Snippet Saturday!

Real life has taken me too far away from my writing, but I’ve managed to get a little work done over the last few days. There’s still a few thousand more words left to be written, so I’m determined to focus on that for the next several days. :)

And YAY, we finally get a real Snippet Saturday! I wish I could give more away, but hopefully this little offering will be enough to sate your appetite until next week. 😉

NOTE: Snippets are from the rough draft and subject to change between now and the final release.


I heard the howling winds grow louder behind me and turned to see Jeremiah close the flap over the door. My breath caught as we stared at one another from across the small room. His face was as open as I’d ever seen; deep emotion warred across his features, but he didn’t step forward. I was rooted in place, unable to make a move.

Finally, he spoke. “I admit that I’ve put you through a lot in our time together.” His voice was rough, but his gaze on me didn’t waver. “Say the word and I’m gone.”

My gut clenched at his words, but he wasn’t finished. “I need you.” His words were like the gasp of a drowning man. “I should never have run like that, back at the house, but l-love…” He paused over the stammered word, face twisting in frustration. “All my life, that word, that feeling, has been a crutch I was forced to overcome. You’ve seen my mother, and I thank God you never had to meet my father because he, he was ten times worse.”

“Jeremiah,” I whispered, breath shaky.

“But I need you,” he rasped, taking a jerky step forward. “Every cell in my body is telling me to run away, leave you alone, and I can’t.”

I took the two steps forward necessary, and stared up at him. His fists stayed by his sides, but from here the desperation in his eyes overwhelmed me. Choking back a sob of my own, I reached up and cupped his face, stroking his cheek with my thumb. His body tensed as if holding him back, and I felt a tear streak down my face.

I thought he had rejected me, and yet here stood as firm a testament to his affections as I’d likely ever see. That he couldn’t say the words didn’t matter; I saw everything I’d ever hoped for in my life shining from his eyes, and I couldn’t bear to let him go. Not yet. Pure selfishness on my part, but I knew that to give him up, to tell him the truth that tore at my soul, would break me. Our fate was sealed but for this one moment.


Omg! That just gave me chills all over as I read it. I cried like it was me in that moment and it was my secret I was keeping from him. I cant wait to read the whole book.

Martha Baltazar

Oh Holy Moly. Sara, you’re really killing me here. I so want Jeremiah and Lucy to stay together. Please let there be a “happy ever after” for them. I love these two characters. Love this book.


I’ve been dead since i read the 6th serial, this is just my spirit still roaming around waiting for the next serials,


It’ll take a hell lot of work to keep those 2 together, almost impossible. But I still hope for a HEA though,


I totally agree….was so disappoint with Lucy cuz he spelt with Remi after saying to was in love with Jeremiah I know he hurt her but saying not I love u back but come on to sleep with the brother fist it’s totally wrong but then he already stoked one girl from him, trying to kill him, and ruin him and now Lucy…. Poor Jeremiah…..I hope when she tells him the truth he can forgive her and have their HEA…..but when he finds out he is going to be so destroyed the first women he falls in love with betrayed him with his brother…. I think Luci does not know what love is cuz if she was in love with Jeremaih she would have never slept with Remi.ll.


I can’t believe she slept with him either. Although I sort of saw it coming I was still angry that she did. I hope they get their happy ever after and I can’t wait for the next one….when is that BTW???


I didnt see it coming to be honest, i thought Lucy will be strong enough against temptations. boy was i wrong! Damn! i’m still hoping for HEA for the both of them together though


What secret!? That she slept with Lucas!? I still can’t believe she did that! One bump in the road and she runs into another man’s bed ugh!


If she pregnant who will be the father…. Cuz she slept with Jeremiah a couples of days before Remi………and she says she’s in love Jeremiah…please whatever


I don’t know what’s worse waiting for the next one or reading the snippets. I get all excited and the anticipation is killing me. Is it done yet! :)


If the secret is what I’m thinking, a word of advice for Lucy, somethings you should take to the grave. Lucy and Jeremiah should have a happy ending! Hats off to you Sara, my anticipation for 7 can’t be measured!

Bunny Glatt

So if you’re Jeremiah, and you found out your girl slept with another man (your BROTHER!!! of all people!) would you find it in your heart to forgive her? pls. feel free to answer this question,


Wouldn’t it be so sweet if Lucy decides to let go of Jeremiah, but Jeremiah wouldn’t allow her to do that,

Sara Fawkes

Lol!! I vote for a “Let’s not” since it would be very difficult for this author to continue a 1st-person without said person existing on this plane.

