“Anything He Wants: Castaway #2” is LIVE!

Can I just say that self-publishing is awesome? :) It’s awesome to be able to get a story out a week earlier than planned, kind of a nice bonus for folks who’ve been keeping track and hoping for an early release. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Tensions escalate in the second part of the new “Anything He Wants: Castaway” series!

Reunited with Jeremiah, Lucy is forced to come to grips with the decisions she’s made in his absence. The billionaire is as insufferable as ever, but just as determined to protect Lucy. From the Caribbean seas of Jamaica to the man-made islands of Dubai, they must travel halfway across the world to find out who is trying to bring down the Hamilton family.

But it may be the woman who comes between them that tears the two brothers apart forever. And can Lucy bear to live with the consequences of her actions?


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ALSO, I’m super excited to say that right after part two appears up for sale *cue eye roll*, Apple iTunes also finally released the FIRST part of “Anything He Wants: Castaway”!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ So for all you iBooks users out there, the new series is fully available!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€


Love self publishing! Just published my first novel “Lost at Sea” and am working on the second!
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OMG!!!! holy mini cliff hanger batman..didnt see that one coming….I love your post before chapter 9 …I went from What!! to LOL…wow.. what a revelation…the books keeps getting better and better Sara!


I know right Ani, SARA SARA SARA U R GOING TO BE THE DESTH OF ME , read it in 3 hours whennis the next one due I cant cait…


When is part 8 I’m still excited I got to read part 7 last night!! Couldn’t sleep I was so into the story!! Love me some Remi!!!


Sara, I keep forgetting to mention how lovely it was to show us Lucas cares…by that I mean in Book 6 (Castaway #1) when we learn Lucas keeps a picture in his cabin on the boat of himself and Jeremiah when they were young, happier times..


Loved the book, can’t wait to see what happens next! I love the Remi and Lucy story,they love one another, and they will make it back to one another.
read this book last night, and I think I might reread it last night, I am so much happier with this book then the last one. keep pushing on with these two amazing (complex) people


wow! I finished reading…thank you for the bonus story from Lucas’s POV…the mini cliff hanger was great! the cliff hanger ending..I was waiting for that moment and you delivered!

tina dulany

I was so excited to see that it got released early!!!!! I kept checking the nook store! Do you have a date on the next one.? I love these books Sara! I read it all today! I couldnt put it down. Please give me a hint as to when the next one is due out : )


Loved it but god I’m so mad at Lucy! What was she thinking!? And did not see Rush coming!! Can’t wait for #8 keep us posted!!

Aline Brazilian Fan

I’m so mad with Lucy too. I love Remi. I cant’t wait for the next part!! Congratulations Sara!!


You keep on killing me! I love this story. Sara, you always keep on surprising your readers. You are great.


Just read it today and wow, i need the next one already, pls. hurry up on the next serial, i need to know what will happen next!


I love this novel so much, but its also giving me a great deal of heartache! Definitely not good with my health


i love the twists and I love the BIG cliffhanger at the end, keeps me coming back for more, cant wait for the next chapters,


Are you working on the next one already??? pls tell me you are! because i can’t wait long enough for the next one to come out! pls hurry hurry hurry up!!!


You’re the mother of cliffhangers Sara!!! This book will be held responsible for my death!!! PLEASE do HURRY with the next serial!!!


Wow, just wow. I know you need a life, but Sara, please hurry with no. 8. What is so weird is iBooks has this up but not no. 6. Thank God for Kindle.


I agree….I need book 8 now! LOL
When I purchased the book yesterday from ibooks i saw book 6(Castaway 1) it was just further down the list on the left hand side (for me)
I just checked ibooks again books 6 and 7 are there, as well as 1 to 5 and the complete novel
.All AHW books present and accounted for on ibooks….LOL


I’m a little nervous to read what will happen next between Jeremiah & Lucy! I’m already heartbroken, and then in a past blog you posted that your heart was breaking at the story line unfolding in your mind! I’m scared… Almost like that feeling you get when you know your about to be dumped. :(… oh I’m so nervous!


