Please keep a fellow author in your thoughts and prayers

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One of my writing buddies Christa Wick has just posted on her blog that she’s been diagnosed with breast cancer. I’ve pimped out some of my favorite Christa books (she mainly writes BBW plus-sized romances) on Twitter and Facebook before, plus she’s been an absolute font of knowledge for me about self-publishing and the business side of things. She’s a great writer and a great lady, and it broke my heart when she posted about this.

Second year, I had to have an additional mammogram after the first showed a mass, followed by an ultrasound. To my relief, I was informed the mass was just a cyst (it still is just a cyst, the cancer is hiding almost directly behind it). So, basically, I had two years of clean mammograms.

Way to go, girls!

That left me wondering this year whether I really needed to put aside my dislike of doctor visits and go three years in a row. I didn’t think so.

Lucky for me, my husband is an ass and thighs kind of guy. After a year of the cyst being RIGHT THERE (no change in size, location, etc.), we were fooling around as married couples are occasionally wont to do and he blurts out “what the hell is that?!”

“That” was the cyst and his ill-timed outburst was followed by a couple of minutes of my telling him that, if he was more attentive to the girls, he would have felt THAT any number of times over the last year.

“No biggie,” I said.

Again, my breast wasn’t listening. Neither was my husband.

So I said, “Fine, I’ll schedule my annual and you’ll see you’re making a big deal out of nothing.”

I was wrong and that is reason number one — I want those hesitant, resistant women who put off regular check-ups and tell themselves “oh, but I don’t have any significant risk factors” to stop.

Right now, darlings.


I didn’t have any significant risk factors either, remember? Yet I still have breast cancer.

Writing is her main form of income, and I know from my own past experiences that medical bills, even for those with insurance, can be big for this sort of thing. I’d ask, please, for you to head over to Amazon, B&N or the other sites and check out her list of stories. She really is a good writer with a variety of stories, and hopefully you can find something that might strike your fancy. In cases like this, there’s nothing we on the outside can do except lend our support and prayers, so could you please keep her in your thoughts as well?

Claudia Guedes Guerreiro

I’ve lost a friend today for this awfull desease, but i’ve always have faith and i’m going to include your friend in my prayers! Love Claudia

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Claudia Guedes Guerreiro

Sara can you send me her book in PDF, i would like to read! Thanks…

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