New Snippet Saturday!

Well, whadya know, I’m actually posting a snippet on time again! 😉 Any Facebookers (and Tweeters who followed my link earlier this week) have probably already seen this bit, but if you missed it here’s a bit of the angst/drama of “Castaway 3”:


Behind me, I heard my name called again and cringed away, desperate for escape. Then I was pulled away from the doorway by Lucas as he stepped in front of me. “You son of a bitch.”

At the same time he said that, I heard the solid smack of flesh and bone meeting, and around Lucas’ lean frame saw Jeremiah stagger back. My hands flew to my mouth in shock as Lucas advanced on his brother. “Anya wasn’t enough for you,” the gunrunner snarled, delivering another blow to the side of Jeremiah’s head. “You had to ruin another…”

Jeremiah surged up to his feet, and Lucas flipped backwards, landing hard on his back against the tile entryway. The large man stood facing me, but all his attention was on his brother. “You’ve taken everything from me,” Jeremiah said in a low, tight voice, aiming a kick at his brother.

“I’ve taken everything?” Lucas absorbed the blow and grabbed his brother’s lower leg, twisting and pulling sideways. “You ruined my life, you ruin everything you touch! You’re no better than Rufus.” The blows he delivered to Jeremiah’s face before being shoved away accentuated Lucas’ words.

Both men scrabbled at one another as I stood in the hallway, watching in horror. I couldn’t move, rooted to the spot, as the two men grappled. Jeremiah managed to put his brother into a choke hold from behind, but Lucas, still on his knees, brought his larger brother over and sideways. The small entryway table rattled as Jeremiah hit it, sending the decorative glass plates falling sideways to shatter on the tile.

Gasping, I backpedaled into the hallway as the two men surged out of the room. They were locked together, slamming against the far wall and falling sideways to the floor. From beside me I heard a woman cry out in surprise, but I was too riveted by the scene to look. The brothers were muttering, low enough that I could only make out brief curses.

I thought Jeremiah would be able to take his brother down easily, but Lucas held his own and put up a hell of a fight. All the rage and pain from their shared pasts seemed focused in this one struggle. The two men grappled at one another as they rolled around on the ground, throwing punches and the occasional knee. They fought like little boys, not grown men; training was thrown out the window, all that was left was the anger.

“You turned Anya against me, now you take Lucy…”

“Anya never betrayed you, you stupid son of a bitch.”

There was a pause in the struggling that Lucas took advantage off. He delivered several blows to Jeremiah before a fist sent the gunrunner tumbling sideways. Jeremiah rolled to his knees. “You’re lying.”

Lucas wiped the blood from his torn lip. “Sure, I approached her to spy for me, but she turned me down flat. So I got my information from elsewhere, toyed with your plans, and what did you do?” He lashed out, kicking his brother in the ribs. “Threw her out, did everything you could to discredit and wreck her life. I picked up the pieces because what happened was also my fault, but I’ll be goddamned if I let you do it again!” He spat blood on the floor between them. “Father would be so proud of you.”

Aline Brazilian Fan

Sara, I’m nervous. Please, don´t forget Lucas is a gunrunner. He is not the good boy. He has a good side, ok. But who took lucas life was Rufus, not Jeremiah. Jeremiah life was took too. Lucy need to stay with Jeremiah!! He didn’t lied for her, they had a contract, and she says “I Love you” so earlier for him. He is trying to show for Lucy he loves her, but its difficult to him. Jeremiah is the victim of Rufus, because he wants to be on te Rangers, and he is victim of the Lucy betrayal. . So, I Think Lucas needs to find you own way, your own girl. Lucas isn’t the “good boy” who deffends the girl, he Kidnapped Lucy. Team Remi!!
P.s. Sorry for my english.

Liza Johnson

I’m so with you. Lucas needs to leave Lucy and Jeremiah alone so they can get through the issues that they have. Lucas being there is only going to hurt them more and Lucas learned in the last book that Lucy made her choice and he never stood a chance. He needs to accept that and deal with it without fighting with Jeremiah.

Team Jeremiah!!!