I wasn’t that upset about the next book coming out until I read this post above me! I am all team Remi “Aka Jeremiah, I think if you don’t turn this book around you are going to lose a lot of readers, we are all hopeless romantics, and these two have both been hurt enough, and they need to find there way back to one another, they have both been hurt enough. PLEASE Sara


That was a horrible thing to do, leave us hanging like that. Please say you are not responding to us because you are working on 8. I can’t hang on till May (if that’s they way the release dates are working) it might just drive me crazy!!


Susan, I have high hopes that the two will indeed get back together, but I think it will be a tear jerker to read the heartache they have to go through, I just hope it’s not too much to bare.


I’d be really heartbroken and PISSED if their story will not turn out the way i imagined it to be, I’m all for the exciting twists and turns in a story but i don’t want to get surprised at the end. I expect Lucy and Jeremiah to end up together. And also maybe if you’re through with Jeremiah and Lucy’s story then maybe you can write a separate story for Lucas so he can have his well deserved HEA.

Asian A

I agree with every word you said and about that separate story for Lucas I hope Sara can see this one.


I agree as well…A HEA for Jeremiah and Lucy..and a separate story for Lucas…I too believe he deserves a HEA.


Truly appreciate the early release…but you’re killing me… Now I’m on count down for #3.. <3


Ok I dont know how young is too young to have a heart attack
But I yhink I just had a mini one after read book#8

Sara you writing is exquisite, I love the twist and turns just as long as I get my HEA , I’ll be all peachy.

Lucas…I love that he cares, you can tell he loves his brother under all the resentment but I dont what him and Lucy. He doesn’t deserve another in of his brothers rejects if that’s the case, he need someone off his own.

Jerimah…you dont get to realize you screwed up and expect everything to be all peachy, but I am interested to see how he reacts to lucy/lucas bed romp.i kind of feel for him but then i dont.

Lucy….i feel for you either way youll lose…i know you reject that few romp with lucas but time to put on you big girl panties and face the consequences..i just hope it doesn’t break you , god knows you’ve been true a lot…..soooooo I hope there is a HEA for you .

Alexander rush..well lookie here ..it should be interesting as heck.


I loved it! When can we expect to get the next book to read? Im so excited! Your so gifted! Never stop writing! :)Awesome job


I to believe Lucas deserves a HEA just not with Lucy, she belongs to Jeremiah, they love one another, it’s just to bad they had to go through all of this crap to discover there feelings, Lucy needs to stay out of other peoples bed’s now and focus on her and Jeremiah. and Jeremiah needs to understand a little bit that he has literally put her through hell, and she was needing comforting, she could’ve control herself to though. can’t wait for the next book. I know there is a HEA for these two, there just going to have to work at it. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.


OMG!!! When is the next book??? I can’t wait!!! It seems like forever before the next one… Super Anxious!!! U have definitely got my hooked & sprung for more!!!


Omg I am so glad u released early. I just finished it and am hanging on the edge for the next release.


I’m so obsessed with this book, I love all the characters but i have to agree, it should be Jeremiah and Lucy at the end, they deserve each other,

Brenda Evans

I so agree. If jeremiah and lucy dont get back, I think my heart wiii also break.. Lucas does not deserve lucy. He is all about hurting his brother. Two wrongs never make a right. This is a Love story for lucy and jeremiah,, Not Lucas!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. He probably was the one who told


I think this part 2 was way short and I don’t like how the books are coming out! I will be paying more after buying all these short stories. I wish you would’ve wrote more in this part…castaway part 2


I have to say that Sara has rekindled my love for reading! Your writing is an absolute dream. The emotion you put into your writing is amazing. When I read the stories I feel as if I’m right there watching everything unfold. You are a very talented writer and can not wait to see what journey you take your fans on next.

P.S I want lucy and Remi together too! But they both need a reality check!


