Remember this date!!

Ladies and gentlemen, set your calendars!

Monday, March 18th, the next #AHW serial “Anything He Wants: Castaway” will be released to all major ebook retailers!!!

I just received the first concept cover for the new serial and OMG, pretty!!! Can’t wait to show it off!!

Now to work on the next part, set for an April release. 😀 😀


Por favor algume pode me ajudar? eu li o primeiro livro dominada por um bilionario e adoreiiiiiiii e gostaria de saber quando sai o proximo volume a sequencia da historia, ai meu deus o que acontece com a lucy quando ela entra na limusine com o lucas, por favor quem sauber e tiver o livro me fale como faço para obter os mesmos. obrigado. luciana. email


as much as I want to continue reading, I prefer it ALL wrapped up in in one book… I will wait 😀
great writing and I love love loved the first chapter in the first novel….now that was heavy and had me hooked!!!!


Oh Yes! we will be on Spring Break, I won’t put my kindle down until I have read it and then probably reread the entire series ‘s thus far! YOU ROCK!. I can’t wait for the continuation of Lucy and Jeremiah’s love story.


Yeeeeesssssssss finally I can’t wait I put an alarm on my cell just to be one of the first to get it thank u hope the next parts don’t last so long to get them you are the best

Angie Standridge

I just marked this on my calendar!!!! Counting down the freaking days to see what happens! Going to reread 4 and 5 just to refresh!

jaze ezaj

cant wait any longer, i need to know wat the hell happened to lucy and lucas and the love of my freaking life Jeremiah!

olivia suade

hi sara, will you still do the snippets saturdays? i love your book, cant wait for the release,


definitely gonna re-read the whole novel AHW1-5 in preparation for the incoming sequel, not that i’ve forgotten the story because its still so fresh in my mind, cant wait to have it in my kindle,

Sara Fawkes

Lol! There WILL be a book compilation if you want to wait a bit. 😉 As soon as I get the last story out I’ll be sure to announce the novel date!

Sara Fawkes

Right now we’re working with the foreign publishers, but unfortunately the serials themselves, at least initially, won’t be released in any language except English. :( So sorry!!

simona hoover

um how many sequels are you going to write sara? will it be 5 just like the first one? congrats by the way, i love your book

Sara Fawkes

Sequel-novels or sequel-serials? I was thinking five serials like I did with the first book, but I may do 4 and just make the last one longer. As for novel sequels, I see this as being a trilogy. We’ll see. Right now I’ve got through part three of this book fully outlined and boy, do my characters get put through the wringer! I love happy endings but these guys are working HARD to earn it! 😉

o prime

yeah the same questions as the girl above me and you mentioned that each part will be like 20 000 words right? same amount like the AHW5

Sara Fawkes

Yes, approximately the same amount as AHW5. I kind of regret the shorter initial parts in the first series. The current part clocks in at nearly 23k words, and the next part is barely halfway through and already 11k, so may be longer especially with the bonus story. :)


impatiently counting down the days, am sooo excited, waited so damn long, me and my kindle is readyyy!

Sara Fawkes

The paperback novel will be out this summer. We’ll be working hard to get it into stores, but as soon as I finish the full book I’ll have a better handle on paperback release dates. 😉

Christiana M

Do you know how many parts there will be? When will the full book be available or is it still unknown since its a WIP?
Thanks Sara, you are one of my favourite authors and I am glad the next chapter is almost here.


Sou a favor da fidelidade nos relacionamentos, portanto espero que Lucy não traia seu amor com o IRMÃO.


I just bought your entire book on Sunday morning finished it yesterday! I cannot wait for the next book!

Asian A

sara i have a question, will there be any ‘Jeremiah POV’ in the next part, apart from the Bonus story, or it will continue to be Lucy’s POV?

savannah james

i’m just worried that will be reading more of lucas and less of jeremiah in the next serial since the story is told on lucy’s pov


Anything He Wants: Castaway, i remember reading something about “cool island breeze” in one of the snippets, omggg!!!

Sara Fawkes

Lol patience grasshopper! The story will be out on March 18th, but since I’m self publishing this one the electronic outlets won’t let me put up a preorder page. Disappointing yes, but as soon as I get the URLs for the book I’ll be sure to post them for you!!! 😀


I just started this book last night (march 10) and finished all 5 tonight (march 11) I was hooked . I couldn’t put it down and was looking for more i am in heaven to hear there is another book coming out next mon and one in April. Please keep them coming they are amazing!!!!!!!!! Will book 6 be available on kindle?


I just wanted to say I have never been a reader of these kind of books. Well really no kind of books! lol… But I was killing time at a doctors office the other day and came across your book and OH MY GOSH!!!! I am so hooked!!! I have read all of them and I’m going crazy waiting for April. You are my all time favorite writer. You are truely gifted!!! Please keep them coming. Your books are now my drug so please don’t cut me off!! LOL…