Snippet Saturday #5 … or is it #4?

I’m so confused as to what to call last weekend’s Saturday! Let’s just say that one didn’t count and this is officially SS #4. :)

Only a couple hours more for the cover wars poll!! Let me know which cover you’d like to see on AHW6!

It’s been brought to my attention that I’m giving away a LOT of story with these weekly posts. I know I know, that’s kind of the point isn’t it, but I want there to be something interesting for when you actually DO read the story itself. So SS will continue as ever, but with slightly less words. I know, sad face. :(

“You didn’t want to come, did you?”

My statement was pure conjecture, but he nodded. “We aren’t safe out here,” he said over the rumble of the motors. “I don’t know why Rashid or Lucas would agree on an outing like this.”

The exact same thought had been bouncing around my head all day. We were isolated out here, caught in the middle of nowhere. “Lucas said the trip had been given as a gift, and we’d be rude to say no.”

“That’s what he told me too.” Jeremiah scowled at the sandy view. He looked uncomfortable, which was something I didn’t equate with the big man. He was always in control, kept an iron fist on his life, but the last few days had stripped him of that.


My breathing came in little gasps as he let himself out. I stood still for several minutes, afraid that if I moved, it would be to run after him.

*Would that be so bad?*

I didn’t know any more.

Part of me wasn’t sure whether my defiance was a result of self-preservation, or a way to punish him. Except, now I didn’t know whom I was punishing more, Jeremiah…or myself. I craved his touch, needed him with every breath in my body. Being around him brought out the best and worst in me; as much as I wanted him, I feared what would happen if I gave in. All I knew was that, this time, I wouldn’t survive it if he rejected me.

The last time I’d bared my feelings, he’d walked away, leaving a crack on my heart that I still had no idea how to fix. How could I even consider trusting him with that power again?

And would he even want me when he knew my secret?


Misty P.

O my did she sleep with Lucas. I got the feeling she had from on of the other snippets. Now I know it’s going to drive me crazy till Monday. :) I love Jeremiah. So far he is one of my favorite characters.


oh God what secret is she talking about. Did she sleep with Lucas? is she pregnant? Sara i love your snippets, but i hope that you didn’t have to post this one, now its all i kept thinking about, this is crazy!


my heart is broken to, when is the next book coming out? and how many are there going to be?
I was so hoping she was dreaming, while doing those things with Lucas, she doesn’t have that strong of feelings for Jeremiah if she just jumps into bed with just anybody. Please turn this story around and make it a happy situation for Lucy and Jeremiah. I so want that to work out, they are perfect for on another!
I remember you saying you got the bad stuff out of the way, in the middle of this book, so hopefully there will be positive things going on in the next book! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! I just kept reading waiting for it to come in this book, but it never did, Jeremiah was hardly even in this book, and that is sad for us readers who really love Jeremiah.


What What What! !!!!!! Omg I just finished reading castaway …..ok Sara how could you…I am offically going to faint


are the snippets that you are doing in March are they from part 7? still reeling from ready part 6 last night, makes me sad! and I realize you drag them through the mud and bring them back again, I do hope book 7 includes Jeremiah a whole lot more, he needs to reclaim his lady. Sooner rather then later, or at least try to work through it. I think in earlier books she is on birth control




Tears! My heart was distraught! I mean really!!! though I knew it was the twist the story needed it broke me too pieces when the words jumped at me as I read the story. Please please turn it around. I want the happy ending. :( not sure if I can wait till April for the next AHW 7


I went back and started reading this from the beginning again, I like reading about Jeremiah and Lucy, not Lucas and Lucy, please turn this story around. I read this Sunday, and I’m still distraught over it! hope the next part is more positive. I’m sorry to be so negative, but I really liked this book in the beginning, but now I’m not so sure, the next book could be the last for several of us. please turn it around. she could be dreaming in book 6 clear up until the part where Jeremiah comes to her rescue, maybe she is hallucinating or something like that.


Unlike other posts I love the twist you put on the story! It’s making the story even more juicy. Even though I thought I loved Jeremiah and hated Lucas, i’m not so sure. I cant wait to read the next book! Both guys are addicting!


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