Just bought both castaway 1@2 finished both today amazing can’t wAit on the next book keep up the great writing


Don’t read this if you haven’t read the book yet! Because I’m going to stir the pot a little… I think we all know who drank a little too much and told Jeremiah who he was sleeping with… And nothing for nothing I don’t know if he deserves all of “this” that life has handed to him. Especially, after reading one of the Sunday snippets about the two brothers where Lucas took the wrath for his brother. Im almost curious if that isn’t some sort of insight into why Jeremiah ended up where he is today. I feel like he is always trying to do the right thing and he gets the short end of the stick. My case in point he does the right thing he leaves Lucy alone when Jeremiah returns and he lets Lucy do her thing but he does not state his feelings actually I as a viewer want to know more about his feelings because when he said, “I never had a chance did I?” My heart broke for him and honestly I think a little for her but alas I am clearly in the minority…. However, Sara, I hope it’s alright that I am so informal, I love this series please keep it going and don’t limit it to a short series of three tiny books… I will keep reading and reading I truly can’t get enough of all three of these people and now there could be a fourth oh my! I said this after castaway 1 and ill say this after castaway 2 … Lucy is in for trouble delicious trouble and I can’t wait! Thank you!

Asian A

My heart broke for Lucas too when he semi-asked/tell Lucy if “she had made her choice” and in Lucy’s heart and mind “There had never been a choice”. Lucas definitely deserve his own happy ending just NOT(PLEASE SARA I BEG OF YOU)NOT with Lucille Delacourt,


Just read castaway 2 and OH MY GOD, HELP ME!! I’m ready to explode!! Someone throw some ice water on me!!


i’m kinda scared of what will be jeremiah’s reaction to the the big revelation at the end of this serial, I did however breathe a sigh of relief now that he already know the secret, cos at least they can now start to fix things,


I am new to these books and read all in 1 day…. LOVEDvthem so much. Different then anything out there and the writing is so good!!! But man what a Cliff hanger!!!!! When is the next book!?!?!?

Tracy Rhea

Just started reading Anything He Wants. Absoultely loved dominated by the billionaire. So my question is is Castaway the next after that?


There’s 22 chapters in “Anything He Wants” book with a bonus story at the end. Then so far “Anything He Wants Castaway” has two mini series out so far and we are all waiting on the third one. It just keeps getting bettet and better!


As much as I loved the story line between Lucy & Jeremiah, I would definitely love to hear more about how Lucas feels about Lucy, what if he truly loves her & that’s why he made love to her. Also,he is a lot nicer & caring then he let’s on. Now did Lucy really make love to Lucas cause she felt rejected, really? Or because of hidden feelings, now I hope she’s been taking birth control or things could get really messy……Sara you are so brilliant, I just love your work & so looking forward to #3


Hope Jeremiah will overcome Lucy’s mistake. Since he is the one pushed her away.. but on other hand why did she put herself to the other that fast when she loves Jeremiah? Didn’t it happen within 24-48hrs from she got kidnapped? Ahhh drama.. I love it!


Reading Castaway #2 again..Sara do you plan on having Jeremiah rip up the employment with extra benefits contract he had Lucy sign?..I believe it’s in the way of Jeremiah moving forward ..I have noticed moments in the books where Lucy refers to herself as feeling trapped with Jeremiah..trapped like when Jeremiah had offered her contract ..page 95 in Castaway 2..And, Lucas was not far off base when he said Jeremiah made her his whore after Lucas found out his brother made her sign a contract…Lucas was so pissed at his brother for that…and I don’t blame him…


Great work Sara !!

This is the first and last time I read a series like this. I learned through reading AHW that I’m an ‘entire book’ kind of girl. I couldn’t sleep last night thinking of what’s next. Poor Jeremiah, I feel for him. Please have Lucy do something ‘bold’ that will earn his forgiveness.

Geeez!! I’m anxious …lol… this is wrong!!! :)

Please HURRY with the next installment!


Ok. I am new to the realm of romance novels. Being hooked after reading 50 shades a couple months ago. But these books are awesome. I bought the first Novel Tuesday and read it until 1 am… (mentioning I have a 3 month old who gets up at 3 am to feed) the lack of sleep at work on wednesday was worth reading them. I have just finished Castaway #2 and can’t wait to read Castaway #3. You have me hooked. BTW I am totally going for Team Lucas. I love a badboy.