Real life blues

2013-02-25 13.35.05
A real pic I took of the house

Why is it that, whenever you feel like your life is looking up, fate gives you a suckerpunch to the gut?

The last several weeks have had me focusing a lot of time and energy with two things: the “Anything He Wants 6” release, and getting the CPA of very-not-awesome to get me paperwork. Some of you may have gathered that the Dude and I are trying to buy a house. Beautiful home, a bit of acreage, out in the country – you know. Perfect. :) One of the things the mortgage guys needed was a tax draft for 2012, since I was mainly a self-employed writer without a reliable income.

Except, the CPA we hired wouldn’t return my calls or emails. Worse yet, he’s four hours away, back in my hometown. Apparently he figured my distance meant I could be shunted to the back of the list, and he kept giving me the runaround or outright ignoring me until finally I sent him a nastygram voicemail message and got my do-NOT-mess-with-this-man father involved.

Sufficed to say, we’ve wasted so much blasted time, and the CPA didn’t do his job last year informing us correctly on what to pre-pay the IRS…there’s a good chance we won’t get the house now. :(

It’s put a damper on a lot of things, including the AHW6 release. I generally don’t like sharing personal information online, and try to keep an upbeat energy on my blog, but dangit this is SUCH a huge disappointment. First off, we put a lot of trust into this tax guy to guide us newbies (neither the Dude nor I have been self-employed before), and apparently that trust was misplaced. Now we have a big tax bill that’s eaten way into our down payment…. *sigh*

So if I haven’t replied to your post or comment or other communication, I sincerely apologize. I’ve been a bit preoccupied with Real Life, and the various disappointments that lie along that road. I’m not looking for pity and I’m not trying to excuse myself for ignoring you but, arg, it’s so depressing. Not to say there haven’t been good points: AHW6 broke through the Amazon Top 100 Kindle ebooks yesterday, but fell back under today. It also peaked at #11 in the Barnes and Noble Nook store. So it isn’t like my life sucks monkey nuggets all the time, just in certain disappointing ways. :(


However, that said, I need to say once again a BIG THANK YOU to all my readers. I love you guys, there’s no doubt about that. I appreciate every bit of support I get, and even though I’ve been too overwhelmed of late to say it, THANK YOU. You, unlike my CPA, are FULL OF AWESOME. :)



I’m going through the same thing with my new house loan and people who lie and don’t know what they are talking about I been so disappointed and let down…so I do understand what your going through…I hope things work out better for both of us


wow! so sorry to here this, CPA’s can be a little shadey, I to am self employed, and doing taxes are a very difficult thing to accomplish, I wish you much luck, and I hope everything works out for you and your husband. will pray for you getting that lovely home to!

Nicole Villanueva

Sara, your life , your amazing, talented in so many ways. Look outside of the box. (as you always do). But maybe alittlt more outside. I hit myself reading one of your books. Ultimately its all about you and your WONDERFUL talent. You can get there, block the
Irrelevance. Now continue . I believe these serials are going to explode at the seams. all thanks to you. I will be your Florida cheerleader! LOLOL!!!


Sorry to hear ….but it only leave on wayto go and that’s UP. sending lots and lots postivity and good luck with the house,Lord knows it can be stressful


So sorry to hear about your CPA dropping the ball…but I will keep you in my prayers that you will find a way to be in your perfect home. Good luck to you and your Dude! πŸ˜‰

Tracy Horton

Your an amazing author with so much talent! You will overcome this. I know it may not seem like it now, but something else (bigger and better).will come your way. And this will be just another blip on the radar!


From now, better luck with the house. Why don’t you hire Jeremiah or Lucas to kick your CPA’s ass? πŸ˜‰


Oh wow Sara! I’m so sorry to hear your plight and I do so with pity, as u have requested. I have come to learn through experience that not all titles of expertise defines the character of that persons ability to get the job done correctly, if at all. This set back is temporary and another or greater opportunity will present its self. I know at this time u may feel its easier said than done, but I know u possess the strength to endure this bump in the road. You are a very talented writer and am sure you will have all that u ever desired in the not too distant future. Spend this time to seek other counsel in the area of financial preparedness, with diligent research, and u will be an expert next time around. U can also seek the advice of trained IRS personnel at the website. Hope this helps.


Sara, I’m so sorry for the bad news. I know how you feel. last year my fiancee and I were purchasing a Park model home for our vacation property, he found the log cabin one he wanted, an dthe guy at the dealership dragged his feet, and had like 4 peopel buying the same park model. he never even put our finaceing thru! So we continued our search, we found another one we loved, ran into financing problems, after an error of reporting on credit reports, so busted butt to clean that up, and that lender would not even look a second time, so we went thru another company, found another whole, and ended up financing thru the dealers bank, thank god they were wonderful! We have the park model we wanted now, and I’m sure it will happen for you! Just remeber my line, One day at a time, as you are only in control of that day, and tomorrow has not happened yet.

Mary Jo Toth

Sara, This is a huge BUMMER, sorry that the CPA you hired has let you down. Hopefully something will work out and you can still achieve your dream for the house. Good luck. Happy writing!!


Your just a normal person with a normal life and normal life problems like the rest of us nothing to apologize over. I am sure everyone understands since we all go through at one time or another.. I hope things work out for you and if you don’t get this house just look on the bright side you will find another house maybe more perfect than this one and you will say wow I am so glad we had to wait this is my dream home. Stay positive you are an AMAZING writer and I am addicted to your books. Bought mine the first day out and finished it the next day haha… Please keep these books coming they are great!!!! Will the be an 8 and more after this??? Best of luck to you


You are a awesome writer and all of us readers understand thanks for sharing with us your personal journey it lets us readers know that you care even though you are struggling with lives curve balls!!! Best of luck to you


Sara when is the seventh installment coming out in April. I wanted to scream when I finished castaway. I am wanting to read more of about Jeremiah please!!!!


I’ve been self employed since 1997. It gets easier. Find yourself an Enrolled Agent (EA) with the IRS to get you started then you cab move on to a good CPA and just keep it going. This will help you considerably in your goals and how to prepare for quarterly tax payments. Chin up, I was able to buy a house as a single, self employed person when the housing market was booming. You can do it too. Smile and good luck!