I, however, introduce the cover for the next AHW serial, Anything He Wants 6: Castaway!! πŸ˜›




I’m pretty pleased with the final result, courtesy of Cover Magic. While its a slight change from the previous covers, I grew a little tired of seeing the same stock images on other books and wanted a cover that told a story. πŸ˜€

Thoughts? Comments? Hate it, love it? πŸ˜‰

EDITED TO ADD: Hmm, not much excitement about the cover. Glad I gave myself enough time to go back to the drawing board if necessary, thanks for all the tips and thoughts!! πŸ˜€


nice cover!! can’t wait to frickin’ read it!!! i am new here…just finished reading your first book last night!!! WOW!! i have so many ideas as to what Lucas might do…..oooohhhh…..i can’t wait for the next book!!!

Sara Fawkes

Unfortunately, preorders aren’t available to us indie booksellers. However, as soon as the stories appear online, I’ll let you know all the links!! πŸ˜‰

excited as hell

the cover looks serious (no more blonde girl and the sexy guy),,, it makes me nervous but in a good way,,, all these excitement is killing me,,, come fast 18!


i dont know about you all, its the steel door with the lock in the background thats giving me the creeps,,,,,,,i cant wait to know the meaning to all of this,

Asian A

i miss the previous covers, but this one i think has relevance to the story, i kept thinking about it!

Mary Mendez

I don’t get it. Is the compass because Lucas has taken her to places unknown and Jeremiah will be searching? But even so I think our key players should be faded into the background.


I like the cover. Keep going! Can’t wait for the book this summer. Question, if I don ‘t have a Kindle will I still be able to check out the series online?


Hi Sarah,
I loved your book. Can’t wait ’til March 18!
My only concern about the cover is that “Anything he wants” is not too visible, so, glancing at the cover may not catch a reader’s attention. I hope that this is a constructive criticism. Otherwise, I love it.
I do have an unrelated question. I am a kindle reader. Will the book be available for e-readers like me on 3/18?


Just discovered the novelettes end of last month. Read all 5 in 2 days. So am really excited about book 6. 18th seems sooo far away!! Love the new cover – classy!!