Angela Love

Oh Sara…..
I will gladly go house hunting for you if you just give me the rest of this book I’m dying..:( please hurry how do you feel about Texas I surely could find something in the country we have some awesome authors here that you can hang out with…. :)

Vania Nunes

Deff Lucy can’t be with Lucas, but even then Lucas was a victim too. He deserves someone to love him same way Lucy loves Jeremiah…
I’m thrilled about this book!! Ca’nt wait to read it!!


Forgive my poor command of English, I’m not that native language.
I read what you posted so far about the love triangle between the Hamilton’s brothers and Lucy. I confess, I was absolutely shocked by Lucy had sex with Lucas. How can a woman tell a man who loves him totally, and make a sex with another man just two or three days later? And having desire for another man, and sex without any shame or restraint several other times with this other man? Guys, she had said she loved Remy and had barely closed his mouth was fucking another guy … another guy who, moreover, is the brother of the man she claimed to love?!
This is unacceptable to me, and do not believe in this false Lucy’s love. The character does not look like Lucy strong and fearless braved Remy and Luke that episode prom, or who had the courage to look into the eyes of the killer who was ready to kill her. Simply, it seems that Lucy’s first book was abducted and replaced by a false character.
Sorry if I dislike all the fans, but I do not approve of what she did, whatever the reasons. She is not trustworthy. Neither regret will make the situation less worse.
But, I am from another culture, I see the life and the love from another viewpoint.
I not approve Remy also have started the romance in terms of that contract. But he was completely honest with her, and it has value. I know she signed the contract under tremendous pressure, but she could have been totally outraged with what he was offered and not have signed the document, continuing to fight for her life as she had before. It was an option, dammit!
Plus, she had the choice not have sex with Lucas, he’s not forced Lucy. But she had sex, without any reservation, without shame and without restrictions with the brother of the man who claimed to love. A criminal, a weapons smuggler. The guy who kidnapped her and forced her to a situation where she had to act as a translator in a dangerous and criminal transaction.
Since when cheering for the bad guy is right? Gangster is gangster, with or without charm, money or other characteristic. Not to mention that a woman who truly love a man not fall immediately in bed with another guy. Where are the moral or values of Lucy?!
Tell me all the women who are following the unfolding of this story. Remy was a rock all the time – hard, rough, often harsh, but firm and steady. And Lucy, as has behaved? After professing a “love” by Remy, will settle with his brother? Who person would trust a love like this Lucy’s love?!
Another question: if, in a hypothetical situation, Remy would make sex with Lucy’s sister after saying he loved Lucy completely, any reader would still be rooting for him and wishing a happy ending to him? Or he’d be cursed with all saying that men are unreliable and that he does not deserve Lucy?

Please be honest, ok?
If everything I said is just wrong in yours eyes, my apologies. I am from another culture, I have another vision of love, of life and of the real inner strength of a woman truly in love.

Sara Fawkes

No you aren’t wrong, that’s certainly a valid interpretation of events no matter what culture one is from. What I wanted to do was show that everyone makes mistakes, but I do realize that for many people cheating is the ultimate no-no in a relationship. However, the way I see it is that Jeremiah abdicated his relationship status with Lucy by rejecting her – he viewed everything as a business deal and didn’t want love, which threw Lucy into a tailspin. Did she make a mistake not telling Lucas no? Oh definitely, and she’s right to feel guilty. Does her mistake mean she doesn’t deserve a happy ending? Well, I leave that for the reader to decide.

De Reese Robinson

Yes. Lucy made a mistake, sometime in life we all have made a mistake, but sometimes we just have to figure out whether we can move past it or if it’s to great to get past it…. I agree Cheating is something that’s unforgivable and it’s very hard to move past and forgive. But you have to dig deep within yourself and decide if you really Love that person enough to work through it and allow each other to heal… TRUE LOVE ALWAYS CONQUERS ALL