Unless you want it to become a paranormal ghost story. Hmm… 😉


oh my gosh, I can’t wait for the next book, hopefully it is a little more positive then the last book! I am a Jeremiah and Lucy fan, please let there be A HEA. I know we have to except bumps in the road, but please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I still can’t get over the fact that she slept with the other brother! that’s almost unforgivable! i always thought of her as a strong heroine, I hope to God she can redeem herself after that mess she made!


maybe because she’s the sanest one out of the both of them, she knows better of the complications of what they did, Sorry for the grammar,

Sara Fawkes

Lol I love them opinionated, it means they’ve really connected with the characters. :) Lots more story to come, hopefully I can convince them all parties involved deserve their HEA!


I agree…Lucy, Jeremiah and Lucas deserve HEA…I also hope the brothers work things out…the father left Lucas with nothing after he died and the mother betrayed him..then there’s Lucy…..there is a lot of forgiveness that needs to occur between the 2

Savannaj J.

Before everybody thought Jeremiah doesn’t deserve Lucy, now it’s the other way around. What a difference a month makes!


Team Remi all the freaking way until eternity and into the next freaking lifeeeee!!!!!!! and i hate lucy but i don’t want to kill her,


OMG! Sara you r so talented and I love what you have written and shared with your readers. Can’t wait for the finished product. Live ya

Aline Brazilian Fan

How Jeremiah could believe in her love, if she slept with his brother in few day after say your love for him? Sorry my english!! Team Remi!!!


I am so ready for this one. I just started reading the series last weekend and now here I am, anticipation building while waiting for the next…….One excited reader :)


when’s the next book coming out? and how many is there going to be? might have to rethink how I read these. I need some positive reading in the next book please! I hate that Lucy slept with Lucas, but Jeremiah could of been a little more Caring towards her, in some instances. Love these two together, please fix it!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I really think she did well, or maybe not so well, sleeping with Luke. Now Jeremiah knows he can lose her … better to her. Waiting for more ;D


While I hope for a HEA for Lucy & Jeremiah I would also like to see redemption & happiness/love for Lucas…the glimpses of sadness/remorse Lucy has seen on Lucas’s is heartwarming to me..there is MORE to Lucas than being a gunrunner…I like how Captain Matthews seems to be a surrogate father as well.


Lucy thought Jeremiah rejected her was probably what she was thinking. She had no idea he was looking for or even cared she was gone. Then there was all that life threatening stuff with Lucas that makes people do stupid things. Considering how he treated Lucy Jeremiah should understand that she felt betrayed as well. I wish she didn’t sleep with Lucas because now it will make things more complicated. I think Jeremiah will have a right to be upset but he doesn’t have aright to condemn her for what she did considering her state of mind and not knowing if they even had a relationship. He can however be royally pissed at Lucas because his brother should have known better and completely took advantage of the situation. I hope she doesn’t wait too long to let Jeremiah know what happened because lying will only make it worse. Waiting patiently well not so patiently for part 7 lol :)


I agree with your post Jennifer. Life threatening situations do make people do things they normally would not..Jeremiah told Lucy that she could not sleep with any other man unless he said so…I guess it’s part of their contractual Job/sex relationship…I don’t like that contract and it has to go! I agree that Lucy needs to tell him the truth, lay it out in the open and let the pieces fall where they may..perhaps it will ignite a spark in Jeremiah and fight for her…Like Lucas said…Jeremiah is used to getting his own way and is not accustomed to being told No…


Hi Ani, I think Jeremiah needs to realize the contract meant nothing once he walked away from her when she shared her feelings and he didn’t even respect her enough to tell her why he felt the way he did. I am team Jeremiah but I hope he comes to his senses before Lucy gives up on him.
waiting not so patiently for Castaway #3 LOL


What I’d like to see changed in the story line is the Anything He Wants Job/Sex Contract between Jeremiah and Lucy. That contractual relationship is the basis for their relationship. I have felt that Jeremiah took advantage of Lucy’s financial position to coerce her into a job which allows him to have can control over her sexually. What I see is Jeremiah the Dom and Lucy the Sub..yes it’s beginning to evolve but that contract still stands between them and I’d like to see Jeremiah rip it up.


I think this needs to be a new HBO series. Who’s voting with me? Hurry with book 2 please. Love your writing style Sara! <3


hello I read the books and loved the story I’m dying to see the next to see how Jeremiah will deal with the situation I am not much of a wait for the next books I’m anxious for when will be the next you have any scheduled bjs continues to write


I love everything u write Sara. Am in love with both Lucas and Remi. I just can’t help but fall in love with their different personalities. Ans Lucy,though she seems to be on the edge,i hope she makes the right decision.


I love ur writing Sara. Are awesome. So in love with Remi and Loki. They are just fun,mysterious,interesting,sweet and darkenly sinfully hot. I really love ’em. U are awesome Sara.