Real world blues 2.0

The house hunt for a true Casa de Fawkes continues. Those of you who follow on Twitter and Facebook probably already heard that the second house we were looking at (and one in which we both were rather invested in, against our better judgment) was snatched away in what became a bidding war. :( Right now we’re determined to find a place of our own and stop paying rent, but it seems everything we find with the right qualifications (outside of town, large lot/acreage, decent house) is getting snatched up by someone else before we can get there or has other problems. We’re looking at something new again (this one’s a bit different than the others), and all I can say is hopefully the third time’s the charm. *crosses toes/finger/eyes*

It also doesn’t help that “Castaway 3” is giving me conniptions. I did something for this part that I don’t usually do: outlined the crap out of it so that I wouldn’t get stuck. And yet, guess where I am now? You guessed it – despite knowing the exact progression of every scene, I canNOT make myself write this. It’s frustrating; the spirit is willing, but it’s as though I have a mental block preventing me from doing this part. Normally I’m a total pantser, the kind of writer who figures things out as I go. I think my deviation from that is part of my problem, but it’s too late now. Writing every story is a different experience, and while part 3 is just one more part of the same book, my brain and fingers refuse to cooperate. Couple this with the feeling that I’m letting people down (especially after THAT cliffhanger), and I’ve been a little down lately. :(

Next week is the Romantic Times Convention in Kansas City, MO. I’ve spent the last week or so getting ready, but I’d really hoped to have C3 done by the time I left. That doesn’t look like it’ll be the case, so I’ll be working during the convention as well. That doesn’t mean I’m not excited to go however!! I’m curious, are any of you going to be attending? This will be the first RT con I’ve attended (second romance con technically, but the first time I’m actually participating as an author) and I’m excited and NERVOUS!!! It may not always seem like this, but I’m a total introvert – crowds make me a wee bit frazzled, and as I’m going to be in the signing and meetup areas interacting with readers, I’m a silly combination of EEK and SQUEE and OMGFREAKINGOUT! 😀

I’ll definitely post all about it as the time comes. Should be a lot of fun, I had a blast last year at RWA in Anaheim and look forward to meeting anybody! Look for a wild-eyed redhead who looks ready to bolt, and come say hi! 😉


I have to say I am sooooooo looking forward to this next installment you write well but I have to say I can’t wait hurry up!!!!!please :d


Hi Sara,

I first want you to know that I’m totally in love with your books and truly enjoy each one that comes out. I had friends down recently and got them hooked on you too, J We had a great time, drinking wine, playing in the pool and ready Anything He Wants books. It’s a time I will never forget, so thank you for that. Truth be known, I think your books are way better then Shades of Gray, way deeper with more stuff going on…truly they are all great. Trust me….I should know, I read a TON of these books. Hahahaha…but true.

Anyway, I wanted to contact you in the hope of giving you a couple of ideas for your home search. Although I’m not a Realtor in your area, I’ve been in the business for 20 years and would like to search a couple of suggestions. Most cities right now are big on buyers but low on inventory. I would suggest finding a hungry Realtor first off, cuz this will take a little work. Then I would tell them what you’re looking for and in what areas you are looking, you know all the particulars. Ask them to research those areas for expired or terminated listings from far back as a year or a year in half. They can do this through their local MLS.

Reason being, at some point those sellers wanted to sell their homes, but for some reason don’t have their home on the market now. There could be a billion different reasons why it isn’t listed now, but most likely when they had it on the market, they couldn’t get it sold for lack of buyers or had it was listed for too much. Well, times are a changin’ prices are going up, but seller are nervous and don’t want to go through all the work of having it listed but not selling it again. We are having the same problem here in Naples, Fl. Tons of buyers not enough on the market.

My point is, the agent can call those expired listings and see if they would allow a 1 time showing. This is good for you in the fact you are looking at a home that isn’t listed, so you don’t have the bidding war issue. It also benefits the seller because most likely the agent will agree to a lower commission because they didn’t list the property. Also, the seller doesn’t have to go through the whole thing of listing their home.

I hope all of this helps you with your search. I love your books and couldn’t help not taking the opportunity to help you out in the area I’m good at. You know karma and all J. If you want more information or if you’d like me to help refer a good agent to you, please let me know. Either way, I hope this helps a little in your home search.

Have a great Friday night!!




Oh love! As much as i want a Jeremiah HEA… need to do whats good for you. If you need a timeout – Take a timeout. Maybe you need to figure out everything else first (not an advice guru). I just know how you feel… hunting sucks balls!! Especially when you are outbid! Chin up…things happen for a reason…. and fingers crossed for ya.


oh my I love only 3 hours away from Kansas City, and would so love coming to the convention, would really like to read the HEA of Jeremiah and Lucy soon, however you need to take care of yourself to. House hunting sucks, keep your chin up, the right one is waiting for ya. your fans are here and wishing you well, and waiting on that next book, maybe while away from home you can have a major brain storm, and punch that book out.


I know what you are up too, making us wait, I am sure castaway 3 will be worth it. Good luck with the house hunting hopefully that will be worth the wait too.


Disappointed in what you write? Are you kidding me, Sara? Write what you want to write. It’s what we LOVE. Who cares if Lucy ends up with Lucas (I may like Remi more, but that’s for myself, not Lucy 8-D ). Don’t write to please us. Write your heart. We will love it either way.


Just take your time, Sara! Don’t worry about making the book fast. We love everything you have done so far. This will not change!

Alex Ramos (@alexram01)

There is this phrase: “everything worth takes time” So we can wait while you find a ” home” not just a house but a place to build a happy life, that is important i think for all of us, so from far, far away ( ecuador in south america, yes your books have reach here!!!! ) hope the convention is everything your are hoping for and more, i send you my best wishes


I don’t feel let down by the latest cliff hanger… I <3 it!! I always finish up the novellas thinking… "Damn!! Now I have to wait about a month to find out what happens!!" I started reading your books in December and I've been HOOKED!! I stayed up all night just reading all of the Billionaire… you're doing a GREAT job… keep it up!


Your personal life is more important. While you need to have balance (work/life balance), readers need to understand this as well. As you do this, your writing will always remain at a high level. We can wait. It will be worth the wait. :)