I know that we are dealing with fiction, fantasy, rightfully so express an opinion cold and immutable is easy. I know: the life is not just black and white like my words made it seem.
Likewise, I know we can all make an error, that’s for sure. But exist errors and exist abysmal errors. If Lucy really loved Remy, she would not have made a so huge error, so gigantic error!
Who truly loves does not do what she did, even in circumstances in which it happened. So what she feels for Remy cannot be called love, simply because no one really loves is capable of betraying the love itself. What she feels can be neediness, dependency, lack of someone to call their own. But love is something very big, powerful, strong, and the real love do not allow who any man or woman make what Lucy did, and the way she did.
Lucy does not love. She was fragile, and sex feed your inner emptiness. She already felt some physical attraction for Lucas when she was with Remy. So, sex with Lucas was easy, fast, totally shameless, without restraint, without contention for her. She needed to fill their inner void because there was no love to strengthen her.
The real love makes us stronger like the rocks that support the violence of the tides. Lucy did not fell love for Remy. Her sexual desire for Luke is the reality. And love is very biggest than sexual desire.
However, it is clear: Remy never abdicated the status of having a relationship with Lucy. All his actions proved it, show this clearly. . . He did not say “I love you”, but showed love in all his actions. Lucy said “I love you” but their actions after saying those three magic little words show nothing, absolutely nothing, just like love.


LOVE -The one word that can make or break a person. I’m sure we all have done something stupid for the sake of love and Lucy is no different. All three of them are in need of love and are hiding behind their wall. Jeremiah hides behind his wall of professional business man image, Lucas keeps the bad boy gunrunner image and poor Lucy the girl who pretend to be strong in front of people but is she really. Deep down they are all very lonely and in need. I would like to see Lucy and Jeremiah get over this issue and stay together, and maybe Lucas and Amyrah can hook up as she seems the type of girl who wants to go out there and really live but her religion might be an obstacle.

Dominique Cook-Bey

I love reading your books! I can’t wait until the next installment of Cast Away comes out.


Ok, I think it is awful what Lucy did she knew full well what she was doing when she hopped into bed with Lucas, but she was hurting, and she needed a little comforting, she didn’t know at the time that her relationship was salvageable with Jeremiah, that being said knowing that she was in love with Jeremiah I think she could’ve been a lot more reserved about just jumping into bed with the enemy, nothing good was going to come out of that. Lucas now knows that he has no chance with her, she is in love with Jeremiah, she is going to have to work hard to fix what she broke, that being said, I am all for happily ever after, and I am team Jeremiah and Lucy all the way, please bring us all the HEA we are needing.


Omgee i read on facebook @ 3am i almost woke everyone in my house up because i was screaming i cannot until the next part #TeamJeremiah


Isn’t this the same snippet as last week??? I’m dying for moreeeee please!!!! And yeah, Loki is not good!!!


I’m team Lucas!!!!
He’s actually trying to make her see things from another perspective! No matter his past if he is willing to be redeemed think it would be fair! And Jeremiah does not know how to love, does not understand what it is! It’s not fair that people can not be redeemed! is not a love story? I’d love to see Lucy and Lucas together learning together and together correcting their mistakes!

I’m a brazilliam fan and sorry my english flawed!!!

Sara, congratulations on the your books!



I really want to be team Remy, but he pissed me off when he rejected Lucy’s love. Lucas is wiser in so many respects even though he is the bad boy. If Lucas wasn’t on the wrong side of the law, honestly, I would be team Lucas. I think he would love her with more honesty and freely. Unless his story changes to being an undercover agent, then, I can’t fully embrace him (or he changes his ways.) But Jeremiah is going to have to get over his aversion to love before I become team Remy. So both guys still have some proving to do before they earn Lucy’s love, in my book!


I’m with you Katrina. I think the same about Lucas and Jeremiah. Though, now I’m closer to Lucas despite that he’s a gunrunner.


I don’t know if some people don’t read the disclaimers and realize that THIS story is a work of FICTION. Meaning “not real”. So the hell with morals and what’s right or not its just an awsome story to read. And if people can’t enjoy it, can’t agree with it & hv nothing nice to say then stop reading. Just sayn.

Angela Love

Ok need I remind everyone Jeremiah treated her as a business deal for the longest…. She told him she loved him after being put in the middle of his BS…. Lucas is no saint but he hasn’t treated her like property and has saved her hide a few times himself…. So he isn’t a good guy but he shows her feelings which is something Jeremiah hasn’t shown her… I’m all about HEA but I have another series where brothers have feelings for the same girl and I swear I’m tired of these girls going with the (so called GOOD brother) only to have him constantly hurt her and treat her like crap when the supposed BAD brother turns out to be a diamond in the ruff….. Did Lucy make a mistake in sleeping with Lucas um NO because Jeremiah left her…. Just sayin!!!


Thank You!! Everyone is so deadset on Lucy only having eyes for Remy but Lucas has shown more emotion in the little time they’ve spent together than the other bro ever had their entire trist! They both have their well…”flaws” to keep it mildly but it is a triangle at its finest and I hope Lucy truly considers in every aspect who will truly make her happy without restrictions. Haven’t decided which brother because it could go either way! Can’t wait to find out what happens next, Sara!


Team Lucas!!!!!!!All the way!!

I totally agree with Anna’s comments.

Lucas may have some very large faults do we all..but he truly cares about Lucy. I dont think he is oblivious or proud of his faults either. It seems Lucus may not be as bad as he seemed in the beginning the further we get into the story..i.e. not actually stealing the 30 million or stealing Anya away.

When she was kidnapped by lucus..Jeremiah had just crushed her and left. He seems to only think of himself and his own wants and feelings and not Lucy’s.

Jeremiah only seems to start caring when she stops putting up with his shit for a while or when she starts pays anyone else any attention.

Lucus lucus.

Aline Brazilian Fan

Remi Team!! In my opinion, Lucy slept with Lucas to revenge, she can’t understand this now. But a girl who believes that was rejected can do this. Independent of the situation, slept with a brother’s girl is unforgivable. So Lucas has to find his own girl. Remi need to show his feelings and Lucy has to fight to be forgiven. Remi and Lucy always!! Congratulations Sara!! Your book is incredible. Sorry my english!!


I do not think Lucy slept with lucas for vengeance, she was emotionally exhausted and it happened without planning. She was crafty like that would have no reason for any of the two brothers to want to stay with her since she would a person a person they hate cold and calculating.


Don’t you think it’s interesting to see just how a character can take you down a winding path? I must confess the cheating almost made me quit reading. It seemed quick, yes. It seemed like Lucas and she were both substituting each other for someone they had losted. That’s when I got it.

Neither one was truly cheating because neither one had a future with the one they had loved (to them it seemed that way at the time). I don’t think Lucas is good or bad. I find him interesting with some morals in some ways and a complete lack of them in other areas.

Jeremiah – its obvious he is emotionally “held back” but I think it’s completely true of all three if them.

What I really like and am intrigued with is the third brother (or not). What’s set this vendetta off now? What more does Lucas’s contacts know? What’s not being said and how can we and Lucy find it out. I hope we get away from the relationship drama for a breath so the physical drama and intrigue can take centre stage.

She’s been kidnapped by two brothers… Perhaps she’s destined to be kidnapped by three? I do hope though that she doesn’t sleep with or even like the other one. Let her show some growth and stability. The strength of heart, love and belief. That’s what I’m hoping for.

But I’m just an Aussie reader within over active mind.

Thanks for writing.
ps I did this on my phone and I never edit (cause I’m lazy) and autocorrect hates me. #fact – also I hope the novella ebooks will be edited before it goes to print as I’ve noticed several small errors. <– don't worry it happens.



I completely agree with you but I still think that Lucy can teach Jeremiah how to love… I wonder where Amyrah fits in all this… Can’t wait for #3..


wow what a twist!!! Both Hamilton boys are very protective and loving men..
So when this book will be out dod you have any idea?

Sue Griffiths

I am team Jeremiah all the way!!! I think Lucy belongs with him and it is him that she loves. She slept with Lucas because Jeremiah left her. She thought her relationship was over and had no future with Jeremiah. I think if Jeremiah would think about it, he would realize that he pushed her to that plus she was trying to stay alive in a difficult situation. Jeremiah and Lucy need to be together! Lucas needs to go away!


Team Jeremiah!!!! Please let them be together! I would be so disappointed. Can’t wait for castaway 3. You’ve done good job with the series!!!!


I am truly confused as to why Lucas continues to blame Jeremiah for taking the company from him. I mean didn’t the will stipulate that if Jeremiah did not take the helm then the company would have dissolved? What is Lucas’ real beef with his brother?


I believe it’s the feeling of Betrayal, actually it’s seems to be a theme in the book.. Lucas feels betrayed by every member of his family beginning with Rufus, then Jeremiah and last but not least the mother. Rufus inflicted the final punishment on his sons upon his death. Remi, who wanted nothing to do with the company was given everything, while Lucas who for 10 years sacrificed his life for his fathers company got nothing….Then we have the mother, who is also is left with nothing but she decides to steal money and then let all the blame fall on Lucas. Lucas Ran, it was a poor decision and he acknowledges it. I read parts of Devil’s Due that Sara included in Book 1, the complete book, it gives some insight into to Lucas . Lucas discovered the missing corporate funds, was immediately considered the lead suspect, decided to run and what happened after that…My heart is sad for both Jeremiah and Lucas. Sara you are writing a wonderful story., flawed characters, characters who all need and deserve love and a HEA…Keep up the good work!!!!!


Wow..were to begin…First off, I really enjoy reading all the posts. The intensity and passion is amazing. People who have read and follow the AHW series are so passionate about the characters! Secondly, this shows me (us) what a wonderful writer Sara is. She has written characters that invoke such emotion from her readers. Thank You, Sara!!!!


#Team Jeremiah & will remain team Jeremiah! Everything happens for a reason & maybe Lucy being with Lucas will open up Jeremiah eyes! Jeremiah has feelings for Lucy, we all saw that but he’s scared to let her in. I can’t wait to see how / if they will eventually get back together…..


lest we forget! Lucy is only around either of them to begin with because angel Jeremiah hired her to be his whore pretty much. Like sign.on the dotten line ANYTHING HE WANTs. HaI think that lacks a certian knight in shining armor quality.

She was not around because it was some person he loved and had to have with him. He barley even spoke with her really. Lucas and Lucy have conversed muchhh more. I don’t think it had anything to do with revenge on either side. More like a bit of who met who first.

But only time will tell!

She is the lesser of all evils here. Jeremiah new she was infatuated with him.Crushed her,and didn’t Look back. In his case hindsight caught up with him. Lucy really needs a best friend. Remember she has lost everything..just wants to belong. Lucas showed her a bit of compassion. He actually enjoys open to her. It is his style. He is more verbal. Remi will need to find some compassion. I think Lucy could be his safe place. It will be interesting… I think Lucy get tougher too.. Go Lucy


Team Jeremiah all the way! Lucas seems to be out to get everything his brother has, and I think kidnapping Lucy was that intent… the fact that he started to care for her is his eyes opening. He was in love with Anya, that much was obvious. He couldn’t tell her either. I believe Lucy can fight for her relationship with Jeremiah and I believe he can come around and they can live HEA. The whole story is heading that way, has from the start. It needs to finish that way.

valerie w

Let Lucy n Lucas have a happily ever after together. Lucas was betrayed by his so called family…his brother was weak n jealous so he never dug deeper to find their mother was a thief…he only wanted control n to be the big man…he’s pathetic…Lucas can love n has only done what he felt he could to survive due to his brother n mother’s ugliness.

Nerissa Naidoo

Hi Sara I’m writing again! Do understand were u coming from and it’s ur story and u r telling it has u c it. That’s what makes da story interesting . I guess everyone has their feelings about da story and so do I . But da love story between Jeremiah and lucy is beautiful and special that’s why they belong together ( true love story) . So please let them end up together. But please don’t leave out details when it comes to special moments like da part in castaway 2 were Jeremiah and Lucy in Dubai in da desert making love after a long tym being together and u cut that special moment out! But u gave so much details with Lucus and Lucy. please don’t end this series quickly. Please in da end give jeremiah and lucy a wedding wth details! Give Lucus his own story were he falls in love with someone and not b Lucy . He deserves his series! So please give us more on da series don’t stop! Love Nerissa South Africa.